10 Responses to “One Trick Pony”

  1. Bill says:

    I don’t think this signing does anything to change Hilton’s value, but I also think his value is already super-inflated for such a boom or bust guy. TY needs to show some level of consistency before I would consider him a breakout player. Too many flops he had last year and the fact that he is so overrated by so many owners as I doubt I will ever own him.

    • Ryan Krcil says:

      I think Hilton gets this “boom or bust” tag way too early considering he has only 2 years under his belt. There are multiple examples of WRs who were boom/bust and then became WR1s. Vincent Jackson is probably the best example.

  2. Ryan says:

    This was a great signing by the Colts, at worst, Nicks busts and the offense is the same as last year or better with the “addition” of Wayne (which was good enough to make the playoffs) . . . at best, they get a year of a potentially great nfl wr and the ability to lock him up long term before free agency next year.

    Roger’s value has been inflated a bit according to adp, so this probably will have an affect on his value there and he will probably drop back into that 150ish range

  3. kcDemonSlayer says:

    I wish the Colts would have signed Decker. Nicks is the next best thing I think and he brings length and athleticism to a WR corp that seriously lacks it. Everyone wanted to bag on Nicks last year but the entire Giants team looked like garbage. What were Cruz’s numbers? Randle had about 3 good games and 13 disappointing games yet is a “breakout candidate”. Jernigans was great down the stretch last year…….in the slot…..where Victor Cruz plays and will also play next year. Eli looks panicked in the pocket and the O-Line was atrocious and all retired this year because of it. I think Nicks can still contribute and a change of scenery will probably do him good.

  4. Pete says:

    More like one-trick phony.

    Hilton, Rogers, Allen > Nicks

  5. Bennie Blades says:

    I admit I do not know Indys cap situation or how much guaranteed money is included here. However, this seems like a no lose situation with zero risk. If you get a healthy Nicks for 12 games everything is great and the offense is stronger and you’ve got some more flexibility with T.Y. If he fails due to injury or lack of production, the team eats a few dollars and he stands on the sideline. Mr. Luck will be fine regardless.

  6. phantasy5 says:

    Yes, Decker would have been a better fit here by far but, what do we know? I really can’t stand guys like Nicks (Bowe comes to mind) that have a boat load of talent and the worst attitude, coupled with the injury bug! For the Colts it’s not terrible b/c he’s got a 1 yr. prove deal laiden with incentives, which better be enough to motivate him? If it works out he could take Wayne’s place and have Rodgers step up next season, if not they move on. I would love to see them use the TE more in this offense so we can find out which TE is the bread winner? Lastly, I’m happy Randle will be getting his shot to prove himself. Guys, don’t forget NYG have a new OC this season, no more Gilbride, no more stupid play action that fools nobody! They’ll be running a West Coast style offense which I’m not a fan of but a change was needed in order to get better. I see Cruz playing on the outside with Randle and Jernigan in the slot? This team has more holes than a golf course!

  7. Sultan of Swat says:


    A bit off topic but … How does the Carolina Panthers’ loss of their top 4 WR’s with no replacements to this point in free agency impact the value of Greg Olsen? Cam Newton?

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