11 Responses to “Instant Analysis: Darren Sproles traded to the Eagles”

  1. Doggie says:

    Let’s be real. I don’t see how this doesn’t affect McCoy. If anything, I can easily envision him losing some 3rd down action to Sproles. Those checkdown passes are especially valuable in my 1 PPR league

    • Nah says:

      He’ll lose some receptions and some rushes here and there but this was going to happen anyway as they spell him more and more. Instead of Polk or Brown, it will just be Sproles now.

      It really doesn’t affect his value – McCoy will still get his requisite 2-3 catches a game, the vast majority of carries, and goal-line work.

      • cityslickers94 says:

        and likely help with his durability.

        the immediate reaction for all shady owners would be…why??!!
        but once u take a deep breath, you realize its all good.

        shady will get his and this may help him stay on field long term even more. which is what we should be thinking about in dynasty.

        thank you Jeff Beran and DLF for the instant reality check.
        that’s why we follow DLF!

  2. Cy23 says:

    I’m really having trouble figuring out how to value Sproles now. I have to choose 2 between him, Rashad Jennings and Jonathan Stewart… all have the chance to produce but are risky and old(er).

    • phantasy5 says:

      IMO Sproles & Jennings Cy! How many more seasons are folks going to be disappointed with J-Stew? I wouldn’t trust any RB’s in Carolina right now.

  3. phantasy5 says:

    As an Eagles Phan I’m loving it right about now! As a dynasty owner I’m trying to buy, buy, buy where I can. I think McCoy owners should relax! Shady is the “focal” point of this offense and that ain’t changing, trust me. He is still young and the Birds want to make sure he’s around for awhile, and what a better way than to bring in Sproles. Obviously Brown & Polk are nice players but they’re not dynamic like Sproles. Also Sproles adds another dimension to special teams which has been a constant Achiles heel for them. If your league awards points for return yards this guy is gold.
    In Chip We Trust…..Go Birds!

  4. bigefat says:

    I think the guy who WILL be most affected is DeSean Jackson. I think they are easily tired enough of him to basically put Sproles in the slot and put Maclin and Cooper on the outside! If Maclin can stay healthy he’s obviously not nearly as much headache as Jackson and I could really never see any reason to give Cooper a 5 year deal without some idea on how to rid themselves of Jackson!
    Either way this offense is going to light up scoreboards!

    • SJ says:

      Thats funny – I actually thought the same thing. That DJax may be the one who is most affected, not McCoy, because DJax may now lose targets in the short game to Sproles when they place him out-wide, or in the slot. But not sure, maybe thats just reading too much into it, and that DJax will be fine.

  5. Cconnally3 says:

    Any Shady owners that are worried about his value dropping after the Eagles got Sproles should come and see me so I can take him off of your hands.

  6. SJ says:

    I wonder if this is just the Eagles (GM – Roseman) making up for lost time?

    Roseman targeted Sproles when he was leaving SD as a FA those years back, but missed out to NO. Now it looks like he’s making up for that missed opportunity. So I wonder if getting Sproles still makes sense. McCoy’s already had multiple breakout years, and Sproles is never a “lead-back”, so its not like your using him as the PHI RB1 if something ever happened to McCoy long term. You would still need to pair Sproles with a B.Brown/Polk in the backfield.

    I think Roseman/PHI front office, is targeting a player they think is still incredibly dynamic. I guess some question if Sproles still is, but I’d guess they use him as just a gadget guy out of the backfield, rather than a true RB. Basically like NO did.

    But the question is – does Sproles have enough to still be dynamic, or is he close to done? He is getting up there in age (31). Not sure I’m really excited with what Sproles is capable of anymore. This just seems like a transaction that wont lead to much in Philly. McCoy owners shouldnt worry at all, either.

    • phantasy5 says:

      Don’t forget he is a return guy as well, which is an area in much need for Philly! And you’re correct about Sproles not being a lead back, God forbid something happens to Shady. I don’t think he’s ever been used in that capacity no matter where he’s been. Having said that, I don’t believe he has quite the wear & tear on him as lead backs do at age 30+, so having him in on special packages & occasional 3rd downs to spell Shady is how they veiw him IMO.

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