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Week Three Aftermath

Week three brought us some huge breakout performances and a few disappointing ones as well.

Let’s get right to it in the week three aftermath!

Week Three Fantasy MVP

Michael Vick’s return to fantasy prominence is complete. The amazing thing is Vick looks better than he ever did in Atlanta in both reality and fantasy. He’s showing improved accuracy combined with his patented athleticism. He threw for 291 yards and three touchdowns, and added another 30 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown. Not bad.

Let’s see what happens this week when he faces a much better defense. If the Redskins can’t slow him down, he’s legit.

Week Three Fantasy LVP

Ironically, the Eagles have both the MVP and LVP this week. Fantasy owners were salivating about the prospects of LeSean McCoy this week after his huge performance in week two. Their reward? Eleven carries for 54 yards.

Lineup Fun

You probably won if your lineup looked like this…

QB Michael Vick = 291 passing yards, 30 rushing yards, four total touchdowns
RB Adrian Peterson = 160 rushing yards, 30 receiving yards, two touchdowns
RB Chris Johnson
= 125 rushing yards, two touchdowns
RB Peyton Hillis = 144 rushing yards, one touchdown
WR Anquan Boldin = 8 catches, 142 yards, three touchdowns
WR Austin Collie = 12 catches, 171 yards, two touchdowns
WR Lance Moore = 6 catches, 149 yards, two touchdowns
TE Dustin Keller = 6 catches, 98 yards, two touchdowns

You probably lost if your lineup looked like this…

QB David Garrard = 105 passing yards, one interception
RB Shonn Greene = 36 rushing yards
RB Jahvid Best = 26 rushing yards, 13 receiving yards
RB Matt Forte = 29 rushing yards, 14 receiving yards
WR Mike Sims-Walker = 2 catches, 34 yards
WR Miles Austin = 2 catches, 20 yards
WR Steve Smith (CAR) = 3 catches, 22 yards
TE Vern0n Davis = 3 catches, 22 yards

Gut Checks

I’d be worried if…

I owned Clinton Portis. The Redskin running game is completely uninspiring right now. The only thing keeping Portis in the starting lineup is his premier pass blocking. Fantasy owners don’t get many points for that.

I thought I could figure it the Denver passing game. A week after Brandon Lloyd and Jabar Gaffney were left for dead with the emergence of Demaryius Thomas, they combined for 309 yards and a touchdown. Good luck figuring out who the best play is each week.

I was counting on Cadillac Williams as my No. 3 running back. He’s averaging 2.5 yards per carry through his first three games. He’s played some tough teams, but that’s just not going to get it done.

I have Brett Favre as my No. 1 quarterback. You can give him one game, maybe two to warm up. After he could only muster 201 passing yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions at home against the Lions, we have a problem.

I have Larry Fitzgerald as my No. 1 wide receiver. Even the great ones can’t make plays without a good quarterback. That pretty much tells you what I think of Derek Anderson.

I’m counting on Jonathan Stewart this season. A year after combining with DeAngelo Williams to form a tandem of dual 1,000 yard rushers, Stewart is being used very sparingly this year. The only thing that could save him is a Williams injury or a coaching change.

I own Shonn Greene. LaDainian Tomlinson has simply looked better and we’re about a month into the season.

I have Carson Palmer as anything but my backup. The Bengals and Palmer can say what they want, but his arm isn’t the same. He’s floating passes all over the place and his long ball accuracy has been awful.

I think Jerome Harrison is going to have another breakout. There’s a No. 1 back in Cleveland right now and his name is Peyton Hillis.

I’m leaning on MJD to win me a title. He has no touchdowns through three games for the first time in his career. The Jaguars are a sinking ship, so his numbers are going to suffer.

I own Kevin Kolb in a dynasty league. The Michael Vick experience doesn’t look to be closing any time soon and he looks a little too comfortable with that headset on.

I need points from Heath Miller. Eight catches for 68 yards isn’t a bad day. Unfortunately, those are his numbers for the season.

I expect any type of consistency from Mike Sims-Walker. He has twelve catches for 139 yards and one touchdown in three games. He has two catches for 34 yards in two of those. Nice!

A Look Back at our Waiver Suggestions for Week Three

Five we hit on:

1. Charlie Batch = 186 passing yards, three touchdowns, two interceptions
2. Bruce Gradkowski = 255 passing yards, one touchdown, one interception
3. Aaron Hernandez = 65 receiving yards, 13 rushing yards
4. Mark Sanchez = 256 passing yards, three touchdowns
5. Sean Weatherspoon = Seven solo tackles

Four we missed on:

1. DeShawn Wynn = Released!
2. Earl Bennett = Three catches, 21 yards
3. Mike Tolbert = 73 rushing yards, 17 receiving yards (we just wanted more)
4. Rashad Jennings = 19 rushing yards, 14 receiving yards

A Look Back at our Fifteen Sneaky Plays for Week Three

Five we hit on:

1. LaDainian Tomlinson = 70 rushing yards, 18 receiving yards, one touchdown
2. Louis Murphy = Five catches, 119 yards
3. Bruce Gradkowski = 255 passing yards, one touchdown, one interception
4. Josh Morgan = One catch, 12 yards, one touchdown (all on the last play, but it counts!)
5.  Tony Moeaki = Four catches, 44 yards, one touchdown

Five we missed on:

1. Laurence Maroney = 24 rushing yards, one touchdown called back
2. Deon Butler = No catches
3. Nate Washington = Three catches, 30 yards
4. Marcedes Lewis = Three catches, 15 yards
5. Demaryius Thomas = Two catches, 43 yards

A Look Ahead to Hot Names on the Week Four Waiver Wire

1. LeGarrette Blount, RB, TB

At one time, Blount was in serious contention to be a first or second round draft choice. You likely know the story about his collegiate sucker punch and the subsequent tanking of his draft stock that culminated in him being dumped by Tennessee this preseason.

What you may not know is that he had 26 rushing yards and a touchdown for Tampa this week. Those yards didn’t come in garbage time and the Bucs beat writers are buzzing that Blount is a serious threat to Cadillac Williams.

I don’t think I’d go that far, but I wouldn’t discount it, either.

2. Ryan Torain, RB, WAS

You have to love Mike Shanahan! Clinton Portis‘ struggles have been well documented, but most fantasy owners felt Keiland Williams was going to be next in line. Torain was a former Bronco who was signed off the practice squad last week. He was inexplicably inserted as the backup this week and is now listed as the official No. 2.

Let the circus begin!

3. Lance Moore, WR, NO

We thought he might get some more action with Reggie Bush out. I’d say that’s accurate.

4. Kenneth Darby, RB, STL

I don’t love Darby’s talent, but I don’t love Steven Jackson’s groin injury, either.

5. Willis McGahee, RB, BAL

He may not be available in your league, but Ray Rice owners need to have him. Rice has a banged up knee that could keep him out this week.

6. Danny Woodhead, RB, NE

The Hard Knocks favorite made a splash in New England this week, rushing for 42 yards and a score. While BGE should benefit the most if Fred Taylor is out for a bit, Woodhead needs to be monitored.

7. David Gettis, WR, CAR

The Panthers offense is terrible, but any receiver who has cracked the starting lineup deserves to be on  a roster in a deep redraft or dynasty league.

8. Dominique Zeigler, WR, SF

If Josh Morgan is out for any extended amount of time, the door is open for one of our preseason favorites.

9./10. Maurice Morris / Kevin Smith, RBs, DET

Monitor the news wires and our message board the next few days to see what the status of Jahvid Best is. If he can’t go, one of these players could be a spot play for a desperate team this week.

Keep in mind the names found on this list are added to ones from previous weeks. For the prior week’s picks, check out the links below:

Week One
Week Two
Week Three

Good luck this week!

Ken Kelly
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11 years ago

I’m always wary of putting too much stock in “expert” advice I find online, but you guys cover the dynasty angle like nobody else. So thanks for validating the two waiver wire moves I made yesterday: dropping Jerome Harrison and Kareem Huggins to add LeGarrette Blount and Ryan Torain. Still got an eye on Huggins, but Blount seems the more logical answer at this point.

11 years ago

Congrats, very good post.

11 years ago

Should I dump Bernard Scott for “LawFirm”, Blount, Torain? It’s a keeper league with 6 bench slots.

I’m hesitant to let go of Scott because he could be next year’s starter (with Benson’s contract ending this year). I know that LawFirm could be next week’s starter (Taylor might be out or limited) & next year’s starter (Taylor should be gone), but NE doesn’t really run the ball much.

Reply to  csc
11 years ago

How many keepers?

Reply to  DLF Ken K
11 years ago

Theoretically, I could keep all 14 slots if the salary cap allows it, as every the salary for every player I obtained through the auction increases by 5.

I will certainly not keep everyone (kickers, defenses, fringe players, busts, etc.).

Reply to  Csc
11 years ago

At this point, I’d stick with Scott. New England running back situations are very tough to predict and Scott has more talent than any of the others.

I think BGE is the best short term player on that list, but Scott is the best long term one.

11 years ago

I should add that Marshawn Lynch is also available.

11 years ago

Very good read, I enjoy this each week

Reply to  richard
11 years ago

Thanks Richard!

We’ve had some great feedback and it really helps us know what works and what doesn’t!

11 years ago

Was wondering what practice squad type players will be looked at in the coming weeks due to injury? Which rookie practice squadders will have the highest value to teams that need depth? My league is a power grab (no waivers) and is very deep (i have had blount the whole season), so i need the info before its on a message board.

Reply to  Goof
11 years ago

Blair White, Joique Bell, James Starks, Shawnbrey McNeal,Jacoby Ford, Jalen Parmele, LaRod Stephens-Howling, Mike Goodson, Tyrell Sutton, Albert Young, Danny Ware, and Kregg Lumpkin are a few players out there who would merit doing a little bit of research on.

Certainly some massive long shots here, but some names to kick around in super deep leagues.

Reply to  DLF Ken K
11 years ago

Love this kind of list. I’m in a really deep league too and sometimes even seeing a name in a dynasty article may be a week too late. Thank you.

11 years ago

thank you so much, have definitely targeted the one player that is available on that list. it is funny that i am excited about Shawnbrey. i love this site keep it up.

11 years ago

Great article, and a quality site. Way too many sites these days don’t focus enough on the dynasty/keeper aspect of fantasy football. Keep up the good work.

As far as the recommendations you’ve had on BJGE and Torain, do you feel these guys are players to hold onto and see what happens, or sell ASAP for a decent gain?

Reply to  Mike
11 years ago

That’s a very difficult question because it varies from team to team.

If you’re a rebuilding team, they’re really players to grab and hold on to, in the hopes they can emerge.

If you’re a competing team, you could always see if you could package them for an immediate upgrade at a key position.

That’s the beauty of a dynasty league.

When I look at Torain, I see a player with untapped potential. I also see a player who has never been able to stay healthy, dating back to his days at Arizona State. Shanahan obviously likes him enough to bring him over to Washington after having him in Denver.

Wtth BGE, I see a clearer path to a possible starting job, but NE is very tough to predict. He likely has more short term value, though.

Motown Mike
11 years ago


Are you picking up and stashing Demetri Nance right now, or do you consider this a case of “warm body, nothing to see here”.

Can’t get over how quickly they plucked this kid off someone else’s PS.

Also do you see any diamonds in the rough in the ATL backfield after Snelling? Guy I’m slightly intrigued with, Antone Smith, who seemed like a legit little sleeper heading into last year’s draft, then vanished. The fact that he made the final roster this year had me inclined to track him.

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