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  1. market maker says:

    I know Karlos Williams is new to the position, but I see a runner who’s too upright and can’t get low. Looks like DeMarco Murray out there. Can this be taught? Or am I seeing something different than you two?

    Great Piece!

    • Ryan McDowell says:

      I like what I’ve seen from Williams, but he’s not a perfect prospect and I assume with the position switch he still has a lot to learn. I don’t mean that in a bad way, only that he is still relatively new to the position.

      I feel like he’s been over drafted in many of the devy drafts and mocks I’ve seen. With that being said, he could be a value next year thanks to the stacked RB group.

      • scottfish says:

        I’m with Ryan. I don’t love Williams, but he has nice upside and was new to RB. The question marks he has… The guys I have below him all have question marks of different varieties as well.

  2. Justin says:

    Probably just an oversight, but why is RB Mike Davis #13 on Ryan’s overall list, but doesn’t make his top 10 RB list?
    That being said, I’m surprised watching his tape that Mike Davis isn’t a more consensus top 6 devy prospect. Solid build, good speed for size, intelligent, and the hands to be the increasingly rare and valuable 3-down PPR stud. Thoughts?

  3. DJB says:

    Love this stuff! Keep it coming!

  4. Shawn says:

    Any opinions on how the 2014 draft group compares to the potential 2015 group? I’m thinking I defer on a rb in 2014 and pick one from what seems to be a deeper 2015 class. Thoughts?

    • Shawn says:

      I’m talking about the running back groups specifically

    • Ryan McDowell says:

      I don’t think it’s all that close. There may be four or five 2015 RBs I’d take over any of this year’s guys. The strength of this year’s class is the depth at WR, along with a couple of high end TEs, so I would just take the BPA.

      • scottfish says:

        I completely agree with Ryan. Prior to this year’s crop declaring… I think Watkins was 3rd or 4th on my ranks and then the next 2014 guy didn’t crack the top 10. Next year’s class has some great running backs if they all declare, so I understand wanting to defer.

        I think Ryan is dead on. Take the best player available and I’m willing to bet it won’t be a running back anyway.

  5. Rob Leath says:

    I love the fact that these leagues are becoming more popular. It is really a cool aspect of the fantasy game.

    I’m big on Treadwell as well. I feel he will really emerge this year, especially with Montcrief out of the picture.

    I am a huge fan of this freshman RB class. I feel it will be comparable to the rising junior class. I feel the Sony Michel/Nick Chubb situation will turn into another Keith Marshall/Todd Gurley story. Michel arrives as the more heralded recruit; Chubb becomes the better player.

    Not huge on the freshman receivers outside of Dupre/Malone/Lane. I feel the second tier will emerge as better talents, similar to Tyler Boyd last year. I am keeping an eye on guys like Ishmael Zamora and Saeed Blacknall.

    • Ryan McDowell says:

      Thanks for the knowledge Rob!

    • what2doeh says:

      Blacknall was at a LSU camp this summer where it was strongly believed he would commit. After camping with Speedy, Dupre and Trey Quinn (all Louisiana prospects rumored to be strong leans to LSU) he decided to refocus his attention to other schools. He didn’t feel comfortable about where he’d be in the pecking order. A lot can change in 3/4 years though…

  6. Shaun B. says:

    Great article guys, loved reading it.

    I think Funchess now being strictly a WR (and presumably entering the NFL eventually as a WR) changes everything. To me, now allowed to play at his natural weight between 225-235 rather than packing on bad weight just to hit an “acceptable” weight as a TE, he’ll be the cleanest comp to Alshon Jeffery we’ve seen since he came out (I know it hasn’t been long), if he really runs in that 4.5-4.6 range. He’s smooth, and if he can get his concentration drops under control, he’ll once again be known for his great hands. He’s an even more imposing presence at WR than he was as a threat down the seam at TE, and has also shown serious prowess gaining YAC on reception within 5 yards of the LOS. Pretty well-rounded skill-set.

    I think he goes from being my #1 devy TE to about my #4-5 devy WR with this permanent position change and all it entails/implies, with upside to go higher given his ideal size.

    What do you think?

    • MarkinMI says:

      With Michigan’s heir apparent at TE Jake Butt tearing his ACL last month I’m guessing Funchess will move back to TE but I’m not sure how much that will impact him in the NFL. He’s a pretty bad blocker and I’m not sure he’ll get a shot at TE it kinda reminds me of Colston actually. IMO, Funchess’ NFL fantasy value will depend on him being a TE. He has elite burst and quickness for a TE but he’s fairly average if he’s primarily a WR.

      Butt was the 4th ranked TE in his class coming out of HS and played so well down the stretch that Michigan was able to move Funchess to WR. Funchess will play all over the place this year because Michigan is very inexperienced on the outside and hes their best weapon in the passing game.

      Here’s a link to an Detroit Free Press article on the Butt/Funchess situation http://www.freep.com/article/20140213/SPORTS06/302130069/michigan-football-jake-butt-injury-acl

      • Shaun B. says:

        You’re more in the loop with Michigan news than I am, but everything I’ve seen/read says he’s now a WR, regardless of Butt’s injury, and this is stuff that has come out recently, after the injury.

        I just can’t shake the feeling, watching him, that if he can fix these frustrating concentration drops, he’s basically an Alshon Jeffery clone (who ran a 4.48 or something 40 at his pro day, which I always adjust up by .1). So let’s say Alshon timed at 4.5-4.6 but plays faster, which is a fair assessment. I think that’s what we’re going to be looking at with Funchess. Similar frame, and ability to come down with contested balls with strong hands and an aggressive “my ball” mentality. While also possessing seriously underrated ability to take a short pass and get impressive YAC. He just needs to grow out of the concentration drops. I think he shows the fluidity and athleticism to become a good, varied route runner.

        • MarkinMI says:

          I think you might romanticizing Funchess’ ability somewhat. I don’t see elite WR skills when I watch him but I’m not a scout and i didn’t stay at a holiday inn last night. As i said earlier I expect Funchess to play all over the field but somebody has to play TE too with Butt injured (that seams funny to write). A lot will also depend on incoming freshman WR Drake Harris too. Basically Funchess will play where he’s needed the most and sadly he’s needed at both WR and TE. FWIW Funchess is currently listed as a TE on the official depth chart. http://www.mgoblue.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/mich-m-footbl-mtt.html

  7. Paul says:

    As always, great content. I have been waiting, impatiently patient for these rankings.

  8. BJ says:

    I’m curious why no one is talking about Ricky Seals-Jones and why he doesn’t make it in anyone’s devy rankings. The guy was a 5 star and played less than 2 quarters of football and threw up 83 yds and a TD. Thoughts on him?

  9. Andy says:

    I am liking these articles more and more… nice work ryan!

    Don’t sleep on Ezekiel Elliott out of Ohio St. He has great size with good vision and speed. With loss of carlos hyde is due for a big season as the feature back…

    • scottfish says:

      He went 15th overall and 16th overall in 2 of my devy drafts last year… and somehow I had kinda forgotten about him until this post. Thanks for reminding me! He wouldn’t crack any of the above rankings lists right now… but someone to not sleep on considering he was a top 15 devy pick last year in FR/SO devy drafts.

  10. Trevor says:

    Incredible work guys! I love learning about “the farm!”

    2 questions…

    Where does one go to watch tape on incoming freshman and younger football prospects?

    Will FFOasis be hosting any start-up devy dynasty leagues this off-season? Or DLF?

  11. JBFootball says:

    I’m trying to trade for the #1 pick in our college draft. I currently have Melvin Gordon, Mike Davis and Derrick Henry. If I can pull the first pick, I’m torn between Tyner and Fournette. I do like Tyner a lot, but the comparisons to Peterson make Fournette hard to ignore. How do you think Tyner’s play will translate to the nfl? I understand it all depends on where he gets drafted to but do you think he can get enough carries on an NFL team to warrant taking him over a big framed workhorse back like Fournette? I also like the idea of grabbing a mega-stud before he plays a down in college.

    • scottfish says:

      Obviously, I have Tyner 2 spots up in my ranks above, but I wouldn’t say it’s a large margin at all. In fact I have them fairly neck and neck… but one has actually shown me something in the NCAA. I feel like you take the guy that you would regret more if you missed on getting him. I feel from your post that you want to take Fournette. I’d just make the grab for him if I were you. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t. You said you like Tyner. At 1.01 you should be drafting guys you love.

      Another thing you didn’t mention that helps tip the scales… He’s another year removed from the other guys you have. You will get Gordon/Davis next year and Henry the following year. Then you get Fournette the year after. Assuming all declare when they can next. I like spacing out my prospects to help fuel a longer dynasty run.

  12. Scott Fish says:

    I should also note that #6 in my rookie rankings in this article is Josh Malone, not Josh Mahone.

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