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Training camp is well under way and we’ll have preseason football at this time next week!

Most fantasy football players will be waking from their six month slumber here soon. They’ll begin looking at the preseason box scores and combing through the latest information to judge their player values.

A keen dynasty league owner has been following their players all Summer long to get a competitive advantage, knowing there’s no offseason in dynasty leagues.

Why is this important to note?

It’s time to pounce on some players now who may be severely undervalued in dynasty circles. If you wait until the preseason starts, it’s likely going to be too late.

Here are five players who have performed extremely well so far in camp and have seen their values begin to skyrocket.

Arian Foster RB HOU

Most fantasy players believed it was a foregone conclusion that Ben Tate would be the starter in Houston this season. That’s changing quickly.

Foster has been an absolute gym rat all Summer and it’s translating into an excellent training camp. He’s breaking down any misconceptions about his ability each and every day and beginning to solidify himself as the starter for the Texans.

While Tate may prove to be the better talent eventually, it certainly looks like Foster is going to make it very difficult for anyone to get him off the field early this year.

Let’s not forget that he rushed for a combined 216 yards and three touchdowns in the last two games of the 2009 season.

His tendency to fumble may be the only thing stopping him from being a big time fantasy weapon.

Johnny Knox WR CHI

Knox had a solid rookie season with 527 yards and five touchdowns on 45 catches.

Most gave him an outside chance at the No. 2 wide receiver position in Chicago this season. Unbelievably, there’s talk that he’s played well enough so far in camp to earn the No. 1 spot on the depth chart.

With an offense destined to throw the ball quite a bit under Mike Martz, that’s not something to ignore.

Wes Welker WR NE

Many owners wrote Welker off for 2010, thinking the knee injury was going to be too much to come back from. His fast recovery is making people think twice.

Welker participated in team drills in full pads today, including some 11 on 11 work. He reportedly took some big hits and bounced right up. With almost six weeks until the season starts, that’s a great sign.

Owners who were hoping for a miraculous recovery and another 100 catch season may just get their wish.

Brandon LaFell WR CAR

It took LaFell all of a week to begin taking snaps with the first team offense. It’s a notable accomplishment because of John Fox’s consistent reluctance to install younger players to practice with the first team.

While his competition for the No. 2 job isn’t exactly top notch, LaFell has been a pleasant surprise thus far in Panthers camp.

The coaches have been impressed with his ability to adjust in traffic and his willingness to block isn’t going unnoticed, either. If he can keep making plays, it’s going to be pretty difficult for anyone to catch him as the starter opposite Steve Smith.

The knock on LaFell has always been his consistency, but he’s been consistently good so far.

Golden Tate WR SEA

Tate is quickly making believers out of the Seahawk players and coaching staff.

It seems that every day brings new headline about Tate being one of the most impressive receivers at Seahawks camp. He’s consistently beating cornerbacks and is steadily improving his route running and knowledge of the offense.

TJ Houshmandzadeh is firmly entrenched as the No. 1 option for Seattle. Beyond that, it’s wide open.

With the uncertainty surrounding the receiving corps, one thing is very certain. Golden Tate came to play.


It won’t be long until all the fantasy football players are back on board and evaluating their teams more closely.

If you’re in a league where you feel an owner is undervaluing any player on this list, it’s time to start making some offers.

Ken Kelly
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