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  1. SJ says:

    Its been 5 years in the league, when can we call a bust, a bust?

    I say that a bit tounge in cheek, because I believed strongly in Britt at one point, when he was healthy and focused. And still would if he never got hurt. But he’s looked significantly sub-par on the field over the last two years. There’s no explosion or agility anymore, and even if he gets back his focus, he still just looked plain bad on the field.

    The best I can see him doing is what BMW did in SEA, which would be turning into a big physical, box out receiver with little speed to blow past guys, relying heavily on jump balls and out muscling CB’s with his height. That only lasted a year for BMW before fading away. I’m not so sure Britt will be much different.

    I’m not so worried about where he ended up – the offense, Bradford, or anything regarding STL so much, which I agree most maybe are. Im worried that Britt hasnt got much left, even at 25, because he’s plain never looked the same after having his knee blownout.

    • Pete says:

      I think it’s pretty safe to say after this year we will find out if Quick and Britt can be considered “busts.” I’ve been holding Quick for years but this is the last year I’m willing to wait, and with Britt that makes it even more cloudy unless he screws the pooch. Make or break year for both in my mind so I’ll be watching closely.

      • Johnny Bag of Donuts says:

        No need to wait a year on Quick…he is never gonna be that guy…..similar to Stephan Hill…looks good on paper but just doesn’t have it…I hope Britt can resurect his career and be that big WR that Bradford despartely needs to complement Austin and Bailey if he does Bradford could make a huge jump forward……Finally

  2. Miller Tyme says:


    First sentence, 2nd paragraph: I think the phrase you’re looking for is Death Knell. Minor, but as a writer you should be aware :)

    reference: http://public.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/deathnail.html

  3. Jacob Feldman says:

    If you own Britt, you would have definitely preferred New England or Carolina, but St. Louis is definitely a nice spot to land as well. He’s back with his former head coach who made him a top WR and he’s in an offense severely lacking what he can bring to the table.

    The question for me is if Britt will ever mentally recover from his knee injury. As someone who has dealt with a major leg injury, there is a mental part that goes with it. When I watched him last year, he always seemed to be thinking about where everyone was on the field. He seemed afraid of getting hurt again. If he can get over that hurdle, there isn’t any reason he can’t get back to what he was. It is a major hurdle though that some people never get over.

  4. phantasy5 says:

    I’m happy to say I’m not a Briit owner in any league! But for the people who still believe he can come out of this coma he’s in, I wish you all the luck and honestly hope it works out for you all! I’m just not sold on this guy and that’s a gut feeling I have had for awhile! I believe “attitude” is everthing no matter what you do in this world and he has the wrong kind. Then couple that with alot of talent and a lack of heart and it’s not good for him, especially if he’s tenetative about getting hurt. I hope I’m wrong and he has a good year, but I don’t have faith that will happen.

    • Slick says:

      He likely will have to make it thru training camp first. If he makes the 53, then he has a legit shot. any discussion prior is premature. he is your classic boom/bust upside flyer.

  5. rt37 says:

    what 2014 rookie pick would you give for Britt?

    16 team league

    2.11? or 27 overall?

  6. Ben says:

    I dropped Britt last year, but if I still had him, I’d happily take a late 2nd round rookie pick!

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