3 Responses to “Monday Morning Hangover: Week Ten”

  1. VoiceofUnreason says:

    It was White’s first game back against Seattle. If anyone expected a big game they were crazy. I think he’ll be a huge factor in the last month of the season and is a great buy-low if people are worried.

    • Avery Beck says:

      Ya seriously, telling people to stay completely away from the Falcons sticks out like a really bad piece of advice. Sherman and the Seahawks have shut down healthier and better offenses. Yesterday’s game went exactly as I expected it to. If Roddy hadn’t come back and the Seahawks didn’t have to worry about covering him that game would have been ALOT worse I think.

      Here’s some advice, wait until Roddy gets beat up on by Revis this week, then buy him and laugh as he finishes the season being a target and reception hog.

      Really, I’m not even ready to write off Matt Ryan. This is basically the same offense that went like 15-1 a few seasons ago, before they got Julio. Sure, everyone is a few years older, but Ryan is too and and better than he was. With a healthy Roddy, Gonzalez, and Steven Jackson, which really we are seeing for the first time this season, I think Ryan has enough weapons to make some noise this season. Ryan gets the Bills, Packers, and Redskins weeks 13-15. Should be interesting.

      Steven Jackson is the one player who I am losing some confidence in, but really I won’t be surprised to see him really punish some weaker defenses down the stretch.

      • Jarrett Behar says:

        White gets Revis Week 11, but then gets Saints, Bills, Packers, Redskins in 12-15 (49ers Week 16). Shaping up like a decent play for the end of the regular season and most of the fantasy playoffs IMO.

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