5 Responses to “Instant Analysis: John Carlson Signs with Arizona”

  1. phantasy5 says:

    Wooohooo! This is going to be fun, I’ll be plugged in to DLF daily for updates and analysis. I’m actively pursuing Rudolph who will be the next Cameron IMO. So far no luck but I’ll keep trying, love his upside under Norv!

    • Kal says:

      I was able to get Rudolph for Da’Rick Rogers straight up shortly after Norv moved to Minnesota. Just to give you a reference value

  2. bigefat0409 says:

    Got Rudolph in one league, trying in another, start-up in June lets just say I’m watching Rudolph!
    I think he will be BETTER than Cameron. New QBs need a safety valve!

  3. Cammackkiller says:

    I think I can get Rudolph for the 1.8 in my 14 team .25ppr league. I have VD, Bostick and Kelce. Should I do it?

  4. Buffalo73 says:

    You have VD… sorry to here that. They can treat that though. :) but seriously with vernon and 2 young guys I would hold onto your 1.08, you could land Ebron with that pick depending on your needs.

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