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  1. Paul says:

    Sammy Watkins or Torrey smith in the second year of a 10 team dynasty league

    • kcDemonSlayer says:

      I am drafting Sammy #1 overall in 2 of my 3 10 team dynasty leagues so I do like the guy. Basically you are asking would you trade Torrey Smith for the #1 overall pick in the rookie draft. I am excited to see what Kubiak is going to do with the Baltimore offense, but it really would not be that hard to match the output of the Torrey Smith we have seen thus far.

      • Luke says:

        I have a potential trade in the works to get pick 1.01 and give up picks 1.06 and 1.10.

        Do you think Sammy is the slam dunk #1 pick across most rookie drafts?

        I’m torn between wanting a sure-fire playmaker like Sammy at 1.01 or standing pat and keeping 1.06 and 1.10.

        My team is in complete rebuild mode in this 1 QB, 10 team 0.5 PPR league.

        I have no 2nd round picks, but I do have five 3rd round picks and this draft does seem to be deep with talent.

        • kcDemonSlayer says:

          After what happened with T-Rich this year, I’ll never consider any rookie an absolute slam dunk. As far as wide receivers go, you usually only get to choose 1 of 2 type of prospects. Either your prospect leans more towards route running and understanding the game, or your prospect leans more toward “raw” and physical tools. Sammy leans both ways. He may be the most physically gifted WR, and he may be the most polished WR as far as understanding defenses and route running….that is a rare combination.

          • Luke says:

            Thanks for the response.

            My dynasty league had the startup draft in 2012, so it wasn’t a rookie draft that year.

            Ironically enough I drafted T Rich in the startup draft and I agree that you never know what can happen with these prospects.

            Sammy seems like a stud and I like having this option so as the rookie draft approaches in mid-May, I need to at least consider the move.

  2. kcDemonSlayer says:

    2 1sts for Kendal Wright are you kidding me? He has maybe a 2nd round value and if you had some crazy man crush on the guy you could overpay with a 1st and nobody would deny you. I would keep the late 1sts and draft a TE and/or RB prospect….the mock drafts so far are looking pretty stacked through the 2nd round.

    But 1st I would definitely offer the picks for Alshon and Jamaal. If they don’t take it then add the players your would have to drop on your roster to make room for Alshon/Jamaal. Even if you have a prospect WR3/4 you could offer him in the trade because you are adding Alshon to your stable.

  3. SJ says:

    Just to piggie back off of that question about Draft Pick values – I justed moved the 1.10 for Vincent Jackson for a win-now roster, so I think thats about the range of value for late 1st round picks.

    Also think you could get young talent with late 1sts, but certainly in the form of less established perceived values like Dobson, R.Randall, or even Hunter. I’ve seen some trades involving them lately.

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