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  1. shawn says:

    in a one keeper plus Up to five rookie keepers league I have an amazing choice of rookies but am not set on exactly what 5 too keep, here are my rookies.

    Cordarrele Patterson
    Latavius Murray

    These players are only good to me for one year as I probably won’t use any of them as my #1 keeper next season so immediate impact is key. Thanks.

  2. Bobo says:

    The only thing I don’t understand is regarding the first question…how is being selected RB21 “disrespectful” to Ellington. RB21 is a low-end RB2 with upside-type of pick and I have a hard time valuing Ellington as more than that. I like Ellington a lot and I agree with the analysis that he could give solid RB2 numbers, but his ADP has him as a middle-low RB2 already…just seems petty to call it “disrespectful.”

    • sixshooter says:

      I believe the “disrespectful” comment is related to guy like Trent Richardson, Christine Michael or even Shane Vereen being ranked higher than him which I totally agree with! No way I would take any of those guys ahead of Ellington! Definitely a lack of respect in my opinion!

      • Crowley says:

        Ellington is a low end RB3 with a little bit of upside from there IMO. Michael, Richardson and Vereen should always be taken ahead of Ellington because they have RB1 upside. Ellington is just another flash in the pan who owners are going to be really excited about (for a while), hang onto him for WAAAYYY too long and miss out on grabbing a mid to late first round pick for a guy you drafted in either the 3rd or 4th round of your rookie drafts last year. He’s a sell high guy if I’ve ever seen one. Plus, every bit of offseason news about Arians annointing him as the “primary back” only escalates his value further. We all know he isn’t capabale of shouldering a full load in the NFL, lets not pretend like he is.

        • Mark says:

          “We all know he isn’t capabale of shouldering a full load in the NFL”

          Ellington is 5’9 and now 210. Gio Benard is 5’8 207. Jamaal Charles weighs 200. Shane Vereen 5’10 205.

          And Like I mentioned in the weekly events article:
          2009 – 14 Games Played
          2010 – 9 Games Played
          2011 – 13 Games Played
          2012 – 13 Games Played

          NFL: (pulled hammy at NFL Combine)
          2013 – 15 Games Played

          I’m not saying he can handle a lot of work but I don’t really think we can say anything with much certainty at this point. I don’t know what evidence there is to support your claims.

          • Dave says:

            His ability to get nicked up in college is why I grabbed Taylor late in the year for this season. I still believe Taylor is the better all around RB there, just not as flashy.

    • Eric Hardter says:

      As I mentioned, it’s relative to some/many of the players who are being selected ahead of him. I think too many people view his numbers as unrepeatable, or suggest he’ll break down with a heavier workload. Having essentially written an article on the guy, I don’t really see it that way.

      Of the guys I listed I’d want him over all but Vereen, and even Vereen gets a pass mostly due to the offense he’s on (he’s proven arguably less in three years than Ellington has in one). Even moving him up from the RB21 to the RB17 is a 19% increase in relative value, even if the change is only from low-end RB2 to mid-range RB2. Personally I have him as my PPR RB15. I wasn’t intending to sound disrespectful, but I absolutely was injecting my bias and beliefs into the answer.

      • Bobo says:

        I can appreciate an articulate response like this and I like that you can admit that you injected your bias. I guess I just feel that his current ADP is totally respectful to AE. But I do see your point of other guys being drafted ahead of him, but we get that every year.

  3. Hell Atlantic says:

    Vereen showed more low end RB1 numbers than AE did in PPR leagues. In my league he averaged roughly 17 pts a game in the games he played. If Pats don’t retain Amendola which is sounding likely most of those short targets will likely go to Vereen.

    • Slick says:

      For all of those owners who are sold on Vereen, just remember who his coach is. Vereen is certainly talented, but he is hit or miss in ff due to his coach. I am speaking of the man who is loyal to no one…and certainly in ff. If you are banking on a player in ff, and especially dynasty, lil bill is not exactly the kind of coach you want to trust. His track record is predictably unpredictable and just when you think he will do something, he changes it. Look, I like(d) Vereen too but I traded him for Ellington, not just because I am a believer in his talent, but I feel like he has a better chance at sustained success. In today’s game, his size is no longer an issue. There are numerous “smaller” backs who are explosive and durable. I say Ellington has more upside. Lil bill can go in a number of directions that affect Vereen directly…he can 1) go back to ridley, 2) go back to blount 3) draft or sign a FA TE and go back to 2 TE sets 4) draft or develop a legit deep threat WR 5) something we have not conceived that does not involve Vereen receiving enough touches. Bottom line…Vereen is used as a boom or bust player. He can score 20 or 2 pts due to usage. If your team can withstand that, go for it. I prefer more consistency, which is why I made the deal. Not to mention I have 99 reasons why Ellington can become 2014’s breakout star…

      • BAMNation says:

        The issue here is how will Vereen be used?

        Woodhead had success in the BB system and Vereen has more talent. The upside is the Patriots have had no consistent WRs and TEs to throw too and this upcoming season looks to be no different w Gronk recovering from ACL and may not start the year. The WRs are who we think they are even if they keep Edleman (no not really bye-bye)

        So who does Brady trust and no longer has a cast on his hand? Vereen.

        The issue here is will the opposing defense key in on Vereen and shut him down like the Broncos did in the playoffs? Jets used to be able to do that , but Bills and Phins? Doubt it.

        The argument ‘Ellington has more upside. Lil bill can go in a number of directions that affect Vereen directly…’ may be true, but then you are trusting Arians to give the ball to Ellington consistently which has not been proven yet.

        At this point, I view both as a RB2 with upside to RB1 but at worst a flex play. Pats, Zona, Phins are teams where I prefer to stay away from the RBs anyway

        • Slick says:

          I hear ya and you make valid points all the way around. It is early March and all we can do is speculate (what else is there to do until….FA begins in a week!)

          Lil Bill will tip his hand in coming months (FA/Draft) and we can react to that. I tried to outline his history as a means of saying there is alot of risk trusting him as coach. Notice, I didn’t even bring up Vereen’s injury history, which is also a factor.

          Not saying Ellington and his situation is a slam dunk (if it was, we wouldn’t be discussing this) but I do view him as the better option.

          I have to say I was convinced by the article Eric Harder wrote in late December and decided to do my hw and make the deal.

          Both guys are great prospects, especially for RB3, with low RB1 ceilings if used correctly and healthy.

      • alden says:

        Good point, Vereen will always be a situational player in New England. If the Hernandez situation didn’t come up, Vereens numbers would be way down last year. As a team New England needs a player like Hernandez witch is a bigger version of Vereen and can do more things because of his size and is more of a multi position threat than Vereen.

  4. Buck masters says:

    What do you all think of giving up Foles and Andre holmes for Bradford and either Hopkins (not certain Id gt him) or Reuben randle? I still have romo as qb1. Wrs would be dez, Jeffry, Crabtree, Blackmon, hunter and either Hopkins or randle. Love to be deep at wr and would be set for years.

    • BigD says:

      hey i’m a cowboy fan, thus the name BigD…..but I would try to move romo instead of foles because of the age and wear/tear factor with room. and if you choose to move either room or foles you need to get a hell of a lot more then Hopkins, randle, or Bradford. Hopkins and randle are #2wrs….Bradford is a backup qb, if room is part of a deal it would have to be for a #1 wr or rb…..think that one thru before you trade. if you let foles go, theres no sure thing that room can go 16 after 2 back surgeries?????????? don’t do it is the best info I can give you.

      • BigD says:

        my damn spell check cancelled Romo and put room instead….sorry about the confusion.

        • Buck says:

          Thanks for input bigd. I’m seeing the err in my ways as i look it over some more Although I love Hopkins and thik he isa stud in he future, I’m gonna hold off. Ivealwys been a Bradford fan and think he as a it season ahead.

  5. Kyle says:

    Team 1 will give
    Morris, Alfred WAS RB
    Nelson, Jordy GBP WR
    Year 2014 Draft Pick 2.08
    To Team 2 my team for
    Bernard, Giovani CIN RB
    Boykin, Jarrett GBP WR
    Year 2014 Draft Pick 4.04

    I have
    Gio, Lacey, Vereen and Martin
    Wr are lacking Have
    Boykin, Cruz, Marlon Brown, Hartline, MccCluster, Malcom Floyd
    Start 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, k, d 2 flex…what do u think about this trade offer

    • joeroads says:

      So Kyle, you have a shot at getting a starting RB (Alfred Morris) for Gio (committees. RB) & a top 10 WR (Jordy Nelson) for an unproven Jarrett Boykin and a1nd Rd draft pick for a 4th Rd pick? Is this really a possibility? Unless I am mistaken, I’d say you’re crazy not to make this deal happen yesterday!

  6. Kyle Stein says:

    Just wanted to update you…not making the deal.

    • jspaul_44 says:

      Just wondering why you arnt making the deal? You’d be getting a better RB, a better WR, and a better draft pick…I agree with Joe it seems like a nobrainer to me. If it’s ppr the receptions you lose from Gio would be made up by swapping Jordy for Boykin as well as the increased yardage pts by Morris and Jordy

  7. Chris in Chuck says:

    Now it appears the Cardinals won’t get Branden Albert but will get a tackle from Oakland — Veldheer.

    I’m hopeful that a better line will keep the statue (Carson Palmer) upright for a tick longer and balance the offense so Andre Ellington gets space to operate.

    And Branden Albert appears headed to the Dolphins to improve the basket case offensive line Miami fielded after the Jonathan Martin situation unfolded.

    Here’s hoping Lamar Miller gets on track for me in addition to Ellington.

  8. vent says:

    Last year was a rebuilding year for me in my 12 team 1/2 a point ppr league. I was able to trade off players like calvin Johnson and lynch for first rounder’s and get quality rookies ( Gio Bernard, Montee Ball, Ellington, Hopkins, Alshon Jeffery, Keenan Allen etc.) in return . we start two rb 3 wrs 1 te and a flex on offense. my best defensive players are JJ Watt , Cushing, Laurinaitis , Reshad Jones. Should I draft need over best available! I have 9 of the first 32 picks with four in the first round 1.02,1.06,1.10,1.11 help!

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