9 Responses to “Marinas, Marino and Moreno”

  1. thrawnfett says:

    How does this affect Mike Gillislee? Is he essentially droppable in most formats now?

    • Jeff Haverlack says:

      Gillislee has always been a very deep sleeper and probably waiver wire material. This only solidifies his status as that. He can be dropped

  2. swduke says:

    I keep reading that Anderson is pushing Ball. Is that just a smokescreen from Denver coaches or is there a chance he could get a lot more touches than most people think right now.

    • SJ says:

      It basically comes down to Ball – if he produces at a high level and doesnt make a lot of mistakes or fumbles, he’ll be the leader in every capacity in that backfield, for sure.

      However, if something were to happen to Ball’s production, I could definitely see Anderson taking away snaps. Every team needs a good backup, and if DEN determines Anderson is good enough, then he should be added to your roster as a handcuff where you can. Ball needs to be ready, which everyone thinks he will. But always good to handcuff your studs in a highly productive offense, that may not skip too much of a beat with a substitution.

  3. Jeff says:

    How will this affect Tannehill? Moreno is a good blocker and can probably give him better protection than Miller. Moreno also has good hands for catching the ball so I figure this is a good move in helping Tannehill at least in the short term with a great safety valve option.

    • Solidgone says:

      If the O-line improves along with Moreno as a competent 3rd down back Tannehill will see great improvement in his 3rd year. Don’t forget he is no longer going to be held back by MIke Sherman’s play calling either.

  4. Andrew says:

    As much as I would hate to be a part of ownership of any dolphin player, is lamar miller worth trying to acquire for depth and upside? What kind of value does he currently hold

  5. bryan says:

    was waiting for this move ,, my team is good at rb,, i have all the denver backs,, all the 49er backs,,andrea ellington and taylor,, chris johnson and shaune greene,, moreno became the piece to sign elsewhere to help become trade bait.

    was offered (about two minutes after the signing),, my choice of t.y. hilton or julian edleman for moreno,,, i think either is a fair offer,, any thoughts?

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