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  1. Zach says:

    Another year of waiting and hoping. I hope he lands in New England.

  2. thestooge says:

    I hope he goes to the saints to possibly replace colston. He wont replace him immediatly im sure but it’d be nice to see what he can do in a pass happy system. He’d probably see a lot of single coverage and with signing jimmy to a big deal he wont cost much. Thoughts?

    • Aaron says:

      He couldn’t carry Colston’s jock strap and Brees wouldn’t want anything to do with a bum and a headcase like Britt.

  3. thestooge says:

    Saints fan? I’m just commenting on the above article. Which suggests he has wr1 talent and could possibly turn his situation around.

    • Aaron says:

      Not at all a Saints fan. It is just common sense that a high-character guy like Brees wouldn’t sign off on bringing in a headcase like Britt to pollute his offense. Kenny Stills has already shown better abilities than Britt anyway and he knows the offense. Colston is still going to produce at a WR2 level for 2 more seasons.

      I don’t own Britt, Brees, Stills for what it’s worth. I do own Colston in one league, but he isn’t a starter of mine. As for the article, anyone that thinks this scrub has WR1 talent probably doesn’t do very well in fantasy football. An 11/90/0 line in a contract year isn’t anything to brag about regardless of situation.

      • Ty Miller says:

        Thanks for reading the article. Britt has shown flashes of a WR1 early in his career, but he hasn’t had good quarterbacking, had a major injury, and seemed to have lost focus last year. Don’t take the article as me vouching for him to be an absolute stud, it is more or less saying he can be had for a very good price right now if you think he can amount to anything somewhere other than in Tennessee, which I do. Of course its a gamble, but to potentially get a borderline WR1 for the cost of a WR4 is good value. There is a small window to acquire Britt before free agency begins. After that, depending on where he lands, the cost will rise. Again, thanks for reading and I do not expect everyone to agree with me. Oh, and to your statement, I won the league that I own Britt in, last year, but he was sitting firmly on my bench. Haha

        • Aaron says:

          I should have clarified…I should have said “anyone depending on Britt to provide WR1 talent probably doesn’t do very well in fantasy football.”

          I don’t agree that he has shown WR1 flashes. He had “okay” at best seasons in his first two years, but WR1 flashes is a stretch. DT had WR1 stretches with Tim Tebow (who is probably the worst passing QB of recent memory) and his numbers blew Britt’s out of the water.

          It is cool to disagree, I just think a guy needs to have at least 50 catches or 800 yards in a season before we flash the “WR1 potential” tag on a guy. Loved the article though, sparks some great conversation.

  4. Jeff Beran says:

    Nice article, Ty. As a Britt owner, I needed this reassurance!

  5. Cory says:

    As a Britt owner who waits every year for him to break out, I can’t help but wish that he would end up in Denver. With Decker likely gone, the Bronco’s could replace him with a high upside guy that they could get cheap. And maybe playing in that franchise with the expectation of winning would help him get his head on straight.

    • Bobo says:

      Talk about a pipe dream, haha. I cannot see Peyton willing to put up with his antics. Britt seems destined to be an Oakland Raider.

      • Cory says:

        Pipe dream is the perfect way to sum it up. I gave up too much to get him years ago and feel committed to holding on to him. Until that dreaded day he goes to Oakland to die, I’ll be holding out hope he lands in a good situation.

        • SJ says:

          So is the way of many a dynasty player…

          Give up premium for a player that turns to trash.
          .. I know i’ve been in that boat before.

          With Britt, I’m not sure what I paid for him, all that time back in 2010, but definitely felt ok with cutting the cord at this time last year, and recently this year in opposite leagues.

          Sometimes you gotta let go and get something for nothing.

  6. Brian Bulmer says:

    As a Britt owner in many leagues I am hoping he finds a home that will help him grow as a person and a football player. I agree that Britt has all of the physical tools but lacks many necessary parts needed to play football above the shoulders.

    He is a great buy low this season and in some cases you could probably get him for little to nothing. Start up drafts he is a great late round flier. If I was looking to add depth at WR I would be looking to add him prior to free agency hoping he lands in a place that can help him and maximize his talent

  7. Johnny Bag of Donuts says:

    Got to tell you I don’t see it….Kid is a complete head case…what about all the off the field issues this kid has had? NO mention of that….the fact that Titans drafted Hunter in 2nd round says it all… they already had written Britt off going into his make or break year….Dude is done put a fork in him he doesn’t have the drive and now confidence is shot and he can’t catch a cold…he is not coming back to we a WR1 or even a WR3 at this stage his one and done contract will be just that…..

    • Ty Miller says:


      I mentioned his off the field issues leading to suspension in the second paragraph. Each run in with the law is well-documented and I didnt feel it necessary to list them all. When people think of Kenny Britt, they already know most of the issues surrounding him, that is why I lightly touched on it. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.


  8. SJ says:

    I like the opinion piece, but honestly Britt looked sub-par to his normal (pre-injury) self in 2012. The whole year was a complete disappointment. Sure he was recently recovered but I dont give many more knee (ACL/MCL) excuses anymore given how quickly player have come back recently and dominated the year following.

    2013 was a failure of epic, upon epic proportions that definitely shot any confidence most have in him.

    I dont think he’s as explosive and as talented as he once was, pre-injury, and the character concerns definitely will scare away teams. He’s unlikely to obtain a starting job, on a good passing offense in FA, at least not easily. I put those odds somewhere at 15-20% that he’ll actually see significant, lucrative playing time next year.

    Good luck to those who still believe, but I recently traded him for Boldin and think thats decent compensation for a contender, as they both have less than 3 years left in the league.

    Britt’s age is not the issue, but not the reason to believe he will suddenly put it all together, plus land in a premium locale.

    • Eric Hardter says:

      Good stuff, Ty.

      I’m still a Britt believer, especially considering the cost with which he can currently be acquired (next to nothing). If you have room for him on your roster, I’d definitely advise making a run at him.

      While it’s a bit of obvious hyperbole, I liken Britt (and Hakeem Nicks as well) to Randy Moss during his year in Oakland. Now, obviously neither is as talented as Moss, but you can tell when players are frustrated, know they’re on the way out and clearly aren’t giving 100%. But then Moss was acquired by the Pats and the next few years were history. Again, I’m not saying Britt (or Nicks) will afford similar results because they’re a.) not as talented and b.) no lock to land on a team led by a future HOF QB, but I think the people writing these guys off are doing so a bit prematurely.

      Just my opinion.

      • SJ says:

        I think thats a fair comparison, but sort of a convenient one too. Randy looked disenchanted in Oakland, and even Minnesota prior, but still could play. He had some decent games at times, and the talent still showed up on screen. Personally, I didnt see that with Britt.

        There’s been a lot of players that lacked motivation, which appeared to be their main issue, but you also have to factor in what they got left in the tank.

        If Britt looked explosive over the past two years, at any time, I’d definitely liken this to Moss circa Oakland. But he, and Nicks, look like theyre just limping along out there. Passion is one thing, I get that, but Britt and Nicks actually look done.

        Its weird knowing theyre both were a part of that solid draft class only a few years back. But then again, both have had significant injuries, and recovering from injuries back to form definitely takes high motivation.

      • Ty Miller says:

        Thanks, Eric.

        You and I are in the same boat in regards to Britt. The price is right to acquire him, but a deal needs to be struck before free agency is upon us. After that, the price could go up depending on where he lands.


  9. phantasy5 says:

    I’m kinda on the fence with this guy! Part of me wants to take a chance on him based on his age and prior success. The other part is saying “Run Away” and rather quickly. I’m pretty well off at WR so it’s not emminent that I run out and make a deal but when the injury bug hits being well stocked is nice. If I could get him dirt cheap it’s probably worth a gamble but otherwise I’d wish his owners well.

    • Ty Miller says:

      I’d feel perfectly comfortable offering a 2014 3rd for him, which most owners would be happy to accept at this point. Britt creates a huge divide among fantasy owners, as you can see in the previous comments, but if the price is right, why not take a chance? A 2014 3rd would be dirt cheap, especially if he lands in a good spot once free agency rolls around. There is a small window to grab Britt, right now. Even if he doesn’t turn out, a 3rd rd pick isn’t something to cry over if it’s considered a waste. Thank you for reading!


  10. Aaron says:

    The problem with Britt is that anyone who would be willing to sell him on the cheap has probably already done so. Anyone that has Britt has likely been holding out hope or recently acquired him on the cheap so in either case they want to see his value rise before selling. I would much rather take a shot on a rookie in the 3rd than to rely on one of the most unreliable receivers still stealing a paycheck.

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