30 Responses to “The DLF Mailbag”

  1. ChiefsHonk says:

    Friggen David Wilson, that guy better do something this year

    • Eric Hardter says:

      Indeed, haha. Many were burned by this guy…

    • phantasy5 says:

      OMG….I so hope he bounces back or I’m screwed! I traded Julio for Wilson & Antonio last season after Julio’s injury in order to stay in the hunt! If Wilson doesn’t come back & come back strong that will haunt me for years!

  2. Kevin says:

    I just had the same situation as Ray in my 16-team league. RG3 got no bites around the league, so I ended up flipping Foles and Bradshaw for Lamar Miller and a 2014 2nd rounder.

    • Eric Hardter says:

      Truthfully I don’t love the deal – in a 16-teamer I’d expect mid-to-high end QB1 like Foles would’ve fetched more than Miller and the pick.

  3. Jeff says:

    There’s way too much uncertainty surrounding Patterson’s usage. He’ll be inconsistent, at best, until he learns to play WR.

    Give me the proven production of those other guys v.s. who knows what with CP, even if it is just as the cost of a 15th rounder.

    Terrible advice.

    • Eric Hardter says:

      I’m sorry you disagree, but many view CP as a 2014 breakout and future perennial WR1. If that indeed winds up being the case, “Joe in NY” will have the luxury of keeping the guy for his entire career, virtually free of cost.

      As an aside, there’s no reason for the “terrible” comment. Rational minds may differ, but we can certainly stay civil.

      • Jeff says:

        Not sure why we suddenly think CP is a WR1. What did he show us last year that we didn’t know about him coming into the NFL?

        • Eric Hardter says:

          I don’t think anyone views him as a WR1 right now, but many think he will turn turn his otherworldly physical traits into that type of production in due time. I think too many are writing the guy off as “too raw” to ever succeed – he’s only had one year in the league, give him a chance.

          More importantly, consider the other options. Percy Harvin would be my next pick, but him becoming a WR1 in Seattle’s run-first offense is certainly no sure thing either. Maybe they cater the offense to him, but maybe they don’t – all I know is Seattle hasn’t had a true WR1 since Carroll took over.

          I’d have no problem selecting Harvin as the last keeper, but I don’t think it’s some sort of slam dunk. Given the cost and the room for growth, I still think CP edges him out here.

        • alden says:

          Patterson is just getting started, and nine touchdowns with the little he did last year shows his potential can be off the charts. Using him as a flex play down the stretch last year really helped win me a championship last year.

          • cityslickers94 says:

            and dont forget about the Norv effect. Norv is top 10 all time off coordinator and prob top 5 for fantasy. CP is the choice! Man, i wish i had him but the owner in my league will not trade him.

          • Tonz o Nutz says:

            Ditto to everything Alden has written. CP helped me take down a 16 team league as my primary flex option. His return skills are electric. IMO he is a larger, yonger, more physical Percy Harvin.

        • phantasy5 says:

          I think I agree with the majority here. First, CP has the physical tools that we all look for in a WR1 (size, speed etc.) The other stuff can be fixed like route running, blocking etc. This kid will be something special, write it down! I also tried to get him and nobody is budging off him, that should tell you something right there?

      • sixshooter says:

        Although I agree with your decision Eric, I don’t agree with your criticism of another person simply giving their opinion. You just basically did the same thing not only with Kevin and his trade but with Jeff and his opinion.

        If you are the only one who can sling mud then I guess we have no need to post an opinion!

        I mean really….what is the difference between “I don’t love the deal” and “terrible decision” anyway??? They both are stating the exact same thing based on one’s opinion.

        Again, I agree with both of your answers to the questions but don’t agree with you trying to put words in other’s mouths. If I think it’s “terrible advice” I will also say what I feel just as you did in the previous question when you basically said it was a terrible decision but in a more sarcastic way.

        If you think it was not a wise decision or a good deal or good advice…..then say so! We are civil and should not feel any kind of way about speaking our mind. I think you took that comment a little too personal. It was just an opinion!

        • Eric Hardter says:

          I think there is a difference in the civility of “terrible advice” and “truthfully I don’t love the deal,” but I agree – it’s not worth perpetuating.

          • sixshooter says:

            I hear ya but felt a need to leave my opinion since I have “way too often” posted a comment that is taken much worse by some than it’s intention which I am guessing was the case here. Nothing more…..nothing less!

    • Cy23 says:

      I disagree entirely.

      In my league, which includes return yardage, Patterson was #13 from Weeks 8-17. To compare, Keenan Allen was #16. If you go from Weeks 12-17, Patterson was #7, compared to Allen’s #16 and above even Alshon Jeffrey’s #8.

      While weeks 12-17 may be too small of a sample size, I think weeks 8-17 of his rookie year show a WR who can easily become a WR1.

      If you aren’t in a return yardage league, I can see why you might be more suspect. However, the intangibles are all there, he just needs a QB to throw him the ball.

  4. Mike D. says:

    I also have both RG and Foles and I’m keeping both. It will likely be at the expense of Gore, but I’m comfortable with that.

    • Eric Hardter says:

      Not a bad move in my opinion. The SF backfield (with Lattimore) is a quagmire I’m avoiding where I can. It wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t produce a top-20 PPR RB next year.

  5. Jesse says:

    I’m in a 16 team 8 keeper standard league. So far I am keeping Rivers, Zac Stacy, Ryan Matthews, Trent Richardson, Desean Jackson, Josh Gordon, and Jordan Cameron. I have Maquies Goodwin, Levine Toilolo, Mikel Leshoure, and Mike Gillislee to choose from as my 8th keeper. Any thoughts?

  6. jason says:

    Trade question in a ppr, idp league…

    Trade Nicks, Ihenacho for Blackmon, Wheaton, and DJ Sweanger, with Blackmon’s future up in the air…


    • KCGuzz says:

      Yes, WAY yes! Blackmon’s upside is just so very high. And I love the fact that you’re getting Wheaton. Lastly, never been a big fan of Nicks, and I think for good reason. Wheaton will start a very steady rise this year, and likely to be one of those guys that emerges in the infamous WR YR3, or 2015. I think his high end is high/mid WR2, and at least a WR3 as a floor. He’s very talented. Because of his injury and rookie status last year, he is already falling through the cracks in some circles as a guy that “didn’t make it”. Too many dynasty owners do not employ enough patience with their young talent. Agan- YES!

  7. Ray says:

    I don’t think i want to trade foles, and i think i could hold on to both him and griffin and if they both prove themselves maybe i could get a lot more than i could now.

  8. Jay says:

    Trade advice should I trade Calvin for Keenan Allen rg3 and montee ball

    • BC says:

      Really tough to say in a vacuum. Scoring, league size and team composition I think would play a major role. Calvin is obviously a monster, but I like the Allen, RG3 and Ball side the trade personally. Mostly because I’m a believer in Allen. I think your trading a WR1 for a WR1 plus some. Keep in mind though that it is quite possible we see another seven seasons from Calvin. I don’t think your getting the best player in this trade.

      I think a key question is do you think the real RG3 is of the 2012 or 2013 variety? If, of the 2013, then you probably don’t do this trade.

  9. OleCows says:

    PPR. Start 1RB/1WR/2flex. 18 players. 12 teams.

    I have been offered Zac Stacy for Cecil Shorts+my 1.02 rookie pick.

    Need RB more than WR.

    Tempted to take the offer, but have the following worries:
    – Sophomore slump – Cunningham/Pead/D-Rich -a healthy Bradford -STL throwing more?
    – The guy who offers won last year after pulling off 4-5 trades like this!

    Thoughts anyone?

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