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  1. Kong says:

    Wasn’t M. Lynch thought to be facing a league suspension for his recent DUI? When in Buffalo. I thought he was involved in a hit and run. He also had a firearm issue along w this DUI. That’s three incidents. Anyone have any insight on this?

    • kcDemonSlayer says:

      Lynch was suspended once before but it was not due to breaking the league’s substance abuse policy. So the DUI would have been the 1st infraction there but it got pushed back for 2 years and then was dropped this offseason which means no conviction and he still has not had a single infraction of the same rule that Blackmon/Gordon are facing….if that was your question.

  2. Ray Rice says:

    As a Ray Rice owner, should I try to acquire Bernard Pierce for Josh Gordon?
    I still believe in Gordon, but don’t have much faith in Rice in a RB heavy league.

    Any thoughts???

    • SJ says:

      I still have faith in Rice and definitely have none in Pierce. It’s funny to me that people want to bury veterans as soon as they start to show cracks of decline, my guess for that is because too many FF players have been left holding the bag “like an idiot” when a good NFL player surprisingly falls off. But there is still the argument that some players bounce back and Rice’s offseason surely prepares him for that. Let’s see what he looks like in Training Camp before casting him aside.

      To me, Pierce has looked average when he was a rookie, on a good team that won the SuperBowl. He’s never blown anyone away with his skill set and is a capable backup but no one will make the argument he deserves to be a NFL featured back, not even going back to his draft stock or rookie season. Those saying he should be “featured” this year are just people that want to see Rice go away, again, for whatever reason.

      The 2-game suspension is par for the course for any player without any past legal/conduct issues. So those asking for a 4+ game ban for Rice just don’t understand the NFL’s process on handing down player suspensions. Obviously if Rice messes up again, whatever that may be, he’ll get a longer suspension as a repeat offender.

      I guess you can handcuff Rice with Pierce, but Gordon still seems too high a price to me.

  3. Ray Rice says:


    I appreciate the input. As a follow-up:

    if you were going to trade Gordon for picks, what would you expect in return? … Or do you just keep Gordon and hope he can bounce back?

    • Draythron says:

      I keep Gordon….no way I let go of him….As for Pierce, I actually think he looked great, if not better than Rice…very explosive to be as big as he is…Last year was injury riddled for he and Rice.

      • Jesse says:

        I posted a long comment about this in another topic and got killed but there is NO WAY I would trade Gordon unless the deal was way too good to turn down. It is pretty common knowledge on the Cleveland beat that Gordon didn’t fail a drug test but actually missed it due to travel issues. Instead he gave a hair sample (nearly impossible to cheat) and passed. The problem is that technically by missing the original test it is being considered a failed test. There is nothing in the collective bargaining agreement to cover a hair test. The thing is don’t you think if he and the Browns didn’t know he was going to be back this year that they would have let him go through OTAs and start Mini camp today (which has been widely reported he was there). If he gets the whole year suspension that would mean he couldn’t return next year until after OTAs and minicamp and would have to start the year next year basically with no training? I think all signs point to a 4-8 game suspension and he is back tearing it up mid season. At that point I would definitely consider trading him but not right now. His value is never going to be lower than it is right now. People forget that before all this he was in the 1.01 – 1.04 range in dynasty drafts. I think with back to back 200 yd games like he did last year you could ask for anything you wanted and get it. Thats my advice.

      • SJ says:

        I seem to remember this comment above.. long story short, I completely disagree and believe Gordon IMO, never plays an NFL down this year. However, unless I get a high 2nd rounder, Id likely just keep him on the roster till 2015, act like hes an IR player and hope he changes his life for the better.

        The commenter above makes some decent points, but the NFL and its CBA is built towards punishing repeat offenders and Gordon is definitely at the top the repeat offender list. Repeat offenders get multi-game suspensions. Hes already gotten a 2 game ban (which I think was possibly a 4 game before appeal – pls correct me if Im wrong), and is in stage 3 of the substance abuse program. Hes getting a 16 game ban without question, and his recent antics have likely cost him a winning appeal.

        • SJ says:

          I should also mention that was a high second rounder for this year, not 2015. Might as well wait and decide for that pick around draft time next year, or towards the end of this years season.

          • Jesse says:

            It was reported on NFL.com that Gordon did take the field today. Add that to the Media heat is catching for only giving Rice 2 games I still think all signs point to the 4-8 games. I would be shocked if he caught a year.

  4. Will says:

    If i wanted to trade for Roddy White what value am I looking to send, a 2nd rd pick in 2015?

    • Matt says:

      I just acquired him in a 12 team league as I am trying to contend now. I gave up a 2014 #12 overall pick in our rookie draft this year. I also have Dez and C. Patterson

  5. Will says:

    Also I love this years format of Weekly Impact


    straight forward and to the point

    • Karl Safchick says:

      Thank you. I believe Ryan did something similar without formatting it as such. When I started I did a paragraph detailing the news, then a paragraph of analysis. Now I do it as you say, and it’s become easier for me and clear for the reader. I’m glad you agree. Thank you for reading.

  6. chris in Chuck says:

    I wouldn’t sell Gordon for anything below a 1.7 pick this year or an expected 1.5 pick next year.

    And to my estimation that’s the lowest sale price I could imagine contemplating. I’d prefer to hold Gordon at those prices. In face, I view Gordon as a great buy candidate for a second round pick. That’s a ridiculous price that any team ought to consider.

    A rebuilding team should consider that a quick stop up to contention. A contender ought to consider it a great buy-low toward the title.

  7. JBFootball says:

    If I have my 2 starters at rb and spiller is my 3rd rb, would it be crazy to trade spiller for c Michael? I also have Melvin Gordon, mike Davis and Derrick Henry coming to my team over the next 2 yrs. not to mention I have Bryce brown who could be the bills starter next year with spiller and Jackson in contract yrs.

    • SJ says:

      Probably not crazy, but youre definitely not getting much value for Spiller. Michael is arguably at his highest price right now – everything is breaking his way, the longer Lynch holds out. You could do two things – wait out the Lynch situation and see if/when Michaels price drops, or try to get something extra.

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