13 Responses to “Developing Assets: Devy ADP”

  1. Doggie says:

    Ryan, what are your thoughts on Marcus Mariota? Personally, I like his upside over Winston’s.

    • Steve Wyremski says:

      A lot of what seems to be driving the love for DGB is what’s happened with Gordon over the last few years.

      Yeah, Blackmon and others have had issues, but Gordon’s rise after college issues seems to have many sticking with DGB.

  2. Tim Stafford says:


    You guys are the devy masters. What the heck happened to Diggs in these mocks? He has to be a consideration, right?


    • Ryan McDowell says:

      He’s still a highly thought of prospect, but the combo of his injury along with the breakout of some of the younger guys mentioned above pushed him down. Don’t want to spoil, but he is near the top of the list for the 2nd round ADP that I will cover next week.

  3. PV says:

    How is Corey Clement ahead of Karlos Williams?

    • Ryan McDowell says:

      Although I really like Williams, I’m not surprised to see Clement valued ahead of him currently. Both played well as third stringers, but Clement was a very highly ranked RB recruit this time last year while Williams is a converted DB. I think both see their dynasty stock rise dramatically over the next year.

      • PV says:

        I think the most telling aspect of this is Devonte Freeman and James Wilder realize they won’t play with Williams back. Clement can’t beat out Melvin Gordon. I do realize Gordon is better than the FSU pair but it’s not a wide gap either.

        The position change is Jimbo’s specialty. Cameron Erving, Corey Webster, Bryan Stork, and Xavier Rhodes just to name a few. To say that KW is at a disadvantage to Clement because he played DB is ludicrous with Jimbo’s history of players and position changes. Williams has as much raw ability as any RB in the NFL (outside of AP). Again, I don’t get why Clement is rated above Karlos Williams.

        • Ryan McDowell says:

          I’m not sure why you are so upset about this. First of all, Clement is not ranked ahead of Williams, he’s being drafted ahead of Williams across 4 different drafts involving many different devy players.

          Second of all, I never said Williams was at a great disadvantage, only that he had more experience at the position.

  4. JBFootball says:

    No Alex Collins?

    • Ryan McDowell says:

      Not yet :)

      There’s just so much depth at the RB position, especially among the freshmen & sophomore class, so it’s easy for some of these guys to “get lost” and fall down the boards.

  5. J Chap 21 says:


    I am weak at the WR position. Would you consider trading a 2015 development pick for Jordy Nelson?


  6. spdinan says:

    Great article and love the series. I’m just starting my first devy league this year and I’m wondering which is more valuable typically–devy picks or rookie picks? Or are there too many variables to answer that? Devy draft is two rounds x 12 teams. TIA

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