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Week Seven Aftermath

Week seven was one of the highest scoring weekends in NFL history and fantasy owners were rewarded with some fantastic performances.

Unfortunately, many owners also had two of the highest scoring fantasy performers (Darren McFadden and Kenny Britt) squarely on the bench. With McFadden declaring himself 70% healthy and Britt declaring himself a moron in a bar fight, their respective performances were shocking.

Add to that the huge injury to Tony Romo and it was truly a week to remember.

Week Seven Fantasy MVP

Darren McFadden is finally living up to his potential. The former Razorback rushed for 165 yards, produced 31 more yards receiving, and scored three touchdowns in a demolition of the Broncos.

I wonder what he can do when he’s 100%?

Week Seven Fantasy LVP

Rashard Mendenhall was a seemingly safe pick for a No. 1 running back on lots of fantasy rosters this week. His 37 rushing yards didn’t help too many people win their games, however.

He’s still a fine option, but this just wasn’t his week.

Lineup Fun

You probably won if your lineup looked like this…

QB Carson Palmer = 412 passing yards, three passing touchdowns
RB Darren McFadden = 165 rushing yards, 31 receiving yards, three total touchdowns
RB Michael Turner = 121 rushing yards, 23 receiving yards, two touchdowns
RB Adrian Peterson = 131 rushing yards, 41 receiving yards, one touchdown
WR Kenny Britt = 7 catches, 225 yards, three touchdowns
WR Roddy White = 11 catches, 201 yards, two touchdowns
WR Lee Evans
= 6 catches, 105 yards, three touchdowns
TE Todd Heap = 3 catches, 59 yards, two touchdowns

You probably lost if your lineup looked like this…

QB Brett Favre = 212 passing yards, one touchdown, three interceptions
RB Jonathan Stewart = 29 rushing yards
RB DeAngelo Williams = 44 rushing yards, 19 receiving yards, one lost fumble
RB Ronnie Brown
= 14 rushing yards, 20 receiving yards
WR Louis Murphy = 2 catches, 29 receiving yards
WR Larry Fitzgerald = 3 catches, 30 receiving yards
WR Brandon Lloyd = 1 catches, 46 receiving yards
TE Ben Watson = 1 catches, 18 receiving yards

Gut Checks

I’d be worried if…

I rely on Cowboys skill position players. Miles Austin, Jason Witten, Roy Williams, Dez Bryant, and any other Cowboy doesn’t benefit from the loss of Tony Romo.

I’m leaning on Ray Rice to carry my team. The Ravens inconsistent running back rotation with Willis McGahee and Rice is maddening to fantasy owners.

I’m hoping for consistency from Matt Forte. His value in PPR leagues is fairly stable, but the Bears offense hasn’t been able to utilize his talent thus far.

I own Pierre Thomas. While Chris Ivory has an off week, there’s already talk that Thomas may lose some early down work to him when he returns. Regardless, Thomas’ long injury recovery is killing his chances of becoming a weekly must start player.

I’m penciling in Kenny Britt as my No. 1 receiver in a dynasty league. While his escalation has been exciting, his off the field behavior is something that needs to be factored heavily.

I took Ryan Mathews with my No. 1 pick in a rookie draft. While he still has a bright future, it’s not quite as clear now that he’ll be a bona fide featured back in this league.

I’m holding on to Tim Hightower and hoping he’ll be a viable flex option through the bye weeks. Beanie Wells is going to take even more carries away after his performance this week.

I expect a repeat of the 2009 season for Brent Celek. It’s just not happening.

I think I’ve got the Rams receiving corps figured out. Good luck.

A Look Back at our Waiver Suggestions for Week Seven

1. Deion Branch, WR, NE = Four catches, 39 yards
2. Matt Moore, QB, CAR = 308 passing yards, two touchdowns, one interception
3. Ben Watson, TE, CLE = One catch, 18 yards
4. Patrick Crayton, WR, SD = Seven catches, 82 yards
5. Michael Jenkins, WR, ATL = Three catches, 25 yards
6. Danario Alexander, WR, STL = One catch, 6 yards
7. Kyle Boller, QB, OAK = DNP
8. Jason Avant, WR, PHI = Six catches, 60 yards
9. Nate Burleson, WR, DET = DNP
10. Andrew Quarless, TE, GB = Two catches, 16 yards, one touchdown

A Look Ahead to Hot Names on the Week Eight Waiver Wire

1. Jon Kitna, QB, DAL

Kitna won’t hold a candle to Romo’s productivity, but there’s something to be said for some garbage time stats and the Cowboys look like a garbage time type of team right about now.

2. Stephen McGee, QB, DAL

This is more of a dynasty league suggestion only, but if the Cowboys season continues to slide over the next month, McGee could find himself in the lineup.

3. James Davis, RB, FA

Stay with me here. He’s been released by Cleveland, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s possible he gets claimed by a running back needy team and gets a chance sooner rather than later. If not, you can easily drop him later in the week.

4. Tarvaris Jackson, QB, MIN

I still think Favre is going to gut it out, but if not…

5. Derek Anderson, QB, ARI

We know what he’s worth long-term, but he’s viable if you need a bye week fill-in and Hall can’t go.

6. Damian Williams, WR, TEN

If Kenny Britt gets suspended, Williams seems to be coming along.

7. Andre Roberts, WR, ARI

Another dynasty league grab here, but it sure looks like he’s supplanted Stephen Williams for the moment.

8. Jacob Tamme, TE, IND

The Dallas Clark injury is bad news for everyone…except Tamme.

9. Nate Davis, QB, SF

If Alex Smith is out, look for Davis to get more action than David Carr.

10. Riley Cooper, WR, PHI

This former Gator caught his first touchdown pass and has some upside as long as DeSean Jackson is out. He’s certainly worth a roster spot in a deep dynasty league.

Keep in mind the names found on this list are added to ones from previous weeks. For the prior week’s picks, check out the links below:

Week One
Week Two
Week Three
Week Four
Week Five
Week Six
Week Seven

Good luck this week!

Ken Kelly
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12 years ago

No David Gettis?

12 years ago

Yeah alot of people want to see James Davis get picked up by GB…I don’t see it. He wasn’t very good the first 3 games of the preseason…

12 years ago

So I just lost Romo and I’m thinking about picking up Kitna and Freeman, or maybe Bradford. I’m wondering which two I should pick up and thoughts about who I should start in a heavy bye week for my team. Help needed!

Reply to  Rob
12 years ago

I’d say Freeman and Bradford right now.

Reply to  dlfkenk
12 years ago

how about Troy Smith getting the nod? Now, he’s no Vick, but there’s no lack of talent surrounding Smith. Could make for an interesting FF dynamic (don’t know if SF will necessarily start winning alot of games.

12 years ago

I had Romo as my QB and now I’m in the market for a replacement. I was planning on adding Freeman, but another member in my league, sensing my predicament, offered kyle orton for MJD. My initial response was to pass on it since I can get a decent QB from FA, but upon further thought, MJDs season has been sporadic at best and I don’t see consistency developing in Jax anytime soon. I was wondering if you thought it may actually be a worthwhile trade???

PPR league

Reply to  REM
12 years ago

I’d pass on that deal. Orton has been pretty good, but I think you’d be selling low on MJD. While I agree his best seasons may be behind him, I think he still holds some long term value (he is still only 25), and you could sell him for a lot higher if he puts together a few good games. If you can grab a decent QB or two off the wire, I’d go for that. Fitzpatrick would be ideal if by some chance he’s still available. After that, guys like Freeman, Bradford, Stafford… heck even Kitna, if any of them are out there, they would be solid acquisitions. Just bear in mind there are a lot of decent QB’s on bye’s and several notable QB injuries, so the competition for QB’s off the wire may be intense. Good luck!

12 years ago

Jimmy Graham should be a TE dynasty leaguers who are struggling at the position should be looking to add. I’m thinking Jermichael Finley-type upside by the time next season rolls around.

Reply to  Warren
12 years ago

There’s no lack of hype surrounding Graham thats for sure. In my leagues at quest, he’s either owned or been picked up a number of times. He’s definitely a 2011 product though.

12 years ago

Need line-up advice: 0.5 PPR

Pick 1: Freeman or Bradford (leaning Freeman)

Pick 3: Lloyd, Colston, Meachem, Driver, or R. Bush (but doubt he’ll play or be worth it)

I could drop a player or two above and considering Amendola, Gettis or Jones (GB) off FA

Its a bad bye week for me and my back-up WRs have been hurting recently. Need your supreme wisdom.

Love the site

12 years ago

Heavy QB stat PPR auction non dynasty league
U have to Start 2 QBs im 3-4

been offered this trade
Matt Moore
Chris Johnson
Wes Welker
Matt Schaub
Troy Smith
Chris Ivory
Jacoby Jones

My QBs:
T Smith

any input please…

12 years ago

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11 years ago

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