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  1. Buck masters says:

    This guy is hoping the jets roll with Chris ivory at rb this yr. put a couple good Wrs n the team and maybe he can have some space to run. IF he can keep from getting nicked up, he could be a good bounce back candidate. If they sign Jackson, they’ll prob draft an rb. I know im in the minority, but i actually think ivory will outplay his draft position and have some decent value during the upcoming season

  2. phantasy5 says:

    As a Geno owner in a league where you keep 17 only, I don’t have the luxury of waiting for Geno to develope behind Vick. For me he was going to be a wait and see what happens guy but I believe the writing is on the wall. There’s no way on God’s Gang Green earth that Smith beats out Vick in a competition, IMO! I think Decker owners can breath just a little bit easier right now with the addition of Vick. If DeSean ends up in NY they could be on there way back to a respectable offense. There’s alot of ifs coupled with that statement. As an Eagles fan I don’t want DJax going anywhere, but he must have done something really wrong for them to be shopping or worse releasing him, it doesn’t make sense! If they release him and get nothing for him, that would suck, and I hope he ends up with the Raiders! Spoken like a true Philadelphian, and proud of it!

  3. Matt says:

    Why is everyone so sure Vick has the upper hand here? Everything the Jets have said is that this will be a true open competition…and frankly they are pulling for Geno to win.

    Vick has just 2 seasons over 3,000 yards passing in his entire career. He’s played a full 16 games just once his entire career.

    FWIW, Geno played 16 games and tossed for 3,000 yards his first year.

    He also won 3 of his last 4 games, posted a qb rating of 82 and about 200 yards rushing with 3 tds during that span.

    • phantasy5 says:

      If the Jets are so high on Geno, why are they bringing anyone else in to compete with him? Maybe b/c they need to win now due to Coach & Front Office being on the hot seat?
      They just don’t have time to wait. I’m not saying Vick is the answer, just gives them a better chance at winning now given their situation. Vick has the experience needed to win games, not championships!

      • Matt says:

        The Jets priority is making moves that improve the football team. They released Sanchez who was gonna cost 10 mill and brought in a better player for half that.

        Seattle had Wilson compete. Philly had Foles compete. Jets are gonna have Geno compete.

        Not comparing the players but it’s what’s happening in today’s NFL.

  4. spon says:

    I’ve watched every snap Vick had as an Eagle and he’s just not that good. The athleticism and arm strength are still there but he just can’t make reads quick enough to move the O unless it’s a big play. I doubt he makes it through the year.

    • phantasy5 says:

      I agree with that, he’s injury prone and turnover prone, that’s a given! He still won the job last season and lost it to injury. He didn’t get it back b/c Foles was just flat out better and he wasn’t completely healthy enough to take the field. At 33 he still can win in this league.

  5. Cy23 says:

    I think they would be extremely short sighted to give up on Geno Smith this early. Worst case, groom him and have Vick start in 2014. If Vick gets injured, trot Geno out and see what he can do– then develop him as the starter for 2015 on.

    Best case, he holds his own and beats Vick in training camp.

  6. meineymoe says:

    not sure why everyone is sounding the alarm. I think this is great news for Geno Smith. I think it takes the pressure off and allows him to grow into his professional role, rather than being forced to perform now when he’s not ready to take the reins.

    This is only bad news for Geno Smith in redraft leagues – I think that’s pretty short sighted for considering his NFL and dynasty ff future.

    Too many young QBs who have been forced to the fore — like Gabbert, etc — when they would have benefited from a season or three of tutoring, have failed.

    I think, in dynasty, Geno Smith is a buy now if his value is really as low as some of the reaction I’ve seen so far. A bit too reactionary if you ask me.


    • phantasy5 says:

      For fantasy I agree with your take of young QB’s and if you have the luxury to stash and wait, by all means do it. In reality teams need to win or turn around quickly, as owners are not as patient as they used to be. QB’s drafted in the recent past have been thrust into starting roles immediately and we’ve seen some fine results. Also with that we’ve seen bad QB play as well from guys that were drafted in mid to later rounds that don’t have the “IT” factor and possibly never will!

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