11 Responses to “The Dynasty Aftermath: Week Fifteen”

  1. mratlanta says:

    In my primary re-draft league I was the #1 seed in the playoffs, thanks in large part to Peyton, Graham and Gordon. I lost to the lowest seeded team thanks to terrible performances from 2 of them and mediocrity from the other. Oh well, such is fantasy football!

    • Adam says:

      I feel your pain…in a redraft I was also the top seed and lost with a lineup of Cam, Moreno, Morris, AJ Green, Demaryius, Alshon, Jimmy G, Bears D/ST (who scored a TD), and Gano (who had 13 points)…I figured it was impossible for this team to lose.

      In my dynasty, I have Peyton, Moreno, Mathews, AJ Green, Decker, Jimmy G, Tony G, Bills D/ST, and Dawson as my starters this week (as the #1 seed and high scorer as well) and lost on Herculean efforts by Dez, Brady, and Justin Tucker.

      Oh well, we can only put together the best roster and best lineup decisions and the rest is up to fate.

  2. RS says:

    Thank god someone finally recognized Ryan Mathews! I have owned him on my dynasty league for 3 years and he finally seems to be getting there. Although now that we have acknowledged it he will probably get hurt next week and lose me the championship…

    • Adam says:

      Yeah…I bought him in the offseason (to be my RB3 behind Morris and MJD) in a dynasty (and I drafted him in the 50th overall at 5.02 in a startup. Moreno emerged in one league so as a RB4, it is hard to do better than Mathews.

    • SJ says:

      To his owners fault – it may have been too little to late with Mathews. He’s on a great PPR run, but def was spotty early on in the season and was tough to see when his good games were coming. The REC’s and his GL prowess has helped him a lot recently. No one probably expected that.

  3. Ebron says:

    Re: Cousins. Were you speaking in terms of redraft? Unless one is in a large roster dynasty (I am not. 18 player roster), holding Cousins would be a wasted roster spot, no?

    • Ken Kelly says:

      I don’t think holding Cousins in a dynasty league is a mistake at all. An 18 player roster would make it tough, but he should be rostered in bigger leagues for sure. With as many holes as the Redskins have, they may just fetch a draft pick for him in the off-season.

  4. SJ says:

    Destroyed by J.Charles this week after putting up the second highest total only to lose by a few points after his 60 burger. Lost every week I played a team with him this year, across multiple leagues. I must say I’m starting to hate that man.

    With all the injuries this year, you’d think he (once considered a fringe back) would lose durability — nope. Unstoppable.

  5. dave says:

    Jamaal Charles knocked me out of both leagues that I was in the playoffs. It was simply an effort that should have put any owner of him over the top. It wasn’t like my team rolled over either. I had my 2nd highest scoring week and got beat by 31. Amazing.

  6. Rob says:

    Would cousins be worth droppin eli Manning for in a deep 10 team league starting 1 qb

  7. jeff rumbold says:

    My season is over in my 2 dynasty leagues. I’d like to thank you for some insighful information, especially the heads up on Julius Thomas. I had Brooyles and Vincent Brown on my roster before you were touting them, those 2 didn’t work out as well. What are your thoughts on Kelce from K.C. long term?
    16 team PPR.

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