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  1. The Dirty Birds says:

    Interesting, a year ago you guys did a live mock draft. At the time, Jarrett actually picked Le’Veon Bell at 1.06 and said he thought Bell was being undervalued previously before the actaul NFL draft even happened. Tim then said “he wouldn’t touch Bell with a 10 ft pole” if I’m not mistaken when he gave his pick analysis. Now less than a year later, it seems like you two have switched your opinions on him.

    For those that still don’t like him, if he plays next year the way he ended the season, which is a 4.0 YPC or better, do you guys change your opinion on him? I see people continually bash his skill set and leave him out of their top 10s, yet these same people put Alfred Morris in it, that baffles me. Do people not realize Shannahan can make ANY rb a star in his system? Do you guys not realize the threat of RG3 and that read option helped Morris? Do you guys really think Morris has a better skill set than Bell? Honestly I just don’t understand the thinking there. I’m not saying Bell has an elite skill set, but to say he is average or has none is just absurd.

    • Jarrett Behar says:

      I don’t think either of us said he had no skills. And I’m sure we didn’t compare him with ALF (don’t even think we talked about him) Part of it for me is the mess that is the Steelers O line. I haven’t really shifted that much on Bell. I’m not really that big a fan of any RBs not named McCoy, Charles or Martin. I would take Bell by a canyon over any RB in this rookie draft for sure.

      • The Dirty Birds says:

        Sorry, I wasn’t trying to attack either of you.
        Also, I didn’t mean to say you guys compared him to ALF cause you didn’t. I was more directing that question to the people who had actually had. There are people who state Bell has poor metrics and leave him out of their top 10s. But these same people put an inferior ALF on that same list, that to me makes no sense.

        I just found it interesting that Tim seemed to be coming around to him (albeit based on Bell’s situation) while you seemed less interested in him this year. I totally agree on the Steelers line being bad, but they started to improve near the end of the season. Bell actually increased his YPC to refelect that. Adding in Munchak as the new OL coach should only help, and I think it gives Bell a good shot to be much more productive next year.

        In terms of Bell vs this new crop, there is only one RB I like more than Bell and that is Sankey. I think he compares favorable to Martin to me, just a tad lighter. I would take Bell over any of the remaining RBs though.

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