5 Responses to “Instant Analysis: Josh Freeman signs with Minnesota”

  1. Matt says:

    As a Freeman and Rudolph owner, I’m hoping for the best in this signing. Ponder has ruined Rudolph thus far, and my TE2 Gresham isn’t exactly shining either.

  2. Jacob Feldman says:

    I think this is a sign the Vikings have decided that Ponder is not the long term starter. Before they spend another high draft pick on a quarterback in 2014 or chase a free agent, they just decided to give a young quarterback (Freeman) a try. Maybe they can turn him around and he could be their starter of the future. It “only” costs them 3 million to find out if he could be. If it turns out that he can be productive, it is quite the steal.

    Fantasy owners won’t be very happy with this though as it makes all of the pass catchers terribly inconsistent.

  3. Michael says:

    Inconsistent – Not a worry, I have Rudolph as my main TE and am just happy that the Vikes might have picked up someone who at least can through the ball, even if he is inconsistent.

    2013 Stats:
    Ponder – 2900 YDs
    Freeman – 4000 YDs

    I look at that is a 25% chance for an increase in points!

  4. Chris says:

    So since this was posted some things have changed

    Bills signed QB Thaddeus Lewis off their practice squad and announced he will start Week 6 against the Bengals.

    Raiders released QB Matt Flynn

    Vikings coach Leslie Frazier said new QB Josh Freeman isn’t a candidate to start in Week 6

  5. jnyc says:

    “Other teams were likely a better fit for Freeman”

    Which other teams were a better fit? The Bills, so he could just hold down the fort until Manuel returns? Oakland, so he could be in a competition with Pryor? The Vikings are clearly the best fit of his choices as he has the chance to become the face of that franchise – he might not do it, but he has the chance which is more than any other team would have offered.

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