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  1. Mark says:

    I disagree about the “but could still use an upgrade at the position” comment. I dont understand the general knock on Ellington’s size and skills. Gio Benard is 5’8 207. Ellington is 5’9 and now 210. Jamaal Charles weighs 200. Shane Vereen 5’10 205. If those guys can do it, he can do it. He averaged the highest YPC in the league last year. Finally Bruce Arians got his head out of his you know what this offseason!!

    • kcDemonSlayer says:

      I agree. Ellington can do it all and as far as “small backs” go, he does not look like one on the field. Ryan Williams is a wash, the guy has been injured his entire career and then took 1 hard hit and got knocked out cold. If anything the hype around Williams is to increase his value so the Cardinals can get something for him in a trade. I’ve seen this guy on people’s roster for years…i don’t know what people are seeing in him that make them want to waste a spot on this guy.

    • PV says:

      The guy really never made it through a college season without getting dinged up. Small only is an issue if you can prove you won’t get hurt. Aka MJD (prior to 2012 after the Jags already ran his tires off) or Jamaal Charles.

      The mistake you’re making is that last year will happen again. Odds are Ellington gets hurt again because last year was the outlier, not the four prior at Clemson.

      Can Ellington be a high end RB? Sure. Put me down for one that bets against it though.

    • Mark says:

      I don’t know about it being an outlier. I mean everybody gets dinged up. Looks like he missed 4 games in 2010. Unless I’m missing something I don’t really see the “injury-prone tag”

      2009 – 14 Games Played
      2010 – 9 Games Played
      2011 – 13 Games Played
      2012 – 13 Games Played

      NFL: (pulled hammy at NFL Combine)
      2013 – 15 Games Played

    • SJ says:

      It is a curious situation as Arians usually likes to go with a 1-back system but Ellington kept proving to be too good to keep off the field (and Mendenhall too bad to keep on).

      History and Ellington’s talent says he has a legit shot at Top 15 RB stats next year, but that’ll only happen if he gains that kind of workload trust from Arians, which I think is possible.

      I always believe talent eventually trumps all, and unless ARI brings in a better back this offseason; Ellington’s a solid breakout. Even if there’s a committee going there, that hasnt stopped dynamic backs before from putting up good stats.

      I’m not an active deterrent of injury histories and possible lesser backs getting in the way of a breakout. If Arizona brings in another plodder like Mendy, I think that just works in the favor of Ellington. That doesnt worry me. He’s a perfect RB3 right now, and Top 15 RB breakout candidate.

      • slick says:

        I don’t get all of the ellington downer comments. He is a legit high upside RB3 for 2014. He has all the elements we want – proven talent, PPR skills, big play ability and is a true difference maker. What more can you ask for from a rookie? Also, although Arians has been slow to endorse him as his stud RB, he is a smart man…and ellington can be one of the keys to this talented and underrated offense exploding in 2014. And let’s be clear, the key to their resurgence the last couple of years has been the defense. Offense is slowly but surely catching up. Also, he will be invaluable to an aging, slow and plodding Carson Palmer. I can see him turning 2-3 yard dumpoffs into 1st downs and big plays. Have some vision people! This is what this site is all about. And yes I am an ellington believer. He is my RB3 behind shady and doug martin. I traded vereen for him. Get your hands on him now before he explodes!

    • Bryan says:

      I kind of get the comment. I think we get to wrapped up with these guys from a fantasy perspective. While I agree that Ellington’s an explosive playmaker and that his frailness (like with a lot of guys) is pretty overdone, Ellington to me looked pretty overmatched as a pass blocker and has little to no ability to move a pile. Arians probably should try to work on getting him on the field more, but can we really expect the Cards to trot Ellington out as an every down back if that means the death of Palmer and that they’ll never be able to run an ISO again?

      • Slick says:

        valid points and i forgot to mention the Cards most glaring weakness/issue – O line. I assume that will 1st, 2nd and 3rd priority this offseason. assuming they can improve arguably the leagues worst unit, that will go a long way toward the offense making a jump. there are also scheme things you can do to have another blocker (TE) in there and of course if u get rid of ball quickly you can counter alot of the blocking issues. that was actually one of my points. ellington is great in open space. watch how iggles use shady (who is not a great blocker) for some ideas on how to counter this issue.

        This should be Palmer’s last year as starter. They need to develop a young QB behind him in 2014 with an eye towards 2015. Ellington can help both an old Palmer and a young signal caller. the RB who can catch and run for 5 yds is a shaky QB’s best friend.

  2. Luke says:

    I have Riley Cooper in one league and he’s my WR8 on this particular team (have a lot of wide out depth).

    I think now is the time to deal Cooper. What do you think I can get for him? A 2014 3rd round pick?

    Or do you think I should keep him and that his best years are still ahead of him?

    • SJ says:

      Probably not many people are going to give up much for him. Coopers not an exciting asset even with the deal. You can wait on him and hope he improves on his stats this year, which is possible, but he may still never be really sought after, like how Hartline is now after two solid seasons.

      Maybe Cooper could be packaged with someone for a better player, like how many owners tend to make trades with these mediocre types of values.

      • Luke says:

        Thanks for the reply. Moved Riley for the 4.04 in the 2014 rookie draft. It’s a 2 QB league where QBs are over drafted, so I feel like its close to a late 3rd in a normal league. Best I could do and I agree that Riley is not the best dynasty prospect so I’m happy with it.

  3. meineymoe says:

    If the Packers take a WR in the second or third round, get all over him. A look at recent drafts:
    2011: Randall Cobb, 2nd round, pick 64
    2008: Jordy Nelson, 2nd, 36
    2007: James Jones, 3rd, 78
    2006: Greg Jennings, 2nd, 52
    the last stinker they had in the 2nd/3rd was Terrence Murphy in 2005, and he had to retire because of a neck injury on a kick return only a few games into his rookie season.


  4. bigefat says:

    That is some legit draft history on the Packers! Some teams can draft and some cannot! Packers front office knows what they are doing!

    • meineymoe says:

      …on the other hand, avoid Defensive linemen drafted by the Packers in the first round…. looking at the history of them is too painful….


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