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  1. ebsteelers says:

    what would you say is a fair range to draft chris johnson in for a dynasty start up?

  2. Jake Storm says:

    Excellent article Ty! Does the research you have done indicate more importance on age or career touches?

    I recently got some flack for unloading Adrian Peterson for rookie picks: 1.5, 1.9, 2.10 & Trent Richardson. I wanted to unload him while his trade value is still very high.

    I think part of the reason a player like Fred Jackson has been very productive into his 30’s is he has not had the wear & tear that other backs 5 years his junior have had given his low career touch totals.

    • Ty Miller says:

      Jake Storm,

      Thank you for the feedback, always appreciated! I think there is much more importance on total touches, and this is why I still prefer Jamaal Charles over Lesean McCoy in dynasty. I wouldn’t have given you any flack for that trade involving AP — I like it!

    • Crash Course says:

      I would’ve given you flack too. I think TRich is not very good and has a hard time finding the holes that are open. This happened in Cleveland also, the only reason he had good number his first year was he catches the ball great and goal line TD’s. I saw Donald Brown run behind the same O-line and had a great yards per carry. I think essentially you gave Peterson away for 1.5 and 1.9 picks. I agree Peterson has some mileage on him but were not talking about your average run of the mill back here. I also have to add Minnesota has a new OC in town and he loves to get his RB’s in space, which only helps prolong his career. I feel he has 2 years left of top 5 productivity with a 3rd in top 10. Just my .02

      Great article by the way!

  3. Jesse says:

    Nice to see # of touches players have. It’s a young mans game for sure – especially @ RB. Good stuff.

  4. fugoondo says:

    Darren McFadden thoughts?? Buy-low? Or Bye-Bye??

  5. Jim says:

    I picked up Joique Bell at the end of the season as a replacement for Sproles. I think Bell can give me production the next couple of years and is a similar back to Sproles. Sproles is obviously faster but Bell is more of a goalline option. I may try to flip Bell before the season but may also keep him as one of my 4 rbs.

    • Matt says:

      Not really seeing any similarities between Sproles and Bell other than some pass catching.

      If anything Bush is the Sproles in that offense.

  6. phantasy5 says:

    Welcome aboard the DLF train, Ty! Good stuff! I own CJ1K in 2 leagues and his production has been worrisome but with Lynch as my RB1 and him at RB2 I rode them to a title. I’ve done just what you talked about, by having proven guys carry the load while younger players await on the bench. I think I’m going to ride them out until redraft in 2 years and maybe by then Turbin, Michael,Vereen and Ball will be my horses as well as anyone from the next 2 drafts? Like you said it’s a gamble, and that’s what I love about Dynasty! Now if I only knew where CJ was going, I could be a little more at ease. It’s not like guys are beating down my door for CJ so I can live with him for 1-2 more years!

  7. Scott Peak says:

    I really enjoyed the article, Ty.

    Chris Johnson is an interesting player. The guy is frequently reviled amongst the fantasy community, yet he has been one of the most consistent top 12 RBs for the past few years. Given turnover is high at RB in the top 10-20 players, that has to count for something.

    • Ty Miller says:


      Thanks for reading! Chris Johnson is one of my personal favorite lightning rods among the fantasy community. The majority seem to despise Johnson, but they adore unproven, upside guys like CJ Spiller. I completely understand the need for future prospects, but sometimes the Old Faithfuls can get the job done just as well, if not better.


  8. Charles Paytton says:

    I have ridden AP to several SB victories in my dynasty league even though playing me cost me in this last SB. What would you say would be the minimum that you would take considering that in this 10 team leagues I have 8 first round picks in the next 3 years. Honestly I am inclined not to trade him. Currrently my other RBs are Martin, Lacy, L Bell and the Oakland 6 round pick whose name scape me now. Also consider that most teams don’t have multiple first round picks like me so it would have to be like 2014, 15 and 16 for instance at the most as this is how far it goes. I have the number 2, 5 and 7 picks this year.

    • Ty Miller says:


      I think you’re meaning Latavius Murray..?? That’s a good stable of young backs you have especially with all those 1sts! I would still see what I could get for AP in a trade. I don’t know what your other positions look like, but AP could rake in a very solid WR at this point.
      Thanks for reading.


    • BigD says:

      personally I would not trade AP this year. with the addition of norv turner as OC, he could be bigger then ever. look at the success turner has had with smith, Tomlinson, and now a chance with Peterson???? it will take time to bring a young qb around but they have tools at te, wrs are strong, and Peterson will be used heavily again. i’d use him one more year and try to get the most out of him after this year.

  9. RBDude says:

    Great article, hey what do you think Forte should fetch in rookie draft pick(s)? Is he worth more or less than the 1.01, say in a 2QB, 12 team, PPR league. Thanks.

    • Ty Miller says:


      In a 2QB league, I’d assume a QB will be the 1.01 spot. I don’t think you could get that for him at this point in his career, but the 1.03-1.05 spot should be in play along with a 2014 2nd pick, or a 2015 1st.
      Thanks for reading.


  10. Tyler Durden says:

    Nice article but I do think injuries have to be taken into account when looking at wear and tear on the body. A serious injury and subsequent recovery could easily be the equivalent of a season or two worth of touches. Lattimore would be an example that I would look to. He may be productive for a time but his longevity is surely in question.

    • Ty Miller says:

      Hi Tyler,

      That is a very good point and definitely an angle I look at when approaching a trade. Someone like Charles is 2+ years removed from a torn ACL and has had one concussion, but he hasn’t shown lingering effects that would make me concerned about the next 2-3 years. Players that tear ACLs aren’t any more likely to re-injure the knee than someone who hasn’t torn an ACL. A few of the guys I listed have had injury issues in the past, but sometimes that can work in your favor midst a trade. What I mean by that is, the owner is already nervous about a player with some injury history and will let him go for cheap. Of course, there is risk involved, but the price needs to be right for you to take on the risk of owning an older/”injury prone” player. Most people love LeSean McCoy in dynasty, and so do I, but he has had three concussions and is probably one away from missing a huge chunk of a season. Calculated risks are the name of the game. Thank you for reading and the comment.


  11. Brian says:

    I am surprised MJD isn’t mentioned in a RB AARP article. Do you think he has a year or two left in the tank?

    • Ty Miller says:

      Hi Brian,

      I don’t think MJD has much if anything left in the tank. He has been used very hard since he took over the starting role in Jacksonville, and though a few other guys have carried a similar workload, he has broken down a couple times in two years. He is a free agent this year but I think he is destined for a backup/committee role. Thank you for reading and taking the time to leave a comment.


  12. Fry from Futurama says:

    Buy low on Andre Brown?

    • Ty Miller says:

      I would, simply b/c he is so cheap to acquire. He wasn’t efficient last year and he has had injury woes, but assuming he can be had for a bag of chips, Id make an offer for him. Only do this if you’re a contender and could use some depth, though.
      Thanks for reading!

  13. Jeremy says:

    What about Arian Foster? Does he have anything left in the tank? Would trading for him now be a good idea?


    • Ty Miller says:

      I began back pedaling from Foster last year because I thought he was about to hit a wall due to overuse. He is a player that may be cheap enough at this point to send an offer for but I’d rather have Chris Johnson over Foster. Thank you for reading!


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