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  1. Alan says:

    Hey Ryan great job as usual w/ the articles this season. I’m in a dynasty 1ppr 6pts TDs for everyone. I unfortunately own the 1.2 and the 1.9 or 1.10(still needs to be played this week for either 3rd or 4th place). My lineup is:
    D Martin, G Bernard, P Thomas, J Todman, CJ Anderson, C Michael
    Cobb, K Wright, J Edleman, D Rodgers, Q Patton, K Stills
    J Cook, R Griffin, L Green
    D Carpenter,
    Bengals D
    WW does not open until week 3 of the season. I tried to get it changed but not happening.
    I left out a few players because they will b dropped during rookie draft.
    Who would you be looking to aquire w the 1.2? I know we aren’t even done w the season but I want to know who I should start looking at. Sorry I just have to ask lmao !!

    • Ryan McDowell says:

      As of now, I think most view Sammy Watkins as the favorite for the 1.01 pick. That leaves you with plenty of options at 2. I’d likely take Marqise Lee. I think he is a great talent who had a down year. Also, I think WR is the spot you could use the most help.

      Good luck!

  2. Coach says:

    one of my biggest mistakes in years of dynasty football was buying into david wilson and trading for him.

    i still had a pretty good year… lead my league in points scored and had 10 wins…but lost in week 15 due to poor performances from Demaryius and Julius Thomas combined with facing Jamal Charles…

    But my running backs are old (or in Ben Tate’s case…suck). He was supposed to be the young one.

    Arian Foster
    Andre Brown/Wilson

    • SJ says:

      It could always be worse…

      Losing Wilson (and owners who also bought on L.Miller) obv hurts. But history has told us that the RB position is extremely volatile and constantly changing each year. And, from the look of your roster, I see you believe in amassing stock over obtaining just a few top tier players at the position. That will likely work out well for you. Even if more RB’s get added, then bust, having the likes of Moreno, Brown and even Tate, they could come in handy given the chance they play meaningful snaps. Its a solid strategy, so I’d say you shouldnt be overly concerned.

  3. Andrew L. says:

    I wanted to share one of my dynasty teams and see what offseason moves you think I should do. I won this league and its arguably one of my best squads. I feel that if played correctly I can dominate this league for years to come: Cousins, Luck, Bernard, R. Mathews, C. Michael, B. Tate, Ridley, D. Bryant, AJ Green, J. Gordon, Desean Jackson, Maclin, Hunter, Rogers, Eifert, and Gronk…a few of my thoughts..try and package Desean and Gronk and see if I can get the Graham owner to bite, as I’m getting worried with Gronk. Or maybe instead i.could get Amaro at 1.12 to add depth for keeping Gronk. My other thought was using Mathews good season to unload him with Desean for a top echelon back. Or do you think I should just stand pat? My final thought was trading going after Megatron with Gordon.

    • Andrew L. says:

      Its PPR with flex lineups….3RBS/1WR, 2RBS/2WRS,, or 1RB/3WRS…obviously I normally go with the last option

    • Ryan McDowell says:

      Hey Andrew,
      Obviously, that’s a great team that should be competitive for the next few years at least. I like a couple of your ideas. I would actually keep Gronk, but I like the idea of adding Amaro/Ebron at 1.12.

      I have been impressed by Mathews this year, but I still would be looking to flip him, and adding DJax for an upgrade is a good plan. The main RB I’d target is Gio, but you already have him. Could always check the price on McCoy or Charles.

      I would keep Gordon for sure. You don’t need Calvin at this point.

      Guys I’d move if getting good value:

      • Andrew L. says:

        Thanks for your input! I find it is important to always try and improve no matter how solid your squad may be, but also makin sure not to make deals just for the sake of doing so. Just want to approach it cautiously and be sure not to weaken my team by making any questionable choices. Thanks again!

  4. Jarred says:

    I just don’t get with Lamar miller when they give him the carries they tend to win and his YPC is always real good when he gets over 8 touches. How he gets 15 for a solid 61 than down to 3 is just baffling

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