5 Responses to “Green With Envy”

  1. bigefat says:

    I grabbed Foles in a trade and couldn’t be happier! I’ll take the the news of more weapons and familiar faces added to the juice of last year!
    Really hoping the Giants, Redskins and Cowboys secondary woes continue mightily!!!!

  2. SJ says:

    All in all, Foles is the real winner here for dynasty players.

    He’s the one being counted on for QB1 appeal and the moves at WR just protects him with more continuity. Nice work by the Eagles. Not to mention the re-signings at Offensive Line, which will probably benefit Foles more than these deals at wideout.

  3. SJ says:

    BTW – looks like the Eagles are pretty much done offensively, in terms of spending this offseason.

    They’re already set at TE and could even do with dropping one of the three they have. Doubt they justify bringing in another WR after these re-signings. Backup QB is a need, but don’t think they’ll break the bank on any of the QB in FA, and theres probably not anyone to break the bank on. OL seems set too, with the recent re-signings. Maybe they’ll target a RB late in the draft this year or next, but doubt they’ll ever spend any money on an aging back after seeing Westbrook decline so rapidly years back. And this FA class is filled with aging backs.

    Looks like the Eagles finished shopping before anyone even started. Well, maybe not for the defense – that’s a different story. Anticipate some moves there.

    • slick says:

      Yeah the Iggles will likely utilize the late rounds of the draft to add depth based on value/high upside picks on offense. they may also do some bargain shopping. I think Iggles have best set up on offense for next 3-5 years with chip kelly and that core. They will cut Casey or have him take a significant pay cut. Backup QB is very important. They may need a punter. that’s about it. It’s all about the defense.

  4. SkinnyElvis says:

    Good article but I am more pessimistic on Maclin in year 1 post ACL.

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