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  1. Coach says:

    well i had tate and foster last year… so now i have 2 starting running backs. thats a plus.

    now i need MJD to sign with the Jets and Moreno to sign somewhere that needs a solid back. (Miami?)

  2. buckmaster says:

    looking for opinions. i’ve been offered spiller, bernard pierce, and 1.08 for leveon bell and 2.12. should i pull the trigger?

    • Sensei John Kreese says:

      Im a Bills fan, and a HUGE Spiller fan/apologist

      Keep Bell.

      • Luke says:

        Bills fan, can you comment on a potential trade for me:

        I give: Eric Decker, Kendall Wright, 2014 3rd, 2015 2nd

        I get: Antonio Brown, Robert Woods, 2015 3rd

        • mitchy the kid says:

          i would not do that deal

          • Luke says:

            Sorry, forgot to mention I would get Dalton in the deal also. It’s a 2QB league so Dalton has some value. I have Brees and Manuel as well already.

            Isn’t Antonio the best WR in that trade tho with the highest ceiling?

            My other WRs are Marshall, Garçon, Cruz, and Hunter so I have some depth.

        • Sensei John Kreese says:

          Antonio Brown was the WR1 in my PPR/special teams league.

          If it were me, I would do this deal with very little hesitation, almost regardless of scoring. Antonio Brown is a rare talent IMO, while Eric Decker is a New York Jet.

          Call me what you will, but I actually value Wright more than I do Decker at this point.

        • phantasy5 says:

          I wouldn’t do that, it’s lop sided & not in your favor.

        • smudga55 says:

          I had to go back and re-read this post as I couldnt believe people were saying not to do it. If I’m reading this right you give decker, kendall right a 3 and a 2 and you get dalton, brown, woods and a 3 in a 2qb league???? ……if that’s it then snap his hand off quick as it’s a huge win. No doubt.

        • phantasy5 says:

          I didn’t realize you were getting Dalton? I like Dalton a tic better than Locker especially in a 2QB league. I don’t have a problem with Brown for Decker. I happen to like Wright better than Woods, so with the QB situation in both Ten. & Buf. it’s a wash. I guees it comes down to the picks for me? If you can squeeze him for a 1st go for it, if not do it anyway based on getting the QB too.

          • Luke says:

            He rejected the Dalton offer.

            I offered Decker for Locker, Woods, and 2015 1st.

            Feel like that’s a good return since QBs are tough to get in 2QB. Even a middling QB like Locker.

        • phantasy5 says:

          That sounds like a steal, good luck with landing it!

    • Jon says:

      I’d do that deal. Absolutely. Spiller, Pierce And the 1.08 fro Bell and the 24th pick is a nice deal imo. I’m not a L.Bell fan though as I have my doubts about him. Always have. He depends on volume to produce and I don’t think he’ll be able to handle that volume over the long haul. Just my opinion though. I know a lot of people like him. I just don’t see him as anything overly special and think he could be replaced by a better talent in a year or two. I’m also not a huge fan of Spiller as he burned me big time last year – but I’d say if healthy, he is the most valuable piece in this deal. To get the 1.08 along with Pierce (Rice’s eventual replacement) is bonus.

    • buckmasters says:

      thanks for input….still 50/50. i’m leaning towards taking the trade….hoping spiller bounces back and has a fully healthy year, giving him stats not far from bell, pierce taking over for rice, and a 1.08 would be the kicker….

    • phantasy5 says:

      With Kubiak now as Ravens OC and Rice on shaky ground it looks to be a golden opportunity for Pierce to be RB1? I think Spiller bounce back, provided he stays healthy so yes I’d do that deal! I like Bell alot but what your getting for him is value.

  3. Luke says:

    I would keep Leveon Bell and not make that trade.

  4. Robert says:

    No mention of Dion Lewis? I think he will be the other back with some value in CLE. The organization is still high on him, and he possesses a different skill set from Tate. I still think he will get passing down and COP work in CLE and carve out a decent niche.

  5. ScoobyDoo says:

    Now that he is finally a starter, what is his trade value? Would you deal him for a mid-first this year?

  6. Sultan of Swat says:

    His trade value is . . . if you have him don’t trade him.

  7. Ben Tate says:

    I’ve been offered the

    1.11 and a 2015 swap of 1sts and 2nds

    for Tate.

    The offer came as soon as he signed with CLE. It is a PPR, 3 QB league and I’m very tempted, as it would give me 3 First Rounders this year and I see the next two drafts as loaded with OFF talent.

    • kpowell1962 says:

      I struggle with this. For those of us who stashed Tate on our rosters for a couple years, we want to follow it thru. But do we have faith that Cleveland has a clue what they are doing…..probably not.

      • phantasy5 says:

        There it is right there! We wait for these guys to get their opportunity and they go to a franchise like the Browns and we’re left with the question of will he make it? Gotta love fantasy! I say hold him and give him a shot, Cleveland is looking like a better place to be now adays. Here’s a question, does Pettine like to run the ball???

      • smcguiga says:

        Hard to trust him to stay healthy he runs too high and is not elusive enough to avoid the big hits…i took opportunity to move him for tanny and a early second which I think was pretty nice value considering it is a 16 team league so tanny pretty valuable there. He is a talented kid bit the injuries are way to much and too wide spread to ignore. The chances of him playing a full season are virtually zero

    • phantasy5 says:

      Tough to answer when we don’t know what else you got? Aside from that I say no, hold on and see what he does. You already have 2 picks in the first round! Are you in a win now mode or are you building?

  8. phantasy5 says:

    I don’t own Tate or any of the backs mentioned but I’ll be trying to trade for Tate or Foster in 1 league in particular. I’m coming off a winning season an was able to snatch a title probably before I should’ve. We will be redrafting in 2016 so I’m going for broke before then and trying to win again. I was one of the most active owners in the league and will continue that because it worked. I like Tate with his opportunity and if Foster comes back healthy I like him for at least 1-2 more seasons which is perfect. I have my young players too that will be keepers(5)in 2016 so I’m going for it.

  9. [email protected] says:

    I would target RBs other than Foster and Tate. Both have proven they can’t stay healthy for a full season. You may have to give up more, for a more dependable back, but it’s worth it.

    It does you no good to have a great back on paper sitting on your bench in the playoff stretch and in the playoffs.

  10. FFU says:

    Tate will be an RB1 if he stays healthy, which I believe he can do. I biased though as well as I’ve been holding him for three years now in two dynasty leagues. Go Tate, bring home my fourth win in four years!!

    • smcguiga says:

      Rb1? Maybe but a very very long shot…..RB2 more than likely when healthly which will be for like preseason.

  11. SJ says:

    I cant see B.Tate breaking the Top 15 at RB this year, even with Shanahan at OC. He’s always been a bit of a letdown when I’d spot start him throughout the years, so I’ve come away with thinking that Tate is not as dynamic a back to really push for upper-tier fantasy points.

    That said – Tate’s a pretty good RB3 if you have him, but I wouldn’t necessarily go chasing after him, or expect higher than RB2 numbers this or maybe even next year. Bad offense, and its possible Tate may be dependent on volume. Given his injuries, that may not be such a great thing.

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