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Weekend Huddle: Week One

Opening day is like all the holidays wrapped into one. We have a lot to get through on this much anticipated day, so let’s get right down to business.


Earlier this week, we asked you to send us your lineup questions and you responded!

Other sites usually go back and forth and beat around the bush with their answers, but we won’t. You want advice, and we’re going to give it to you. Will we be wrong sometimes? You bet! Will we be right more often that not? I sure hope so.

Let’s get right to it.

1. From: airlex

Question: Flex Position – With Beanie Wells probably out this weekend, should I start Jonathan Stewart, Steve Smith (CAR), or Sims-Walker?

Answer: The Giants are about as average as they come defensively. They ranked 15th against the pass and 14th against the run last season. With a new MLB just getting used to his position, I’d go with Stewart in a non-PPR league. He has the best chance to score this week, especially with Champ Bailey likely covering MSW.

2. From: Link

Question: I have both Vincent Jackson and Santonio Holmes. Meaning I have no WR3 at the moment. For now I’m starting Crabtree, Fitzgerald and Legedu Naanee. Should I keep Naanee as the 3 even though he’s unproven or should I search on the FA list for someone?

Answer: I’d actually be fine with starting Naanee as my No. 3 this week against Kansas City. The Chiefs pass defense is nothing special and Philip Rivers will use Antonio Gates, Malcom Floyd, and Naanee to exploit it. Unless there’s someone like Mike Williams (SEA), Louis Murphy, or Jabar Gaffney available in your league, I think you’re fine for the week. You can re-evaluate after things shake out on Monday.

3. From: Vintage

PPR League Question: Who to start: Marion Barber @ Washington, or Darren McFadden @ Titans. We only start 2 RB’s, and my other RB’s are:

Moreno @ Jaguars
Gerhart – out
Dixon @ Seattle

It sure looks like McFadden is going to start, so it’s a valid question for sure. While Felix Jones may take some of the load off Barber, I still like his touchdown potential a lot better than McFadden’s. DMC faces a defense that should be in the top 10 for rushing yards allowed and I expect the Raiders to play from behind, limiting his chances. Moreno and Barber here.

4. From: E Cross

Question: I had Beanie Wells slotted as my RB2, but he probably won’t play, or will be too limited to have a enough of a fantasy impact. That has put me in the position of moving Spiller up to RB2 and trying to fill out my RB/WR spot with one of the following: Mike Williams (TB), Dez Bryant, or Laurent Robinson.

Answer: Mike Williams (TB) in a runaway. We have yet to see what Bryant’s role is going to be early on this season and Robinson doesn’t come close to Williams’ big play ability.

5. From: haydn239

Question: 12 Team PPR, return yardage awarded (.05 for every yard) and PR/KR TD(6) Who to start for my RB3? Forsett @ SF (Anointed the PR for Seattle) or Cadillac @ CLE. Was leaning towards Cadillac but with Forsett returning punts and PPR should I go with the Forsett against the better defense?

Answer: It’s tempting to make that switch when you see the news about Forsett returning punts. However, that tells me he won’t be counted upon to handle as heavy a load as fantasy owners would like. I’d take Caddy in a matchup against a team who allowed nearly 145 rushing yards per game last season.

6. From: Steven S

Question: What two running backs should I start week 1 in a ppr league?

Rashard Mendenhall
Chris Wells
CJ Spiller
Tim Hightower

Also who should be my 3rd WR week 1?

Lee Evans
Jabar Gaffney

Answer: I’d love to have a larger sample on Spiller, but I have a feeling he’s going to need to break a big one to have any type of significance this week. With Wells seemingly out, the best bets you have are Hightower and Mendenhall. I’ll take the guaranteed touches here. In regards to your second question, I’d take Gaffney over Evans for sure.

7. From: trackstah07


Hey guys, I have a QB question. QB Scoring System:

Pass TD = 2 pts
Rush TD = 3 pts
40+ yd Pass/Rush TD = 1 pt bonus
400+ Pass yds = 1 pt
Every 50 Rush yds = 1 pt
2pc Pass = 1 pt
2pc Rush = 2 pts
Start 1 QB

Jay Cutler vs. Detroit, or Aaron Rodgers vs. Philadelphia?

Answer: That’s an interesting scoring system for sure. It makes you think for a nanosecond…but that’s about all it takes to go back and choose Rodgers.

8. From: kmichelle816

Question: Who to start for #2 RB? Moreno vs. Jags or Sproles vs. KC. SJax vs Ari is my #1 RB. I am concerned with the Moreno injury and I think Sproles potential for touchdowns?

Answer: I think you’re outcoaching yourself if you choose Sproles. I’d take Moreno for sure. Yes, he’s not 100%, but Ryan Mathews is going to get a really big workload. Moreno is the best bet for sure touches here.

9. From: Chad O

Question: Scoring is 1 pt. for each 10 yards and NO PPR. I’m having trouble selecting my 2nd RB for this week. Will be starting Chris Johnson and I already benched Pierre Thomas. Potential 2nd RB is between Arian Foster and Tim Hightower (only considering him because Wells may be out).

Who do you recommend starting?

Answer: I’d take Foster at home against the Colts. In fact, I’m willing to bet you start Foster almost half the time as your second running back this season, even with Thomas on the roster.

10. From: Anonymous

PPR Question: Do I start Cadillac Williams over  Michael Turner?

Answer: It’s not as easy as you may think to make this choice with Turner against the Steelers. The Browns defense was brutal against the run last season. I’d actually go out on a limb and suggest Cadillac.

11. From: Kazenkakis

PPR Question: I’m trying to decide between Mike Wallace and Ricky Williams as a flex start this week. Thoughts?

Answer: Wallace and it’s not close in my mind.

12. From: Mike L

Question: TD League…..2 RB, 3 WR, 1 Flex. Mendy, Mathews, Best. The other is CJ. WR…Britt, Tampa Williams, Breaston, Cribbs, or Jacoby, already starting Percy and Desean.

Answer: Two RBs: Mendenhall and CJ. Three WRs: Harvin, DeSean, and Tampa Williams, 1 Flex: Ryan Mathews.

13. From: David S.

Question: I have a few decisions to make – I have Shonn Greene and decided to bench him against the Ravens – would you start Caddy @ Cleveland or Bradshaw @ Carolina? Knox @ Detroit or Ocho @ New england? Thank you very much !!!  Go fantasy football!

Answer: I’d actually play Caddy instead of the others and go with Ocho over Knox.

14. From: The Vich

PPR Question: Cutler or Hasselbeck?  I think Cutler.

I can play either 2RB & 3 WR or 1RB  & 4WR.

RBs I’m considering: Gore, S. Greene, J. Stewart, D. Williams

WRs I’m considering: Greg Jennings, Calvin Johnson, Randy Moss, Steve Smith NYG, Eddie Royal, Jacoby Jones, Mike Williams TB.

I’m torn between Deangelo and Steve Smith.  I don’t know yet what to make of the NYG defense this year.  What do you guys think?

Answer: Wow, you’ve put together a nice team. Gore, Greene, Moss, C Johnson, Jennings. That group just has the most potential combined.

15. From:Denise

Question: I need to start two of these WR’s.

S. Moss(Was)
M. Williams (TB)
M. Sims-Walker(Jac)
M. Wallace(Pit)

Answer: I’d go with Santana Moss and Mike Wallace here. I’d like to see some more consistency from MSW (and have him not be covered by Champ Bailey) before playing him above these two.

16. From: Rob

PPR Question: Start Anquan Boldin or Johnny Knox as my flex.  Other choice could be Jonathan Stewart.  Boldin I would start usually no question, but Revis scares me a bit. Thanks

Answer: Revis scares me more than a bit. I’d roll with Stewart and take my chances he scores a touchdown, even in a PPR league.

17. From: The Vich

Question: 1RB and 4WR or 2RB and 3WR.

Jahvid Best, Ronnie Brown, Fitz, Kenny Britt, Brandon Marshall, TO, Steve Smith CAR, Jordan Shipley, Mike Williams TB.

What do you guys think?  I’m leaning towards: Best, Brown, Fitz, Marshall, Smith?

Answer: You’re right on in my mind.

18. From: Bob B

Question: In this non PPR league, for this week what 2 RB’s would you start from these three: Best, Charles, or Turner?

Answer: Toughest question of the bunch so far today. I don’t buy the talk of Thomas Jones taking much away from a playmaker as good as Charles. With Turner playing Pittsburgh, I’d take my chances with Best and Charles.

19. From: Adam D

Question: I would normally go with a healthy Michael Bush, but can’t roll the dice on him this week in my RB2 spot. So my options are something old (Clinton Portis) or something new (Jahvid Best). I’m leaning toward Best as he might have a higher ceiling on any given week, though I’m not crazy about starting a rookie on the road. Where does the smart money go?

I also have Felix Jones but I want to see how the Cowboys backfield gets sorted out before I plug him in.

Answer: Your instincts serve you well here. I’d go with Best, even on the road over Portis against a very tough front seven.

20. From: Arlo Stone

Question: I need any 2…

Jermichael Finley
Marion the Barbarian

Thanks a bunch! Great resource…

Answer: It’s tough to choose a tight end over a running back, but it’s a valid question this week. I’d go with Hightower and Cadillac against Cleveland, though Finley is interesting.

21. From: Ryan C

Question: For my RB2, do I play Forsett vs SF, R.Williams @BUF or McCluster vs SD. And then for my WR3 should I go with Cotchery vs BAL, Burleson @CHI, McCluster vs SD or M.Thomas vs DEN.

Answer: I’d go with Forsett and Mike Thomas. Thomas is a very underrated performer in fantasy and I expect him to break out this season. Your other options aren’t as attractive to me.

22. From: pnt71

Question: I have Mike Williams, SEA in a lot of leagues and I’m wondering if I should start him this week or wait to see, what he can do before I plug him in my lineups. I’m facing the following lineup decisions (all in dynasty, 12 team PPR)

1. Laurent Robinson or Mike Williams (SEA)
2. Marion Barber or Mike Williams (SEA)
3. Aromashodu or Mike Williams (SEA)
4. Santana Moss or Mike Williams (SEA)

Answer: I like Williams better than Robinson and Aromashodu this week. I’d take Barber and Santana Moss in the other two matchups.

23. From: Zangief

Question: I have Malcolm Floyd, Garcon, Mike Williams (TB and SEA), and Mike Wallace available for a flex spot. Garcon seems most dependable, but Floyd and Williams (TB) seem to have the most big play potential (along with Wallace). Who do you go with? Thanks.

Answer: I’d go with your gut and take Garcon. He was as dependable as Wayne towards the end of last year.

24. From: Big Chil

Question: Got Aaron Rodgers as QB1.  Which is the better QB bet in my flex spot for this week?  Joe Flacco or Alex Smith.  I’ve got Smith penciled in.

Also, which are the best 2 bets out of these 3 WRs for this week? Johnny Knox, Malcom Floyd, Michael Crabtree.

My WR1 is Miles Austin.  I’ve got Floyd & Knox penciled in, but could easily change it up.  Using only one of Alex Smith and Crabtree gives me better coverage if SF doesn’t do well, and I think this is one of Knox’s best opportunities, though it IS Week 1…

Answer: I’d go the other way around, taking Flacco (even against a tough defense) and going with Floyd and Knox.

25. From: Mike B

Question: Start Mike Williams (tbb), Cotchery, or Massaquoi in 3rd wr spot?

Answer: Mike Williams for sure. I don’t trust Delhomme and Cotchery is an afterthought, even with Holmes out.

26. From: Barry S

Question: I am torn between starting Dez Bryant, Lee Evans, Santana Moss, or Mike Williams SEA as my WR #3 this week.  Any advice?

I need to start 3 RBs.  I am starting Chris Johnson as one.  Who do you start for the other 2 between Cedric Benson, Ryan Mathews, Matt Forte, and Tim Hightower?

Answer: Good choices at receiver…I’d go with Santana Moss there. I’d roll with Benson and Mathews as my two running backs as well.

27. From: Tim R
I know I missed the deadline of 8PM Saturday, but I just discovered your website this morning so thought I’d send my question even if I have to wait until next week for the answer.

Current Line-up:



I had Nicks and Welker starting at WR, but decided to take a chance with Gaffney and Floyd (and Stafford).  What would you recommend at WR and W/R?

Also, Mike Williams (SEA and TB), Kareem Huggins, and Vincent Jackson are on FA list. Would anyone be worth dropping for any of these players?  I’m watching Jackson for the potential reward later this season.

Thanks, and great website.

Answer: I’d actually suggest Garcon over Floyd, and Moreno over Ricky Williams as well.

As far as your waiver wire goes, I’d drop Danny Amendola in a league this shallow and pick up Mike Williams (TB) this morning. I don’t see Amendola ever cracking your lineup. If Jackson’s suspension gets reduced, you can drop Williams (or another WR) for Jackson next week. Williams likely won’t be so readily available after today.

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mike b
12 years ago

Thanks for the advice it was right on point!

Chad O
12 years ago

Thanks for the advice. I guess starting Foster was an okay idea. Hahahaha!!

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