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Instant Analysis: Tarvaris Jackson agrees with Seattle

We begin our “Instant Analysis” series of 2011 with the Seahawks agreeing to terms with former Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson.  This is sure to be the first of many quarterback dominoes to fall in free agency this week as Kyle Orton, Matt Hasselbeck, Kevin Kolb and Donovan McNabb are all looking for new teams to lead.

The signing of Jackson has ramifications that reach far beyond the Emerald City and is sure to kick start the free agent frenzy.  Here are the players most affected from a dynasty perspective:

Tarvaris Jackson, QB SEA
Jackson needed a fresh start and he gets just that in Seattle.  In his five years with Minnesota, Jackson appeared in 36 games, starting 20 of them.  Let’s be really honest, his career totals of 3,984 yards, 24 touchdowns and 22 interceptions don’t really scream “superstar.”  However, Jackson will be the favorite to start for the Seahawks and he could evolve into a viable QB3.  Asking any more from him is too much. 

While every starter in the league should likely be rostered in deep dynasty leagues, Jackson should be one of the last off the board.  You shouldn’t be running to the waiver wire to drop your young prospects to go and get him – you’ll likely be disappointed if you do.

Charlie Whitehurst, QB SEA
You’re going to see many sites out there saying this bad news for Charlie.  In reality, it’s not.  If the Seahawks had brought in Kevin Kolb, Carson Palmer or Donovan McNabb, there’s no way Whitehurst would have a chance to win the starting job.  With Jackson on the roster as the first string quarterback, Whitehurst will at least have a puncher’s chance to impress the coaches and win the job.  It’s doubtful, but stranger things have happened.

Marshawn Lynch, RB SEA
If the Seahawks offensive line doesn’t improve, this is going to be another long season for Lynch.  Defenses are going to make the Seahawks beat them on the ground and stack the box for certain.

Mike Williams, WR SEA
Matt Hasselbeck is no Joe Montana, but it’s going to be tough for Williams to repeat his breakout season.  The arrow is pointing slightly down at the moment for Williams and the other Seahawk receivers, including Golden Tate.

Matt Hasselbeck, QB FA
Expect Hasselbeck to find work in Tennessee, Arizona, San Francisco or Minnesota.  His tenure as the leader of the Seahawks is over and it’s disappointing for Seahawk fans that he could never lead them back to the Super Bowl.

Kevin Kolb, QB PHI
The quick agreement between Jackson and the Seahawks all but seals the Kolb to Arizona trade that’s been speculated for months.  The only hiccup now is that Arizona has a lot of leverage with one more suitor out of the running.  If the Eagles don’t budge on their expensive price tag, all bets are off.

Matt Leinart, QB FA
Rumor has it that Leinart could also be heading to Seattle to reunite with former Coach Pete Carroll.  That would all but guarantee one of the worst three person quarterback battles in recent camp history, though Jackson would be the clear favorite.

Christian Ponder, QB MIN
Let’s be candid.  There’s no way the Vikings let Jackson go and fail to get a veteran quarterback to take the helm while Ponder learns.  Donovan McNabb is the hottest rumor at the moment.  If that happens, it’s probably the best thing for Ponder’s development.  While it would be nice to get a quick return on your rookie pick investment, it’s awfully tough for a rookie to be successful in the league.

Adrian Peterson and the other Minnesota skill players
No need to downgrade any of the Viking skill position players.  This was fully expected to happen and they should have a new signal caller by the end of the week.  If anything, this is good news.



Ken Kelly
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Wallace's Warriors
11 years ago

I dropped Steve Slaton for Travaris Jackson in a 16 team. My QBs are Cutler and McCoy. My RBs are Mendy, Greene, Carter, and Redman. Is that a good move?

Reply to  Wallace's Warriors
11 years ago

In a 16 team league, you could make a case to do that. You’re essentially leaving at least one team with no backup QB since you have three QBs on your team. Slaton has little value right now, so it’s not a bad move. I would have been curious to see if there were any other drop options, though.

Wallace's Warriors
Reply to  DLF_KenK
11 years ago

I am already getting trade offers. It’s so funny. The guy with Manning doesn’t have a back up and he thinks Manning could miss time.

11 years ago

Hmmmn, what’s the appropriate response to this trade . . .Yuck?

Y. O. P. P.
11 years ago

pawn him off of ontario cause I aint takin parvovirus jackson off yer hands ……. what value does charlie whitehursts back up

wallace's warriors
Reply to  Y. O. P. P.
11 years ago

Lol! When did you get on DLF?

11 years ago

I like the comment I just saw, that the TJack signing was a ploy to get Sidney Rice to come to Seattle. I’m not worried at all about Whitehurst’s ability to win the job from Jackson, but I agree that Mike Williams’ value drops with Hasselback out of town.


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