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  1. ebsteelers says:

    Any thoughts on Tyler Thompson from Tennessee or Gavin Escobar from the cowboys?

    • Slick says:

      also – how about Levine Toilolo? any chance he assumes Tony G’s spot or will ATL look elsewhere? i haven’t heard much about his upside. perhaps he has none??? we know ATL would like to feature the TE in that offense

      • Paul Perdichizzi says:

        Toilolo has some upside as a red zone specialist but I do not see him as their replacement full time for Tony G right now. It is possible he develops into it but I think they will add another TE in the first 3/4 rounds of the draft and also look at some of the veteran tight ends on the FA market.

        The role of the TE is valuable in that offense but with Julio, Roddy and the emergence of Harry Douglas last year, they may move away a little from the usage of the TE.

  2. Paul Perdichizzi says:

    I like the upside of Escobar a lot. Jerry Jones has already mentioned that he needs to be utilized more. Witten is getting up there in age but still so productive. I think Escobar can create a lot of mismatches but dynasty owners may need to wait another two years to really see him have value.

    As for Thompson, he has a lot of upside but still very raw at the position. He is still learning the position after playing DE in college. The new titans staff has also been talking up D Walker, who quietly put up top 12-14, stats for fantasy tight ends. I think Thompson may settle in behind him as their backup TE and it may be a few more years before he gets his chance to show he could be a starter.

    Of the two, I would target Escobar a lot more.

    • Jack says:

      Thompson and Walker are different types of TEs, no? I think that Walker may be a kind of a stopgap until they develop Thompson, and I also like the new coaching staff’s history with TEs.

      • Paul Perdichizzi says:

        Jack- yes they are different types of players and their age difference is significant. I think Thompson has a chance down the line but I think it is still a few years away and there’s no guarantee he ever pans out. Anytime a player is making a position change it very hard to predict how they will transition. I think your right in a perfect world they would love Walker to be a stop gap but they signed him to a pretty significant 4 year deal worth almost 18 million last offseason.

  3. Mike M says:

    Thoughts on some DEEP guys. Chris Gragg, Nick Kasa, and everyone’s favorite – Vance McDonald

    • Paul Perdichizzi says:

      Gragg was one of the next guys on my list if I expanded this out to 6 or 7 names. I like Gragg’s potential a lot and Buffalo needs playmakers. Gragg can be that move tight end, similar in style I believe to how Washington used Chris Cooley when he was there. Buffalo would be wise to get him more involved this year if they do not draft more complete TE like Ebron or Amaro or Seferian-Jenkins.

      As for Kasa I do not see him making a big impact for Oakland. He’s more blocker than receiver. I like his teammate more M. Rivera to be a pass catcher and make a fantasy impact.

      I like McDonald and I think he offers upside but his situation is not ideal. With Vernon there and a good stable of WRS if Boldin stays, I am not sure how he ever becomes fantasy relevant.

      • Slick says:

        Buffalo really needs an elite talent at TE and would be wise to target one of the top 3 elite prospects in rounds 2 or 3 this year.
        of course this is tricky because they don’t want to reach in the draft but really need to support EJ and that offense and TE is what the doctor ordered. i don’t see gragg adding much in that regard. bottom line, with questions marks all over the offense and a struggling 2nd year QB, they really need a difference making TE to help jumpstart the passing offense.

        • Paul Perdichizzi says:

          I agree they do need a major weapon for that offense. I think a Gragg could be a nice piece but not an elite te option that can draw double teams and be EJ’s main guy. If they could find a partner to trade down with to 15 range, pick up at least an extra third rd, if not second round pick and draft Ebron, I think thst would be a great move. If not in round two, I think Seferian Jenkins would be a nice pick.

          • slick says:

            I concur! Paul, they need you in their draft room! if they don’t take heed, I will be screaming! btw, i own EJ Manuel as my future/devy QB behind Peyton. I also have Bradford. I have Woods at WR, so I am closely watching Bills draft and offseason moves.

          • Paul Perdichizzi says:

            Slick- I like Manual’s upside, real interested to see how he develops this year. Bradford is intriguing, they have started to give him lots of weapons, it’s now or never time for him this year, needs to emerge. I like Woods a lot, may be in my WR article I am going to write.

  4. Dan says:

    Loved it. Especially the Fauria insight – I didnt know Petigrew was a FA

  5. Denver says:

    What about Ryan Griffin? I have been really high on him since the end of last season. Graham is a FA and Daniels is getting long in the tooth.

    • Paul Perdichizzi says:

      Love Ryan Griffin, he was 6th on my list. I think he has a chance to develop into a nice weapon for Houston with Daniels getting older and graham a FA. I do not think he has as much of an athletic upside as the others but he has a chance to contribute this year and make a name for himself.

  6. Raymond says:

    What about tim wright? He looked pretty good for the bucs!

    • Paul Perdichizzi says:

      I think Wright as he showed last year has potential to be a good receiving threat but he would be on my list of guys to sell in the early part of the offseason. The reason is that Greg Schiano is gone. He played at Rutgers under Greg but with Lovie Smith in charge now, Wrights status is up in the air. They may want to bring in more of a complete tight end that can pass and block.

  7. Nick W says:

    Is Ladarius Green really considered a sleeper in dynasty leagues? Bostick, Robinson, Fauria, and Kelce (somewhat) I can see… But not Green

    • Paul Perdichizzi says:

      Nick- to some Green may be a household name but not everyone, it really depends on the size of the league. I am in a dynasty league where all five of these tight ends are on rosters. The aim of the article was to try and point out some tight ends that could make a big jump into TE 1 value soon and should be targets in offseason trades. I agree with you Kelce and Green are well known but their owners may be impatient with them. Kelce’s rookie year was a lost year so his value may never be lower. Greene, while he had his moments this year still only caught 17 passes and Gates is coming off another 70 catch season so Green may still be able to be had in trades without giving up an elite talent back in return.

      • sixshooter says:

        Nice job Paul. All of these guys are gone in our Dynasty League as well but there is always a possibility of getting one of these guys as a side piece in a trade. I have Green and have had a few offers with him included but I am not going to let him go for nothing even though I also have J Reed, M Bennett and J Thomas. I currently have Reed and Bennett on the block to get some feelers even though we cannot do any transactions for a couple more weeks and have gotten some nibbles so time will tell.

        • Paul Perdichizzi says:

          Exactly in most dynasty leagues all these guys I talked about in this article and the futures ones on RBs and WRs will be taken but all about trying to buy a year or two early when value is still low. I would try to sell Bennett or Reed, whoever you can get the best offer on. Reed has so much talent but that concussion history is scary, one more real good shot to the head his playing days could be in jeopardy.

          • sixshooter says:

            I hear ya on Reed but they say is 100% recovered so I am keeping fingers crossed. With Fred Davis getting in more and more trouble, his career may be over which makes Reed even more valuable as long as he is healthy!

  8. EHELMS says:

    You offered up some good options in your article. One name that I believe should be mentioned is Luke Wilson SEA. Veteran Zach Miller hasn’t shown much and Carrol has mentioned that he wants Wilson involved. Plus dumping Miller is a big cash savings for the Seahawks, and should come cheap on most FF leagues What is your opinion of Luke Wilson going forward.

    • Paul Perdichizzi says:

      Like Wilson a lot, he wound have been in the next few names I would have discussed with Gragg and Griffin. I think he has a chance to become their starter, only thing holding him back is their scheme. They are so run oriented, tough to feed so many mouths in terms of fantasy. With Harvin healthy and Baldwin there, and Kearse had his moments this year, even if Tate leaves in FA, do not see Wilson as more than option 4 in a run first offense. He has a strong skill set, just being held back by scheme.

      • EHELMS says:

        I saw a couple other mentions of Chris Gragg, I’m grabbed him and Moeki before the season ended. Chandler and Lee are a very weak TE duo, so I figured take a chance by betting against them. Do you see any upside to Moeki at this point? He is still relatively young, and Scott Chandler’s ceiling is essentially the same as his floor.

        • Paul Perdichizzi says:

          T Moeki is an interesting stash for right now. He had two somewhat productive seasons prior his injuries. I would rather stash Gragg, who I believe has more upside to be a fantasy factor than Moeki. Moeki’s greatest strength is his blocking, if he was ever the starter I have a hard time envisioning more than 35-40 catches in Buffalo’s offense. I expect Buffalo to draft a Te early in draft, if not they may go with Gragg and Moeki, but I think Gragg would be the receiving option and Moeki would be mostly the blocker.

  9. Ray says:

    Mista Boom Bostick…mmmmm
    Mista lova lova…mmmm

    Love that dude…. Has a top 5 Qb too!

  10. tomtrp says:

    Good article Paul. This patient owner not letting anyone get Green or Kelce cheap. I need to revisit A. Robinson as a result of your write-up.

    • Paul Perdichizzi says:

      Smart dynasty owners are going to be trying to get Kelce and Green on the cheap this off season, seeing their long term potential. I would hold on to both unless you get a good offer for Kelce and a great offer for Green. Robinson offers upside and is intriguing with new scheme and little on the depth chart. Robinson’s value is tied directly to Giants offseason plans.

  11. Joe Roads says:

    I see you’ve commented on Atlanta’s WRs being utilized more in the future but, I’m still not convinced that Levine Toilolo, 6’8″ & 260 Some odd pounds won’t be utilized more than just a redzone threat. Does he not have sufficient speed? And, is he lacking in athletism? I was under the impression that they were wanting to incorporate Toilolo into Tony Gonzalez’s spot?

    • Paul Perdichizzi says:

      I think Toilolo may have a chance to be their starter just don’t see him as a major part of the offensive gameplay away from the red zone. He’s got good hands and can high point the catch well but I do not see him having the athleticism to create separation and run the type of routes Tony G did. I think he can be a Scott Chandler type of player, good hands, red zone option, but not a major part of any offense.

      • Joe Roads says:

        Thanks for elaborating on Toilolo. My concern is that I made the right roster move when I dropped Dallas Clark at the end of the season in order to make room for Toilolo. I felt the need to fix a blunder from earlier in the season when I dropped Gavin Escobar to make room for Latavius Murray. After seeing that somepne had dropped Murray I had tp jump on the RB while I had the chance.

        I have Jason Witten and Dennis Pitta and Ed Dickson. And, at the time I had Dallas Clark too. I wanted to keep Clark because Pitta was injured and I wanted to have a backup for Witten as insurance. So, I reluctanttly dropped Escobar instead of Clark with the intention of picking Escobar back up the first chance I got. Unfortunately, another owner grabbed him. So, I was hoping that Toilolo would be at the very least, a better replacement for Escobar.

        • cityslickers94 says:

          murray is still a good chip to have though. it sounds like your league is deep, but as this artcile points out TE is a deep position when u are looking for upside. so all in all, you didnt make out too bad. i think murray has immediate value in 2014 and there will be other escobar’s for you to jump on in this draft and as FAs…

          • Paul Perdichizzi says:

            City-agree with your post completely. Love Murray’s upside and there will be a bunch more tight ends thus year that have similar upside to Escobar.

        • Paul Perdichizzi says:

          Joe- first off dropping Clark for Toilolo was a no brainer, Clark has zero value long term. While I would rather have Escobar over Toilolo, I would much rather gave the combo of Murray and Toilolo over Escobar, so I wouldn’t worry too much. I love Murray’s upside, real possibility he’s on my list in my rb article, that’s how much I like him.

          • Joe Roads says:

            Once again I appreciate your opinion Paul. I haven’t read your RB article yet. I’m going to look for it as I am interested in what your thoughts are concerning this years RBs. I am curious about what you think about Oakland signing Kory Sheets recently. What kind of obstacle will, not only Sheets but, Rashad Jennings be as far as Latavius Murray getting his chance to start? I apologize for straying away from the TE subject of this particular post. But, one thing leads to another and…

            Anyway, thanks again Paul for answering my questions. I look forward to reading your RB article. as well as any other future articles that you write.

          • Joe Roads says:

            UPDATE: Post Rookie Draft…


            I came across this article again while surfing for information about Kyle Juszczyk. I’m still interested to find out what value ‘Juice’ might have in 2014. But, after reading the comments three months later I had to give you an update on my TE situation post rookie draft.

            I ended up trading Toilolo for QB Matt Schaub and a draft pick in this years rookie draft. I was in need of a third starting QB and jumped on this opportunity once I heard Schaub went to Oakland. I also needed some draft picks as I was without at the time.

            I ended up drafting TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins (1.11), QB Derek Carr (3.04), & TE Colt Lyerla (3.12). Thereby, insuring my third QB situation and securing my TE position for a while I hope.

            I now roster Jason Witten, Dennis Pitta, Austin Seferian-Jenkins, & Colt Lyerla at the TE position. I see it as a definite upgrade from Gavin Escobar and Levine Toilolo. And, I couldn’t be happier with the future potential of my TEs.

            Thanks for your opinion and reassurance.

  12. Robert says:

    We start 2RB/3WR/TE/Flex in a couple leagues, and I’ve always been a big proponent of RBs as flex players. For some time, though, I’ve been targeting potential TE studs. I think they are worth developing, because a stud TE gives you so much lineup flexibilty.

    My best TE group is Witten, Cameron, Reed, Green, Kelce & Cook.

    In a newer league, I notice other owners are following suit & the pickings haven’t been as good, so I have VDavis, Green, Kelce, Thompson & Luke Willson.

    I’m sure I’ll be dropping Thompson and Willson, and probably Cook, before the rookie draft, but the others are staying put–UNLESS I need one to get some kind of mega-deal deal done…

    • Paul Perdichizzi says:

      TE are game changers in fantasy. They can give you such a statistical edge over your opponents if you have the elite ones,so it’s really important to be patient if you think one that kind of upside. I agree with who you plan yo keep and drop, exactly what I would recommend.

  13. Toeknee says:

    Just read the Lions are looking to resign Pettigrew. Does this make Fauria near irrelevant again?

  14. Dave schechter says:

    I know that guy! He is the basis for my fantasy football team name, BetterThanPaul (which I am not) he beats me every year. Keep up the good work

  15. Joe Roads says:

    Any thoughts on the hybrid FB/TE Kyle Juszczyk? I was thinking of dropping Ed Dickson to make room for him. As I listed above, I already have Witten, Pitta, & Toilolo. And, also, do you think that fleaflicker will continue to list Jusczyk as a RB at least for the 2014 season as they did with James Casey and Charles Clay in 2012.

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