5 Responses to “DLF’s Weekly Impact Events”

  1. Brett says:

    Thanks for the updates, Ryan. Do you guys feel there is any truth to the rumors that Josh Gordon might be able to get his suspension reduced to 8 games? I was reading something just last night about how some close friends of his feel that he will never be a part of the NFL again if he gets a full year’s suspension and loses his motivation to stay clean. A very disappointing situation either way for a player that I considered my ticket into fantasy playoffs this season. *sigh*

    • leehwgoc says:

      I’m sure you’ve heard now that GoGordrdon just got a DWI. One guess as to what the ‘influence’ probably was. Ive been counseling people to hold on to Gordon, but it may be time cut bait and sell him if you can get something respectable. This seems like David Boston all over again. Gordon likes recreational drugs more than football, thats all there is to it.

  2. Frank says:

    Josh Gordon hasn’t been suspended, don’t you have to be suspended before you appeal the suspension? All I keep hearing about is this appeal.

  3. Slick says:


    Any word on what the loss of Alonso does to Buffalo Team Defense this year?
    I had them pegged as top 10, even with lost of byrd, with a top 5 ceiling, but not sure now that alonso is shelved. Thanks

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