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  1. ManuManu says:

    Signing MJD doesn’t tank the value of Murray at all? Really? It all but assures us that Murray won’t get any meaningful carries in his second year in the league. As a sixth-round pick, how could this be seen as anything but bad? If the Raiders truly were excited about his potential, they never would have signed Mojo.

    I’m not saying this means Murray won’t ever become anything, but I don’t know how anyone could look at this and not think that it makes Murray end-of-the-roster fodder.

    • Ken Kelly says:

      I look at the Raiders situation and see a coaching staff and GM who have to win now. The moves they’re making scream desperation and short term production instead of long term planning. I think it’s quite possible McFadden and MJD could be gone after this season. Even on a three-year deal, the Raiders could cut Jones-Drew after the year if they needed to.

      I don’t think things have changed all that much for Murray, outside of the fact it may be harder for him to see the field this season. I’ve never seen him as an elite prospect anyway. I would have been more concerned (and still will be) if they draft a running back.

      The roster in Oakland should be a lot different after next year if they don’t produce, as expected. When I stockpile young running backs, I like to have those who don’t have a young featured back ahead of them.

      The hope with Murray is he gets a shot at some point here in the next couple of years as part of a running back committee. His long-term prospects aren’t that different to me, but I’ve never been one to really think extremely highly of him anyway.

  2. Coach says:

    mjd definitely was terrible for the first bunch of games last year. But he was decent after week 10. I think he will have a decent year in oakland. he’ll be better than the bum that just left there that wasn’t as good as mjd in jacksonville.

    • Slick says:

      No NFL team will go to camp with a 6th round pick RB, who has never played a snap as their starter. just doesn’t happen. even for shanahan (master of the 6th round pick turned starter) always had other (usually veteran) options to go to camp with. I dont really understand why Raiders (besides that they are the Raiders) choosing broke down mcfadden or even MJD, but the idea is to have a veteran presence going to camp. That is how NFL works. this is not surprising at all. remember we are in fantasy land and see things through a certain lens, but for NFL, they need vet presence, someone who can block, someone who has done it before. they decided to go with mcfadden and MJD and i agree this is perfect situation for murray to have a shot. i do think this means they may not target a RB in a weak rookie class, which helps him more. (although they may add another young body late).

      • Coach says:

        i was talking about Jennings. everyone was high on him, but he couldn’t lace MJD’s boots up in Jacksonville. MJD will be better for oakland than jennings was.

  3. phantasy5 says:

    That’s how confident the Raiders are about DMC, they go out and sign another veteran RB. If it was me, I would’ve let DMC walk, kept Jennings and then signed MJD as your second veteran in camp, thus making a solid 3 backs for 2014. They gave MJD a 3 yr. deal so I don’t think he’s going anywhere. Let’s face it, in order to stay on the field in the NFL you need to be good in pass protection and maybe they feel Murray isn’t there yet?

    • bigefat says:

      You can NEVER SAY “he signed a 3 yr. Deal so he’s not going anywhere”!?
      How many players get cut every year that are on some length of contract?
      Does DeSean Jackson ring a bell?
      Schaub and Sanchez were also on long contracts at were cut among others!

      I hope Murray does get a shot! Plus, I can see that the Raiders may actually be doing something intelligent here by bringing in a Veteran who was (at one point) on the field long enough to actually potentially teach Murray some of the skills required to play the position productively!

  4. Scott O says:

    MJD had to adjust to a zone blocking last year which resulted in his poor season. If healthy, MJD will take the bulk of the carries this year and thrive in a power blocking offense. http://fantasyfootballevilempire.blogspot.com

  5. Mike says:

    So many people claim they’re not bandwagon jumpers, yet…I’ve been seeing a lot of “They are the Raiders” quotes concerning personnel moves and other strategy. This is a different regime than the Al Davis era. But people seem too ignorant to realize this. Because some incompetent writer on Yahoo or Espn started the “After all these are the Raiders” quotes, everybody is piling on. I see it everywhere. Writers and fans alike. I’ve heard it on TV. I’ve read it in quote above in the comments. Hypocritical sheep.

    • Big B says:

      Mike, honestly this sounds like a Raiders jersey owner. Have you seen what they’ve done over and over? Really McFadden was so good for you that you needed to resign him? He has had a good 8 game run in however many years. The draft choices from Gallery>Russell>McFadden>Hayden, they just continually get in their own way. As the article states they have signed patchwork vets MJD being the best but DMC, Jones, for what reason to compete for 3rd in the division and be in the same spot in 3 years……Raiders.

      • phantasy5 says:

        I concur with you Big B! I really don’t mean to sound like I’m bashing the Raiders all the time but the proof is in the pudding on this one. I guess Mike don’t say anything when they blast other bad franchises like the Browns, Jags, Jets….should I go on? Listen, I’m right there with you dude, my team just released their best receiver in franchise history, I’m so used to it by now. Roll with it, you have NO CONTROL!

    • alden says:

      Mike,I thought that the current GM did a great job of getting out of the salary cap hell they were in a few years ago, caused by the last coach bringing in QB Palmer and over paying for him just to save the coaches job.

      But I do have some questions on why they are going after older players on the market, They had a good draft last year, it seems like they are going back into the mess they just got out of. It just leaves a lot of questions into why they are going into this direction.

  6. Matt says:

    Any thoughts on Jordan Todman’s chances of earning the starting gig in Jacksonville over Gerhart?

  7. eNdblu says:

    MJD Contract Details:
    Maurice Jones-Drew three-yr. Raiders deal: $7.5M, $1.2M guaranteed 2014 roster bonus, salaries $1.2M, $2.4M, $2.4M annual $100K workout bon.

    Not a whole heck of a lot is guaranteed… Looks like it could be a 1 and done type contract.

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