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  1. Buck says:

    Opinions wanted…..been offered trade. Des and Kyle Rudolph for josh Gordon. I also have pitta and ladarius green at tight end. I think I’m gonna pull trigger but I’m on the fence …

    • thestooge says:

      I wouldn’t do that. I think dez is the better WR in this trade anyway. If you like gordon more just do it straight up. Not worth adding the upside of rudolph.

    • Josh says:

      I would do that in a heartbeat. Dez is elite and so is Gordon, but QB and new OC is a downgrade to Gordon, and don’t forget he’s one strike away from a year suspension. You would have a surplus at TE’s and could look to trade one for a pick before the draft as well.

    • David says:

      You are person giving up Dez and Rudolph and getting Gordon right? If so, there is no way I would that trade. Dez for Gordon is about even. Keep Rudolph for sure. He is a big talent and has big time potential with Norv coming to town. Gordon is one binge away from a 1yr suspension, don’t forget. Try to deal Pitta or Green – someone will likely really overvalue Green.

    • Cameron Connally says:

      Don’t trade. Dez and Gordan are comparable but Dez is more proven and he has the better QB. He’s still so young too. If Gordan slips up again we could be looking at Justin Blackmon V2. Also, Green has a higher ceiling than Rudolph.

  2. Buck says:

    Thanks, I should have been more clear…. I’d be losing Gordon and getting des and rudolph.

  3. havoc says:

    Zach Miller should be happy, and his few dynasty owners too, if he is cut by Seattle. People has mostly forgotten but he put up more than decent numbers (career highs for a season of 66 catches and 805 yards) with JaMarcus Russell at QB.

  4. Buck says:

    Thanks for input guys. I just accepted the trade. I get dez, Rudolph, 4th rd pick. Give up Gordon 5 th rd pick. Always appreciate the feedback.

  5. thestooge says:

    Ya I thought you were giving up Dez and Rudolph for gordon. Great trade for you! As for the topic I can’t believe Finley is going to put his neck on the line. Didn’t all of his doctors say it wasn’t recommended to go back to football?!

  6. Cam says:

    What’s the general consensus on Trent’s value from the community here? RB1, RB2, Flex or back up?

    • Travis says:

      In my opinion Trent Richardson has three problems:

      1). The O-Line. There were games last year that Andrew Luck was running for his life every other down. I am not sure they have it together and while a year to gel helps I would be concerned that a single injury unglues this line entirely. Seattle did far better when they were down three of their starters. I’m not sure Indy can handle one goin down.
      2). Pep Hamilton. I haven’t really seen a true commitment to the run from him most of the previous season. Even when committing to “running the ball” there were games Richardson would get single digit rush attempts. Reggie Wayne coming back I think helps since it will help other receivers from getting lost in coverage but Rogers and Brazill flashed brilliance. I think they will commit to the run early but if he proves ineffective early there will be some serious questions, especially if Donald Brown shows any sign of life.
      3). Colt defense. Humbly I’d say this was he most overrated defense hands down this season. If Robert Mathis was nowhere to be found so weren’t the other ten players. If the defense puts them in a hole early, I would expect Richardson to be a non-factor. Donald Brown seems to be the better receiver of the two.

      With the above said, I would feel most comfortable flexing TRich until I see some signs of life; but RB2 would probably be OK if you had him there. RB1 is absolutely out of the equation until he returns to his rookie year form (if he does at all)

      • J DUB says:

        I think your right about only Flexing TRich. I wouldn’t even want him as my #2 right now. I watched plenty of Richardson this past year and there were plenty of holes to hit and he ran right by them. I personally think he has terrible vision as a RB. His yds per carry are horrible even his rookie year wasn’t that great. What helped him in Cleveland was his TD’s and catching the ball. I think he is an average running back with with great hands. I wish all the luck to those who have TRich.

  7. phantasy5 says:

    So sad to see Gonzo’s career over, but he’s a first ballot Hall of Famer for sure. He actually won me the title this year with his final performance on Monday Night Football. He’s truly a professional on and off the field and will be sorely missed especially on my team. Thanks Tony G. for all the years of incredible performances, too bad he didn’t win the Big One. I’ll most likely cut him when he announces his retirement, but if he holds out for a late season gig with a contender I don’t think he’s worth holding onto at all.

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