3 Responses to “DLF’s Weekly Impact Events”

  1. SJ says:

    Great work as always.

    As a John(son) owner (slight typo up there :)), I’m a bit concerned if he will take the hard stance and pull a VJax and sit out the year. Hopefully this will resolve soon, but does anyone else have that concern? Every board I read, most owners are adamant he will return this year and play for HOU. Color me skeptical. He’s been a standup guy, so we’ll see, but both parties look dug in at this point, and it could only get worse over an extended time.

    Also – referring to the part: “With Reggie Bush approaching the dreaded age of 30, Bells role could actually increase.” — True, but lets not forget J.Bell is only 17 months younger than Bush, and is turning 28 next month. So while the proverbial tread is better for Bell, no one can predict the drop-off in aging RB’s no matter the wear&tear. Maybe Bell hits the wall first? Bell has been piling up injuries as of late too, so nicks and missed games are not just a concern with Reggie in that backfield. I wouldn’t be so quick to anoint Bell the future. Just have he and Reggie and protect yourself for this and next year. Not like Bell is going to cost you an arm and a leg to acquire.

  2. Big B says:

    Thanks Karl, So if Jordy does get an extension, what are the long term prospects of Adams and Jared A, both of whom I drafted this year? I thought w/ both he and Cobb up for contracts and the reloading in the draft that Nelson would be the one let go. Can you see them actually letting Cobb walk next year? If not, is there any way my 2nd and 5th round picks amount to anything in the next three years? Thanks

    • leehwgoC says:

      Silly to think the Pack would let Jordy go. All he does is produce, and he and Rodgers are practically BFFs.

      Nelson and Cobb get resigned. Provided he pans out, Adams takes over the #3 receiver role long term, which is a bigger role on the Pack than on other teams bc of how many 3-wide sets they run. Boykin’s gone next year and likely irrelevant in fantasy from then on. Anyone else remaining us just roster depth.

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