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Dynasty Essentials Guide 2.0 Now Available!

We’re happy to announce the first updated version of the Dynasty Essentials Guide is now available!  You’ll find the following additions:

Expanded IDP Section with commentary
Player Ages noted for all positions
Third Year Wide Receiver List

Here are a few comments we heard after round one:

“Love the guide, fellas… Very well done as always. Bought it the night it came out and have not been able to put it down since. The $6.99 price point is a steal as I certainly would have paid over $20 for this. I’d tell the other 35 guys I play in leagues with, but selfishly I am going to keep my competitive advantage…. Shhh!”

“Great job guys as always. More than worth the money!”

“Purchased the guide and gave it a quick glance.  EXCELLENT job guys!!! Tons of info and i can tell that A LOT of work and thought was put into developing this guide. Ive never purchased any kind of fantasy football mag or guide before and im happy that DLF will be my 1st. I look forward to going through it thoroughly. Well done!”

The Dynasty Essentials Guide is a complete fantasy recap of the 2011 NFL Draft and primer for your own dynasty or keeper league draft.

Available for only $6.99, there is simply nothing else like it.  The updated version (and all subsequent updates) is FREE for all who have purchased it.  Just go back to the link you were given and download it again.

With it’s intense analysis of all the pivotal rookies in this years NFL Draft, as well as it’s in-depth examination of the veterans, this guide will provide you with all of the tools you will need to make informed, insightful decisions. With both a focus on long term value as well as near-term impact, this guide is ideal for the dynasty and keeper league coach who wants a complete picture of the fantasy football landscape!  It includes all the following:

Draft Essentials

Positional Dynasty Rankings
Redraft or Competing Team Rankings
D/ST Rankings
IDP Rankings
Post-Draft Rookie Rankings with commentary
Organized Cheat Sheets
Printable Draft Sheet for New or Existing Leagues
Dynasty Mock Draft with new rookies included

Player Essentials

Teams Capsules for all 32 NFL Teams
Categorization with commentary (rising, falling, in their prime) for over 250 NFL Players
Training Camp Battles
In-Depth Dynasty Debates
Buy and Sell Candidates
2011 Predictions from the DLF Staff

Strategy Essentials

Trading and Building Tips
Commissioner Advice Column
Words of Advice from the DLF Staff

If you’d like to find out more about this guide, visit the Dynasty Essentials Guide information page for all the details and access to a free preview copy of the guide.

If you know you are ready to take the next step to dominating your league, then click the button below to buy the guide.

Thanks for your support, and for being a part of DLF!


Ken Kelly
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11 years ago

Hi Guys,

I love the guide, well worth the money, especially one that gets updates. Good work.

I have an interesting trade before me and wanted to get your thoughts.

My wrs and rbs:

mccoy, hillis, moreno, dwilly, starks, ivory
nicks, roddy, vjax, crabtree, danario

I have an option to move roddy for mjd with one guy and move hillis for mike williams tb from another.

I know that hillis, moreno and dwill have some risks this year that might leave me thin at rb and i’d like to get some more youth at wr.

what do you think?

Reply to  Dave
11 years ago

Well, I’d strongly consider White for MJD, especially if this league is a non-PPR league based on your roster. You’d balance things out a little more.

Hillis for Mike Williams is another interesting proposition, but that one could only be done if you were to add MJD.

So, the question really is which would you rather have? Hillis and White or MJD and Mike Williams. In a dynasty league, I’d rather have MJD and Mike Williams, but it’s close.

11 years ago

Hey there,

Your online guide is terrific. There is so much to read, from tons of rankings to loads of breakdowns. Would have paid more just for the initial release, the fact that you guys update it all the way to the beginning of the season is unbelievable. I am in 2 dynasty leagues and will be in a third this coming August so I really needed this, since there isn’t much out there dealing with dynasty leagues.

My only problem or question is this, is there a way to make it printer friendly? I want to make the guide mobile so I can read it without a computer. I have printed out part of the guide but it used up a ton of ink. If you could minus out the pictures and black backgrounds, make more of it white and light shades of grey when displaying the cheat lists that would be terrific.


PS – You are wrong about Peyton Hillis~!!!

Reply to  Rich
11 years ago

Thanks for the props Rich! It’s been a labor of love, that’s for sure. We’re probably going to end up making about 5 cents an hour on it, but that wasn’t our big goal. We wanted to provide something unique for a very fair price. We seem to have achieved that.

As far as your question goes, there really isn’t a way to make it any more printer friendly. When the images are deleted, the text becomes misplaced. Since it’s so big, it’s really designed to be viewed and not printed.

We’re really looking at multiple options, including using web pages instead of PDFs, and a myriad of other ideas for future offerings.

11 years ago

do i have to order the dynasty essentials version one before i get 2.0 or can i just somehow order the 2.0 version first exactly how does that work thanks

Reply to  del
11 years ago

Del, whenever you purchase the guide, you will automatically get the most recent version. So if you order today, you’ll get version 2.0 of the guide as well as any and all subsequent updates. Thanks!

Brew II
11 years ago

Hey guys, when do you think you will be publishing version 3.0 of the guide? We are getting ready to conduct the initial draft for a new dynasty league and I would like to wait unti the next version is out.


11 years ago

We’re just waiting for free agency to wind down so we can complete the new rankings and cheat sheets, so you can expect it here in the next week or so!

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