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  1. Eric Barrett says:

    With the lions signing a fullback this week. How do you breakdown the runningback situation going forward ???

    • SJ says:

      Just make sure you own J.Bell AND R.Bush and you’ll be set. One of, if not both, will be quality plays each week. It’s still likely Bush’s feature back role in DET, but everything is muddled now, so best to play it safe before more hype (or actual reports of more offensive involvement) get out.

    • phantasy5 says:

      I heard yesterday that they want to get both Bush & Bell on the field together alot more this season. Also not with Bush lined up as WR but actually in the backfield with Bell. If that’s true, you’d definitely want both backs.

    • Tom says:

      Their OC came from the Saints and he has been saying that he wants to use the backfield in a fashion similar to howe the Saints did. This likely means LeShoure and Riddick will steal touches/targets from Bush and Bell.

  2. Zach says:

    Is Jonathan Franklin still worth holding on too? Seems like way to crowded of backfield now with Stark and Harris behind Lacy

    • SJ says:

      I’d still hold onto him. Franklins a better talent than Starks and both Lacy and Starks are injury risks, so he should have value at some point this year. When that happens you can just trade him if you like.

      The best thing going for Franklin is that hes a good play when on the field. Unfortunately that’ll be few and far between till either next year or later.

  3. SJ says:

    Pretty sad to think people found money in J.Cotchery in the form of possible WR3 production, as he’s by far the leading candidate for receptions/TDs/yards at CAR’s wide receivers.

    I was just about to drop the guy in a few weeks to prepare for our dynasty rookie/FA draft, but now he could be a decent bye week guy in a deep-rostered, few starting-caliber receiver available league.

    Cotchery’s always been a favorite of positive matrix on PFF, so he’s not terrible, but this CAR receiver situation is just bizarre. Someone will need to catch Cam’s passes there this year.

    • phantasy5 says:

      They’re cap strapped big time with only 10 million to sign free agents as well as rookies. Don’t know how much got freed up by letting Smith, LaFell & Ginn walk but it couldn’t be much.

      • Tom says:

        I think they were allowed to leave because they were not very good, and the Panthers did not want to sink money into players who do not figure in their future plans.

        I’m also hopeful that this means they have confidence that their younger wideouts (T. KIng, M. McNutt) are ready to step up.

        • Robert says:

          Can’t imagine the Panthers not moving Stewart or Deangelo to open up some cap space to help the O-line or WR spots. I am holding DWill and Tolbert. Would like to see a move that could increase both their values.

          • cityslickers94 says:

            Carolina problem is too much dead money if they cut those guys. ironically they cut steve smith who was the one to keep of that crew. deangelo and stewart are more expensive to cut (cheaper to keep her – ff version)..

            gettleman needs to do something. if chip kelly is stupid enough to deal/cut desean, then he should figure out how to pair him with cam.

            as a desean owner, carolina would be my top choice for new digs…if it comes to that.

  4. Scott O says:

    Does Schaub being traded to the Raiders change your thoughts on Jones?


    • SJ says:

      Schaub is probably even worse news for Jones. If you watched anything of him last year, and parts of 2012, Schaub was completely outmatched and looks done as a quality QB in the league.

      Raiders just seem to make bad move after bad move, and reading that CLE was even interested in Schaub (causing the trade, and not his release outright), just confirms how some NFL franchises stay at the bottom – bad front offices that cant recognize when a players talent is gone.

  5. Chris in Chuck says:

    If DeSean Jackson ends up traded to Carolina, would his value suffer? Given the lack of quality receivers on Carolina’s roster I have to think he’d be a target monster.

  6. phantasy5 says:

    Listening to the pulse in Philly, I’ve heard differing sources reports. I heard this isn’t true, it’s a rumor! From former Eagles player on talk radio. I also heard they tried shopping him last year at the draft for a 2nd rounder and no one bit. So the theory is that he’s worth a 3rd rounder and they’re listening to offers. I heard that Chip Kelly isn’t pleased with the distraction and would like to deal him….and so on….
    As an Eagles fan, I don’t want him to go anywhere, even though I think he’s a punk and should put together more than 1 great season to prove he’s worth it then when his new contract is up ask for another!
    If he leaves, it will depend on where he goes to know how his value would be affected. In Carolina, not as good as in Philly! NE would’ve been nice but doubt that happens now. I’ve also heard SF but they’re up against the cap. Time will tell!

  7. Matt says:

    Come on Jets!!1 Sign Jackson to pair with Vick and Decker and swoop up Ebron in the 1st round along with Tre Mason or Sanky in Round 2!!

    • alden says:

      It would be a great fit to land WR Jackson to pair with Decker in N Y. Then ad some more weapons in the draft. Im not a jet fan but they are making some good moves in ( fantasy )free agency as of late. They need a legit WR to start along with Decker.

  8. ManuManu says:

    I think DJax is as good as gone. I thought it was a little fishy when they signed Cooper and then attempted to sign Maclin to a multi-year contract.

  9. Big b says:

    Regarding Pettigrew…..after trading for Hernandez a week before his debacle (literally) I acquired and claimed a wealth ot TE talent last year. Extremely deep 10 team PPR I just can’t have this many TE on roster, trades are scarce after TE1 & TE2 which I think I should keep. Who do you cut if I only want to keep 4? J Thomas, Pitta (locked)….Heath Miller, Gresham, Fauria, Toilolu……. Cut Miller and Gresham and hope for a gem in 1 of the other 2??? Thanks ahead

    • SkinnyElvis says:

      I would go for upside and cut Gresham/Miller like you stated

      • Jim says:

        I would cut Toilolo over Gresham easily if you’re looking for upside. Gresham won’t have much value this year because Cincy has so many weapons but he’s a FA in 2015 and will most likely be with a new team.

        • Big B says:

          Really, Gonzalez is gone, Ryan looked to him in the end zone towards the end of the season often, and unless drafted in round 1 or 2 he looks to be the starter. Gresham has been in the league for years and been so lackluster they drafted Charles and Eifert. Is he really talented enough to go somewhere else and be more than he currently is?

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