4 Responses to “Insurance Policies”

  1. kcDemonSlayer says:

    McCluster sucks. What kind of speedster gets run down from behind by a linebacker? He goes down at 1st contact every single time, he isn’t going to pass protect, his routes aren’t sharp enough to gain separation, and he is not fast enough to run by people or run away from them. Being a Chiefs fan, I was astonished that some team was willing to pay for his services. I mean you can find an UDFA to do what he does for a lot less money.

    • Ty Miller says:

      I think a lot of people were taken back a little with his contract, but that money won’t mean anything if Whisenhunt uses him better than KC did. While I don’t agree he sucks, he isn’t as quick as people believe him to be. The Titans offense has more weapons, as a whole, so maybe he can do better with less attention on him. Thanks for reading the article.

  2. CDB says:

    Where is Bryce Brown from this perspective. He has looked good against inferior defensive play and had a couple good games two years ago when Shady went down.

    And what about Knile Davis? Thoughts on him?

    • Ty Miller says:

      I really like Bryce Brown, though he doesn’t run up the field enough for my liking. I do believe he has a shot to be a major part of the Bills run game this year, and perhaps next.

      I love Knile Davis’ abilities, but Charles’ contract extension lessens my excitement. If Charles were to go down, Davis is gonna be a low-end RB2 with high RB2 upside.
      Thanks for reading!

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