5 Responses to “Preseason Roundup: Week One, Part One”

  1. Sven says:

    “Christine Michael did not rush for 300 yards, score 86 touchdowns or sack Peyton Manning.”

    Best line of the article. You should also note that he didn’t prevent the earthquake or stop the hurricanes headed for Hawaii.

  2. kcDemonSlayer says:

    I don’t understand why pundits think that Seastrunk has to catch passes……on a team that has another running back that, well, doesn’t catch passes. As if Seastrunk could only hope to be a backup 3rd down RB. I got news for everyone he’s not coming for Helu’s job, he’s coming for Morris’ job. He is a faster and more explosive athlete than Morris who, well, doesn’t friggen catch passes! And when Gruden turns Morris into BJGE, he will draft a Gio Bernard, and Seastrunk will be the Jeremy Hill…..and that will be starting next season.

    • kcDemonSlayer says:

      Let me expand on this thought. In Cincy, Gruden wanted a pass catching RB so he went out and drafted a pass catching RB. He did not try to make BJGE catch passes, and he did not draft an early down back and try to turn him into a pass catching RB during the offseason. Now in Washington, if Gruden wanted a pass catching RB, why would he draft Seastrunk? Anyone? Anyone at all? He doesn’t want Seastrunk to catch passes that’s why!

      • dlfkenk says:

        I think most people would just like to see him have the ability to do it because that’s going to get him on the field much faster with Morris already on the roster. If he can’t do that and doesn’t show he’s a well rounded player, his opportunities are going to be limited and he’s going to clog up some rosters. With many leagues depending on PPR scoring, it would certainly be a bonus and Seastrunk really needs to show he can do a variety of things to make the team.

        • kcDemonSlayer says:

          I think he is a lock to make the team. Most rosters list the starter and then the backup to the starter as 2nd RB, and then your pass catching 3rd down back is listed as the 3rd RB. So I think Seastrunk is the #2 RB and Helu is #3 and Thompson is the one that needs to make an impression.

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