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  1. Michael says:

    Just a quick thought on the idea of trading Percy Harvin and a draft pick for a RB – “Eddie Lacy, Le’Veon Bell or CJ Spiller.” RB’s are valued so heavily in my league that the 3 players above could never be had for ANY WR even if coupled with a draft pick. There just aren’t that many legit RB1’s out there and GM’s in my league get extremely attached when they find one. Last season, I appeared stacked at WR so I decided to float my most valuable wide-out, Demaryius Thomas in search of a RB. Lynch, Martin, Spiller, Richardson, Morris, Rice, and even Reggie Bush offers were all rejected before I finally traded him for pick 1.02 and drafted Eddie Lacy. That was the best I could do for a consensus top 4 WR. For various reasons, I am happy I made the move but the risk that I had to take reflects the inherent difficulty in acquiring young RB1’s coming off promising seasons. Is this a problem in all dynasty leagues?

    • chris in chuck says:

      Your league appears to value RBs more than average. But the sentiment you express is held in other leagues out there (and a couple of mine).

      Still, the Reggie Bush owner should be whipped!! Bush is aging, he’s had injury issues and he’s in a RBBC. I would’ve had to defend the trade in E-mails in at least one league if I could’ve stolen Thomas plus a pick for Bush.

      And the Ray Rice owner wishes he had pulled the trigger! You have to watch those career carries numbers with 27 year old RBs. 1800 touches is a lot of wear and tear.

      You dodged a couple of bullets.

    • SJ says:

      No this is not a problem in a leagues, but I will state that prioritization of featured RB’s should be something all owners aware of, especially 14+ team leagues where you must start 2 backs each week. You absolutely need 3 featured backs to count on there, and anything less, in that format, your risking your team starting Kuhn, Tolbert and the likes. Acquiring RB’s and their handcuffs becomes inherent to winning in that format. You can always scrape together a TE and WR corps.

      • SJ says:

        *in all leagues

      • BAMNation says:

        meh – I was in 2 finals and made the playoffs in most of my 15 leagues with the likes of Ridley, Veeren, A Brown J Bell etc on my rosters going heavy on WR and TE. Ryan Mathews was a savior in 2 leagues at the end of the season, but that is anomoly for him!

        The 4 leagues where I had studs – McCoy, Charles and D Martin (each in one league and Charles&Martin in the 4th league) I made the playoffs but it was poor QB play that stopped me short of winning it all.

        In none league I had Schaub, Freemen, Locker and had to settle for McCown who was benched in time for the champioships…

        I agree with you 2 RB leagues are tough without a RB1, but most of those leagues start 3-4 WRs so you have to really find a balance. Even with depth at WR in the leagues you have to have the right WRs.

        No one wanted Den Moore, A Roberts but they got me points and won me games…. Hunter, Woods stepped up in other games as needed too and should be better where I picked them than most RBs

    • Vince says:

      Our league isn’t quite as bad as yours, but they seem to value RBs more than they should. It’s one of the reasons we’re considering turning our 2nd RB position into an RB/WR flex to even things out a bit. That way you can part with an RB and have it not cripple your starting lineup if you get a WR in return.

    • Luck says:

      First, I love this site. I’m also in a league where RBs are greatly valued. Out of curiosity, I checked my league’s rosters after reading about potential trade interest for Harvin. He’s not owned in my 12 team, non-ppr league. In other words, his owner didn’t think enough of him to keep him rostered, and the rest of us didn’t bother picking him up, therefore none of us have the option to make him one of our 3 keepers next season. That would not have been the case at all, had Lacy or Bell been dropped. As for trading away either Lacy or Bell, I wouldn’t be too interested in Harvin (even packaged with a top 4 pick) because landing a RB like Lacy or Bell would be exactly what I would hope to obtain for my keeper or dynasty team anyway. I would need Gordon in return for Lacy or Bell, and I’m not sure I’d be willing to do that.

      • Paul says:

        Why on earth would someone trade Gordon for Bell? I know I wouldn’t. I like to build around young WR talent. I wouldn’t trade Calvin for McCoy straight up, I wouldn’t trade Calvin for AP, I wouldn’t trade AJG for Charles, and I wouldn’t trade Julio for Forte – and I certainly wouldn’t move Gordon (whom I have as a top 4 overall dynasty wr) for a rb like Lacy or Bell whom are each more likely to get injured and to have shorter careers. I love taking advantage of leagues that overvalue rb’s. I stockpile elite Wrs. Then draft my rb’s – which sets me up for continued success. Then I watch other teams start wrs like Hartline, A.Roberts, J.Simpson, (insert any other avg – to below avg wr) while I start Calvin,Julio,Dez,AJG,and Gordon… That is a major long term advantage. Rb’s don’t last long – wr do.

        • Luck says:

          Paul, while I can understand why you would rather have Gordon over Bell, why on earth would you value WRs over RBs? Starting WRs are plentiful compared to starting RBs. The fewer of them there are, the more you need one. I’m wondering what caliber RBs you end up with on your roster. Especially once the injuries start mounting at that position, as you noted. Not that WR Julio didn’t get injured, as you didn’t note. Bell is undervalued. He’s a big, 21 year old pass catching RB with nowhere to go but up. He may move ahead of Lacy next year, who is ranked #5 (based on his rookie season, no less) among RBs in the dynasty rankings here. They’re both going to move up the chart not only as they excel, but as those ahead of them age. Would you also dismiss an offer of Lacy (I mentioned Bell OR Lacy, btw) for Gordon? I wouldn’t trade either young RB for Megatron (29 in September)in my keeper league. Nor would I trade either of them for Adrian Peterson. But the frustrated owner who has been trying season after season to add a young stud RB capable of double-digit TDs (for years to come) might not be able to pass up Bell or Lacy for Gordon.

  2. Matt says:

    Great Article. I had some questions regarding whom I should target in this years upcoming rookie draft in my league. This is a 12 team non PPR league in which we start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF and roster 17. Currently my team as is stands is: T. Brady, L. McCoy, A. Foster, D. Bryant, M. Colston, J. Reed, (No Kicker rostered), Cardinals D, with my bench consisting of K. Cousins, A. Ellington, J. Todman, J. Maclin, S. Johnson, D. Hopkins, J. Hunter, K. Wright, M. Bennet, D. Allen. I have picks 1.03 & 1.06. I will have to drop 2 players. Can you tell me whom you would drop and whom you would target in the draft?

    • Ross says:

      I would probably drop one of Bennet and Allen and Todman. As for who to choose at 3 I would take the best WR still on the board (whoever drops from watkins, lee, evans) and then, depending on situation, an RB like hyde or sankey

    • verb says:

      I would drop Stevie Johnson ad Jeremy Maclin. I think they offer the least amount of potential of all the players you have and during the offseason, potential is all I value from non-garaunteed starters. Conversly, I would consider WR with either of your first two picks but I would also strongly consider monitoring the QB situation. I actually believe this is a strong QB class this year and with Brady aging and no garuantee from Cousins, now may be the best time to invest in a future QB.

    • vixen says:

      I would drop cousins first. no reason to hold him. then I would drop either bennet or d allen.

  3. Wes Anderton says:

    Hey Eric,

    Struggling over an offer, and wondering if I’m overthinking it…PPR 16 teamer, start 8. Been offered Demariyus Thomas, for the 1.7/1.12 Rookie pics, plus Rishard Matthews,G.Tate and Marques Wilson. Main Players in my team are Rodgers, Chris Johnson, Harvin, Britt, Miles, Jimmy Graham, and some other WR4s…Do I take this or do I need help in too many positions to deal away both my firsts? Cheers

    • Jeff Haverlack says:

      Hi Wes,

      I’d take that in a heartbeat. 1.7 and 1.12 aren’t sure bets by any stretch and DT is a top receiver that you’ll have for a long time.

      I wouldn’t even lose sleep over accepting that.

  4. Kris says:

    You shouldn’t even be asking about this deal, you should have taken it already. If you have to rely on two guys that shouldn’t even be rostered (Britt and Austin) as starters then you are in trouble. And it isn’t like Percy has been anything other than totally unreliable for the better part of two years. You are getting an unquestioned stud for 5 prospects…take the stud and work the wire for your depth moving forward. In a 16-team league you will have a nice core with Rodgers, DT, and Jimmy G. And it will be even better if Percy ever decides to show up for you to give you options to trade him.

  5. Wes says:

    Cheers for the reply Kris, I did think i was over thinking it a little….decision made then I guess :)!

  6. Joe says:


    I am in a 10 team Dynasty PPR league which starts 3 QBs, RBs, and WRs, and 1 flex, TE, DEF, and K and keep as many players as you want. Here is my roster as of the end of the season:

    Matt McGloin
    Jason Campbell
    Keenan Allen
    DeAndre Hopkins
    Josh Gordon
    Eddie Lacy
    Donald Brown
    Montee Ball
    Delanie Walker
    Cordarrelle Patterson
    Andy Dalton
    Chad Henne
    Chris Givens
    Jermaine Gresham
    Robert Woods
    Jeremy Kerley
    Brian Quick
    Joseph Randle
    James Starks
    A.J. Jenkins
    Kenny Britt
    Ryan Mallett
    Andre Roberts
    Johnathan Franklin
    Sidney Rice
    Vick Ballard.

    I blew up my team at the beginning of last year because all the “experts” indicated it was a weak draft class. Needless to say I was proved right in acquiring all the picks I did. However this meant it is two years running in last.

    I want to know who you think would be good to unload from the team. So far I think:

    Sidney Rice
    Vick Ballard
    Jeremy Kerley
    Brian Quick
    Joseph Randle
    Chris Givens
    Jermaine Gresham
    A.J. Jenkins
    Kenny Britt

    But I am unsure what would be a good trade for them.

    The QBs, save Dalton, are roster filler until draft hoping something happens with them. I have 2 first, second, and third round picks this year.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  7. Joe Kuhns says:

    In our 10 team, Non-PPR league I made a bunch of moves during the 2013 season in hopes to win it in 2014. My team is stacked at receivers, but not as potent in other areas. What would you do with my team in order to make it a better/more balanced team. We start 1-QB,2-RB,3-WR,1-TE,1-K,2-DE/DT,1-LB,1-CB/S

    Here is my team. We roster 25 players throughout the year, but have to cut it down to 15 players before the rookie draft.

    here is my team.

    QB – RG3, Roethlisburger
    RB – Reggie Bush,Chris Johnson,Trent Richardson,Darren McFadden, Rishard Jennings
    WR – Josh Gordon, Julio Jones,Justin Blackmon, Hakeem Nicks, Michael Crabtree
    TE – Jimmy Graham
    K – None
    DE – J.J Watt
    LB – Paul Posluszny
    S/CB – Morgan Burnett

  8. jb says:

    Thoughts on this trade. Basically giving up depth/benchwarmers for Gio, a handcuff and an upside player. But mostly for Gio.

    I give:
    Sam Bradford
    Montee Ball
    Bryce Brown
    Mike Wallace
    The rights to Brandon Coleman

    I get:
    Gio Bernard
    Knile Davis
    Justin Hunter

    My lineup before trade
    QB – Wilson, Tannehill, Bradford, Mallett
    RB – Charles, Spiller, Stacey, Ball, Brown, L. Murray
    WR – Green, Gordon, Jeffery, Hopkins, Maclin, Wallace, Wheaton

  9. Jacob says:

    30 Team PPR Keeper league but I’m wondering what you guys think of this offer sent to me today regardless of league or team make up:

    Him send:
    Percy Harvin
    Eddie Lacy

    I send:
    Dez Bryant
    DeMarco Murray

    I love Lacy and the idea of getting him now in a keeper league is definitely blinding me but can any of us trust Percy? I’ve good depth at WR in case the injuries come back but needed to bounce it off some knowledgeable guys who aren’t as biased as I am.

    • Luck says:

      I didn’t know they made 30 team keeper leagues. Anyway, as much as I like Lacy, I’d rather have Murray and Bryant than Lacy and Harvin. Lacy and Murray are closer together than Bryant and Harvin are. Your team is more balanced as is.

      • Jason says:

        Thanks, every time I think to myself “I should sell high on Murray since Im worried about his health” I look over at Harvin and talk myself right out of it. I think you’re right and have rejected it.

        • Luck says:

          Jason, (not Jacob, eh?) selling high on Murray is different than letting Bryant go as part of a deal to get Lacy. The only thing even about that proposed trade is that it’s 2 for 2. Also, if I was a Murray owner, I’d think twice about selling high anyway. He only missed 2 games this season, and led all RBs (with at least 200 attempts)in yards per carry. The guy who owns him in my main league isn’t letting him go anywhere, Murray was 1 of his 3 keepers going into the season.

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