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  1. Jeff Haverlack says:

    If you have specific thoughts or questions, I’ll try to respond promptly.

  2. ggschulz says:

    I’m in a situation where I have WAY too many players and picks to keep a legal roster, so I am going to be facing some difficult decisions, unless I can make some trades.

    That said, who do you like better for dynasty in these situations:
    As my backup QB to Aaron Rodgers – EJ Manuel vs Manziel/Bridgewater/Bortles
    As a #3 QB – Glennon vs Manziel/Bridgewater/Bortles
    Rueben Randle vs Hakeem Nicks
    Mike Evnas vs Nicks/Randle
    Brandin Cooks vs Nicks/Randle
    Marcus Lattimore vs any of your above named rookie RBs yet to be drafted
    David Wilson vs the same group of RBs


    • Jeff Haverlack says:

      I’d stick with Manuel. He’s now got Mike Williams and Sammy Watkins to go with a notable running game. The rookie QBs will have a steep learning curve and I don’t see them as being greater than Manuel.

      I’m still high on Glennon as a backup, but I would rank Manziel a bit higher now due to receiving weapons. Bridgewater is still my favorite long term prospect from the rookies.

      It’s a toss up between Evans and Randle. If I had to make a choice, I’d take Evans here for the upside but Randle has a chance to be good this year.

      I’ll have Cooks and Randle very close to each other. I’ll have Randle slightly higher because I prefer larger outside receivers. I do like Cooks’ situation.

      I like Lattimore on top of the rookies right now. That could change depending on where Sankey, Hyde and Hill go.

      I’m not on the Wilson bandwagon at all, he’s dead to me.

    • Lotto says:

      If Jacksonville uses their next pick on a WR, Bortles may be the guy.

  3. fffool says:

    Great stuff, Jeff. Lovin’ the details that come with each pick. Keep ’em comin’!

    I think New Orleans is THE perfect destination for Cooks, & unless PHI hits HUGE with one of the remaining guys, this will be the best destination of any WR in this draft.

    I know you have been super-high on Cooks, Jeff, but his size has bothered me from the beginning. The Saints are the ONLY team that could make Cooks MY #3 rookie WR, and other than PHI, no OTHER destination puts him in my top 6.

    • Jeff Haverlack says:

      I too like the Cooks situation, I’ve heard a few that don’t. I’m a big Cooks fan and had him ranked as the WR3 for rookies as you know. Most thought that was too high so you’re in good company. I’ll be keeping him there. I’m not a ‘small’ receiver fan myself but I’ve watched Cooks a lot and I believe in his ability in a PPR format.

      I thought PHI might step up for Latimore. I’ll be watching closely.

    • Jeff Haverlack says:

      That should have said Latimer, not Latimore. I got stuck between Latimer and Lattimore. :)

  4. Dave says:

    I have the #4 pick in a 16 team non-PPR league. I was looking to upgrade at WR; have A.Brown, K. Wright and M.Jones of note. I wanted a big WR but I am not sold on Benjamin. Is Cooks really the answer? Ebron is out because I have Graham and Ladarius Green at TE. Any day WR to be in better situations?

    • SJ says:

      I would wait and see what happens today. Cooks and OBJ are options, but I’d want to see where the other 5-8 marketed recievers go day two before I’d consider a lock at the 1.4 pick.

    • Jeff Haverlack says:

      Non-PPR makes this difficult. Cooks could be the answer, as could Beckham but I wouldn’t bet on it either in a non-ppr. In fact, with 60% of first round receivers never factoring in fantasy I’d float the pick in trade and see if you could land a productive younger veteran, allowing another coach to play the lottery. I think you’ll have as good a chance at getting a good non-ppr receiver in the back half of the first round as you will at picks 3-5.

  5. Brad says:

    I have the second pick in my draft. I had been planning to take Mike Evans but I am now torn. Eric Ebron has landed in a great spot…pass first offense, good QB.
    Should I stick to my plan and take Evans or does Ebron offer greater potential???

    • SJ says:

      I would be extremely hard pressed to pass on Evens now. Ebron landed in an equally good spot tho, so maybe the tie-breaker is your line-up concerns/roster.

      I’d still heavily go Evans over Ebron at 1.2

  6. SJ says:

    How do you see Cooks being used in that NO offense?

    Given the hole there with Moore/Sproles gone, what does that mean? Does that mean they’ll flex Cooks all around the lineup and deliver him 100 targets this year (or future years)? Or will he be just another clear-out, deep-threat like they always seem to have, and was what Stills’ role was last year.

    I’ve seen comments all over the board in what Cooks will do in NO. Would love any insight here. My dart throwing is making me tired on this one – i have no idea how NO will use him.

    • Jeff Haverlack says:

      I see a tweener player between Sproles and Lance Moore. Moore could get into the deep seams and Sproles was great in space. I think Cooks can do both of those roles, with more of an emphasis on the short quick-hitting patters like quick digs, outs and shallow crosses.

      I think he’ll be far better in PPR formats than non. But remember that first round receivers don’t produce 60% of the time in the last decade.

  7. William says:


    I assume it is too late to ask a question but I play in a dynasty league (IDP, PPR) and I have the first 2 picks of the rookie draft.

    I did want to take Watkins but I am hesitant now that he has landed in Buffalo.
    What would you do?
    I’m torn and not sure who to choose with my 2 picks among Watkins, Evans, Cooks and Ebron.


    • Jeff Haverlack says:

      Too late? It’s never too late William. We’re here to answer all questions and offer help in any way we can. It’s what we do! That’s why our subscribers keep coming back!

      I would take Watkins without a single hesitation. I’m not overly wild about the situation but it’s where he wanted to play believe it or not and they are building a young offense there. WRs taken in the top 5 selections of the NFL draft are nearly always fantasy studs. The one exception in the last 14 years or so was Charles Rodgers (DET).

      Watkins and Evans are your easy two selections. I’d make those selections without even a second thought.

      • William says:

        Thanks a lot.

        I did not expect such strong conviction.

        I thought the fact that Cook is going to play for a team with one of the best QBs would give him an hedge at least over Evans but apparently not…

        I know the scoring has a lot to do with how we draft but I have a couple of questions:
        – How early do you think I should start picking RBs? (I play in a 16 team league, still PPR and IDP).
        They are taken late in the NFL draft but do I have to do the same in my fantasy league?
        – A very good player on the field does not always translate into a great player in the fantasy world.
        Which IDPs have the most value according to you in terms of fantasy production? I like Shazier for example because ILBs are valuable.

        Thanks again.

        • Jeff Haverlack says:

          RB is very dependent on the talent level into the draft class overall each year. This year is a poor year for top rated backs. There will be good ones that emerge but it’s anyone’s guess as to which ones that will be … and it likely won’t be the best situation as it would appear to be.

          Don’t over-draft or force picks if you don’t have to. RB bust at a very high rate outside the first round, but there are also some that emerge from nowhere. Very difficult to tell though from the draft. FA RBs have almost as good a chance as do RBs taken in the 3rd and 4th round. In most cases, it’s best to let the draft come to you. You can always target 2nd and 3rd rd. backs like Crowell, Hill, West, Seastrunk, etc. as they fall.

          For your draft I wouldn’t be looking RB until the 2nd round, somewhere between picks 17-22 …. but I have some of my best luck with picks in the 20-30 range because others focus on drafted situation where I look for talent.

  8. Justin says:

    Is it still never to late? Have the fifth and sixth pick plus a few more in upcoming rookie draft. Was going to target a WR with one but use the other for a RB. Anyone out there you are high on. I know their team is still TBD but just trying to get a heads up on who to look for.

    • I think RB/TE/WR are all in play there. I just updated the top 30 or so rookies on the rankings. Give it a look. At 5 and 6, I think you re looking at Sankey if he falls, maybe Hyde (too early for me), Ebron if you need TE …. receivers will be Cooks, Beckham and Lee/Benjamin/Adams.

  9. smarmy says:

    Dynasty league that offers 2 PPR for TE’s, 1 for WR, 0 for RB. TE’s can dominate the league, and you can start multiple each week. That being said, is Ebron the #1 overall pick? Or go with Watkins?

    • That’s tough. I’d still select Watkins. First round TEs always produce in fantasy, but WRs taken in the first 5 picks of the NFL draft are nearly always studs. I’d stick with Watkins.

  10. That’s tough. I’d still select Watkins. First round TEs always produce in fantasy, but WRs taken in the first 5 picks of the NFL draft are nearly always studs. I’d stick with Watkins.

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