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Recent DFS Articles

Dynasty and Daily: The Perfect Marriage
Mark Johnson – March 4, 2016

We discuss why daily and dynasty football can be a great combination.

FanDuel Bargains: Divisional Round
Dan Meylor – January 12, 2016

We offer the best FanDuel options for your teams this weekend.

Winds of Change – An Editorial
Jeff Haverlack – January 9, 2016

A short editorial on sports, fantasy football, daily fantasy and the winds of change

FanDuel Bargains: Wildcard Round
Dan Meylor – January 5, 2016

The bargains on FanDuel for the week.

FanDuel Stacks: Week 17
Zach Bahner – January 1, 2016

We give you the top stacks for week 17 as Zach returns.

FanDuel Bargains: Week 17
Dan Meylor – December 29, 2015

We offer up some daily options as the fantasy season continues.

FanDuel Stacks: Week 16
Brian Malone – December 26, 2015

We provide the holiday season stacks.

Contrarian Plays: Week 16
Matt Price – December 24, 2015

We provide your contrarian plays for Championship week.

FanDuel Bargains: Week 16
Dan Meylor – December 22, 2015

We provide you with the best bargain on FanDuel.

FanDuel Stacks: Week 15
Brian Malone – December 19, 2015

We offer the top stacks for week 15.

Contrarian Plays: Week 15
Matt Price – December 18, 2015

We offer some daily targets for week 15.

FanDuel Bargains: Week 15
Dan Meylor – December 15, 2015

We offer some bargains for week 15.

Contrarian Plays: Week 14
Matt Price – December 11, 2015

Find your own path with these daily fantasy picks.

FanDuel Stacks: Week 14
Zach Bahner – December 10, 2015

The players you need to stack this week on FanDuel.

FanDuel Bargains: Week 14
Dan Meylor – December 9, 2015

Who to target on the cheap this week on FanDuel.

Contrarian Plays: Week 13
Matt Price – December 5, 2015

We give you some daily plays that go against the grain.

FanDuel Stacks: Week 13
Zach Bahner – December 5, 2015

We offer the best daily stacks for week 12.

FanDuel Bargains: Week 13
Dan Meylor – December 2, 2015

Who are the best bargains on FanDuel this week?

FanDuel Stacks: Week 12
Zach Bahner – November 28, 2015

We provide some Thanksgiving-themed stacks.

Contrarian Plays: Week 12
Brian Malone – November 26, 2015

The zigzag moves for Week 12

FanDuel Bargains: Week 12
Dan Meylor – November 26, 2015

Your best bargains on FanDuel to go with your turkey.

Contrarian Plays: Week 11
Matt Price – November 21, 2015

The bold choices for Week 11 in Daily.

FanDuel Stacks: Week 11
Zach Bahner – November 20, 2015

Players to stack on FanDuel this week.

FanDuel Bargains: Week 11
Dan Meylor – November 18, 2015

The top bargains on FanDuel this week.

Contrarian Plays: Week Ten
Matt Price – November 14, 2015

The non-standard plays for Week Ten.

FanDuel Stacks: Week Ten
Matt Price – November 13, 2015

Good day everyone! I’m filling in for Zach this week on the stack report so let’s get right…

FanDuel Bargains: Week Ten
Dan Meylor – November 12, 2015

We give you the best bargains to fill out your week ten daily lineup.

DLF Football Championship: Week Ten
The DLF Team – November 11, 2015

The final week of the DLF Football Championship is here, and you still have a shot at the…

Fan Duel Four: Week Nine
George Kritikos – November 7, 2015

The players to target on FanDuel this week.

FanDuel Stacks: Week Nine
Zach Bahner – November 6, 2015

It’s week nine, and we’ve got stacks on stacks on stacks.

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