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  1. I’m shocked but I think I can understand the reasoning to some degree. I would HATE to be a Browns fan however. I won’t be surprised to see ticket burnings on the front doorstep of the stadium over this. The Browns are obviously tired of having no face of the franchise at QB. How long have they been chasing this now? They have to be making a play to end the QB search, fully understanding that RB is the easiest position to replace on the field. There is little reason to bring back Weeden as the starter now. They have entered the Bridgewater derby. And with other decent arms coming out of the 2014 draft, it’s a calculated risk to land one here. Additionally, it seems that there were at least some internal issues about Richardson, be it health, work ethic or fit …. management’s statements notwithstanding. Sorry Browns fans, a dark day for sure.

  2. SJ says:

    Okay? Is it just me or does someone else think from his constant tweets that Irsay is trying to be a celebrity GM, of Mark Cuban capacity. Or is he just on something.. straight up weirdo.

    Anyway… umm, seriously what just happened? I’ll I’m left with is why Browns? Why? You just drafted him…

    • Has to be other internal issues. Even an unnamed player mentioned things that TRich has to work on and that he isn’t surprised. Still shocked and that is horrible value for him but I guess I’ll give the Browns the benefit of the doubt here. But I doubt they’ll get that from CLE faithful

      • SJ says:

        Umm I guess??

        Not questioning you at all Jeff, just the Browns.

        Eventho he maybe a total bust eventually (which is definitely NOT the case with TRich) you don’t just give up on a top 3 pick for, what, a mid to late first rounder?? Horrible deal. Seriously. If Harvin and others could clearly get 2 First’s, wouldnt Richardson be able to get something close to that, or more?? At least shop him around, no?

        Just crazy

        • Ken Kelly says:

          I think this goes to show how devalued running backs are in the NFL at this point. We first see a draft with NO RBs taken in round one, then see a top three pick traded for a mid-to-late first the very next year. Times are changing.

  3. Adam says:

    Wow. I did NOT see this one coming. Since Richardson is the anchor of one of my fantasy leagues, my hope is that you’re spot on with the rise in value. Bradshaw is a walking foot injury, but there has been a lot of “1-2 punch” talk regarding the Colts backfield, too.

  4. Ken Kelly says:

    I really don’t see many running backs worth a top three pick in the NFL Draft and believe T-Rich was overdrafted in the first place. The Browns clearly need an upgrade at quarterback and have to believe the combination of something like Teddy Bridgewater and a mid-round rookie (or soon-to-be FA like Ben Tate or Darren McFadden) are better than the combination of Weeden and Trent Richardson.

    From a value standpoint, I don’t think it’s a bad deal for them at all. Their predecessors were the ones who drafted Richardson at that spot and he had yet to show the dynamic ability of someone worthy of going that high, like Adrian Peterson.

    That being said, it has to be pretty tough to see any team basically throw in the towel and give up after two weeks. This trade just makes the Browns rebuilding process that much longer. It’s obviously bad news for Weeden, Hoyer or any other quarterback on the roster, but could be good long-term for players like Cameron and Gordon if the Browns use those two #1s to move up and land a player like Bridgewater.

    If the NEXT QB in Cleveland flops, though…oh boy.

  5. Zach says:

    So is TRich startable this week?

    • Jeff Beran says:

      Great question. If you have solid options, I wouldn’t start TRich. If it’s between TRich and somebody like Jason Snelling, you’ve gotta roll with him.

      • Duck says:

        I’m not….I’m actually sitting TR going against SF, plus lack of offensive reps….and starting Snelling vs Miami….S.Jackson went down for me too…luckly I’m playing a bottom of the league opponent this week..

  6. johnnyd says:

    In a way this isn’t too surprising at all. Lombardi has never been a Weeden fan. In fact, he was a pretty vocal critic before taking over in Cleveland, saying that Weeden is not the answer for the Browns, and that it was a mistake drafting him. Remember the speculation at this year’s draft that Lombardi would take a QB with their 1st pick or trade up to get one? Just because that didn’t happen doesn’t mean he’s changed his mind on Weeden at all. Think about it. Next year’s draft is where the best and potentially really great QB’s are. Not this year’s crop.

    Now, armed with two first round draft picks for next year, one of which is likely to be very high now, they’re clearly going for a QB. Weeden’s days are numbered. Maybe the Jets will want him? My guess is if Hoyer is even half decent, Weeden’s injury may keep him out a bit longer. :) Very interesting indeed…

  7. Tommy L says:

    I know it’s a new completely new management in Cleveland but did they not know going into the season that Brandon Weeden wasn’t the future? He was drafted at 28 and still needed to develop. How many QBs develop at 28?

  8. Jacob Feldman says:

    Something just doesn’t smell right about this to me. Even if it was a different administration that drafted him, the current administration would need to see something that they really didn’t like to give up on a top 3 pick in a little more than a year.

    This gives me a really uneasy feeling in my gut and I’m not even a Richardson owner. I don’t know if it is health, motivation, off the field issues, or what it is but I just can’t shake the feeling that there is more to this story. This just doesn’t happen in the NFL.

    • Scott Peak says:

      I agree Jacob. Something doesn’t sound right. But, this reminds of when Marshawn Lynch got run out of town from Buffalo. Nobody wanted him, then he turns into a top 10 RB with Seattle. Bad organizations make poor decisions, and good teams profit from their mistakes. I think TRich will flourish in the Indy offense, and Cleveland will have made yet another mistake with player personnel. To me, it’s incomprehensible that Cleveland would trade an elite talent for below-market value, have no talent at RB to replace TRich, all but give up on their developing QB in Weeden, and essentially give up on the season before week 3. I feel bad for Browns fans. They had an elite RB, Gordon, Cameron, a solid Oline and a upcoming defense. I feel like Lombardi and Banner threw away all of it, and if they can’t get Bridgewater, they are going to look even worse.

      • Jacob Feldman says:

        Lynch had a well documented off the field history of issues when Buffalo traded him. They were expecting it to keep going. While the Lynch trade was unexpected, it at least made sense.

        I just can’t wrap my head around this one.

        • Scott Peak says:

          My conclusion is, it comes down to a bad organization over-analyzing the situation and making a highly risky move that is likely to alienate their fan-base and make them look worse long-term. If they don’t get Bridgewater, they look bad. If they have to trade a huge fortune to get Bridgewater, they still look bad. Even if they get Bridgewater, they have to develop him, and their track record is dubious in cultivating talent. The best move for the Browns was to build from their nuclear of a talented defense, solid Oline, Gordon, Cameron and TRich. The new administration is stubborn and let their egos get in the way. I saw it many times in San Diego, more recently with AJ Smith firing Schottenheimer after a 14-2 season, then Norv Turner wrecked the Chargers. Cleveland will regret this one when TRich is scoring 15+ TDs for Indy and they win a Super Bowl.

          • Duck says:

            As a TR owner…I love it….As for the Browns..just do what Jimmy Johnson did, and start your scrubs all season…even doing that, they might have a hard time doing worse than Jacksonville!! Lol

    • The Coach says:

      yep that is what i told my buddies. either he has one of the worst work ethics ever, is seriously covering up an injury or he’s addicted to crack, meth or is juiced up with PED’s and the front office knew about it.

      I think it has to be one of those things. NFL teams don’t just trade their franchise player 2 weeks into the season.

      • Scott Peak says:

        I thought the same thing initially, Coach, but we are talking about the Browns. Plus, Indy felt good enough about TRich to trade for him, and I have way more faith in the Indy front office than Cleveland. I think this is an example of a historically poor organization making a bad decision, and a historically good organization pouncing at the right time. If we start worrying about TRich, we have to remember the Browns are passing judgement on him, and I can’t rely on their front office to make the right decisions, at least not for my fantasy football teams.

    • Warrioor Poet says:


      I stumbled across an interesting take on this from forbes, who speculate that the reasons may not be entirely about re-building.

  9. Ken Kelly says:

    Problem for me with this strategy is that even if the Browns try to tank things, I can’t imagine they end up worse than the Jags, who also need a QB badly. They must also think highly of Tahj Boyd and others.

    • Chris in Chuck says:

      The Browns and Jags play this season.

      Loser is the winner?

    • Vendetta says:

      Perhaps with Chud’s experience in Carolina they might be more interested in a guy like Mariota?

    • Scott Peak says:

      Good point, Ken.

      Here are my feelings on this deal:

      1. If the Browns are trying to position themselves to get Bridgewater, that is a tactical error. The only way Cleveland gets Bridgewater is if they pick first. No matter how good Clowney is, I can’t see him getting picked ahead of Bridgewater, and that means Cleveland needs to pick first to get him. If Cleveland doesn’t get the first pick, they aren’t going to get Bridgewater. I know popular opinion is that Cleveland is stacking 1sts to make a run at Bridgewater. But, how many times has trading out of the first overall pick worked, when a franchise QB has been available? John Elway got traded for three firsts, and that didn’t work out for Baltimore. The Chargers traded Eli Manning for Philip Rivers plus picks, and prevailing opinion was the Chargers robbed New York. Of course, Eli won two Super Bowls and the Chargers got zero trophies. Heck, Cleveland was crazy enough to trade out of position to get RG3, and everyone lauded them for fleecing Washington. But, looking at Cleveland vs Washington now, who is in better shape? Washington by a mile. My point is, teams should never pass on an opportunity to draft a franchise QB, especially in a pass-happy NFL. If the Jags get that first pick, Cleveland will probably panic, like they did when they picked Brandon Weeden. The Browns had a nucleus of talent on offense, such as TRich, Weeden, Gordon, Cameron and a talented offensive line. But, Lombardi was stubborn and refused to give it a chance. Ultimately, this decision will burn the Browns yet again.

      2. Never, ever, ever trade an elite talent for below market value. I don’t care if the RB position is devalued or not. If you have an elite talent, and can’t get anything more than a mid to late 1st, don’t trade him. Jamaal Charles, Adrian Peterson, Matt Forte, Marshawn Lynch and Doug Martin are all elite RBs, and do we expect KC and TB to sell their studs at RB for a mid to late 1st? That’s crazy IMO.

      3. If Teddy Bridgewater ends up in Cleveland, good luck to anyone that drafts him in dynasty. Norv Turner or not, Cleveland is a black hole for talent development (sorry Browns fans). Bridgewater would be better off pulling an Eli Manning, refuse to play for them, and push for a trade. Once again, Cleveland is left holding the bag.

      I think this trade is an example of an excellent organization, the Colts, profiting from poor decision-making by a bad organization.

      That’s my opinion on it, but I could be wrong.

      • Jeff Beran says:

        Hey Scott, I agree with almost everything you’re saying but I take issue with two things.

        1. You’ve mentioned twice that the Browns got “below market value” for Trent. What evidence is there to support that claim? Market value intrinsically means that someone or something is only worth what somebody is willing to pay for them. Can we definitively say that there were better offers to be had? I don’t think we can make that claim.

        2. In regards to Cleveland being a “black hole for talent”, I mostly agree with you but I said the same thing about the Bungles and missed out on AJ Green across the board because of it. If anything, Cleveland’s in-state rivals down the road taught me a very valuable lesson just recently.

      • Kevin says:

        “Heck, Cleveland was crazy enough to trade out of position to get RG3, and everyone lauded them for fleecing Washington.”

        That was St. Louis, not Cleveland.

        • Scott Peak says:

          I see your point Jeff. Value is determined by what the market is willing to pay. I just think the value of TRich is worth more to Cleveland then a mid to late 1st. I think market value is not enough to compensate the Browns for his worth to the team. I don’t think a mid to late 1st is fair value for a potentially elite, young RB. Would a mid to late 1st be enough for Jamaal Charles? AP? Doug Martin? Same scenario. If having a franchise QB is vital enough to undersell an elite asset, then TB, Minny and KC should sell JC, AP and DM for a similar price. But, I don’t think that ever happens, and that’s because those franchises know better.

          Yeah, I got that mixed up. You’re right. Thanks for pointing it out. I think trading out of a position to get a franchise QB is extremely risky, and if the Browns’ strategy is to get Bridgewater at all costs, that could easily blow up in their face. I just don’t trust Cleveland, and I trust Indy’s front office much, much more.

          • Jeff Beran says:

            That might be true but losing TRich makes the Browns that much worse which gives them that much better of a draft pick. Thus, it actually improves their odds of landing Bridgewater (or whomever) and provides them value in an addition by subtraction sort of way. Plus, I think we can all agree that there must be some sort of behind-the-scenes information we’re missing, especially given the timing. Lastly, as much as we love TRich in the fantasy community, I don’t think he’s anywhere near Charles, AP, or Martin in the real NFL community, especially not AP and Charles.

          • Scott Peak says:

            If Cleveland is doing this for Bridgewater, that is a huge risk and if they aren’t picking 1.01, they might not get him at all. No matter how much they offer, a team like Jacksonville or Oakland might not take it. John Elway, Eli Manning and RG3 were franchise QBs traded to other teams, and the teams who traded them got a huge haul but still came up short relative to the team who got the franchise QB. The Browns only hope is if a team with a franchise QB, like Carolina, gets the top pick. Of course, then they might have to vastly overpay to get Bridgewater. I just think it is a high-risk strategy and it more likely to fail. Fairly bold move for a team with a long track record of poor results.

          • Jeff Beran says:


            I don’t know that it’s specifically for Bridgewater but I’ve gotta imagine that it’s specifically for one of the QBs. Lot’s of franchise QBs have been traded for, sure, but the most recent ones have been drafted by their own team (Luck, Newton, RG3, Ryan, etc.). Plus, I don’t know that you can count RG3 or Eli in the “traded for” argument since both of those were draft day trades with specific circumstances (the Rams already had their QB and Eli threw a temper tantrum and got his way). It probably is a strategy destined for failure (this is Cleveland we’re talking about, after all) but with two stud pass catchers (Gordon, Cameron) in the mix, it’s probably one worth taking, especially if they’ve come to the conclusion that Weeden isn’t their guy. If, however, Weeden does turn out to be their guy by some miracle, well then they get a shot to draft Jadeveon Clowney in the 1st and a RB that better fits their offense with their second 1st round pick. It’s not an ideal situation by any means but at least they’re willing to pull out all the stops to try and escape the NFL cellar.

          • Scott Peak says:

            If the Browns had a track record of success, I’d be on board with it. But, I just cannot trust that organization to make a logical move. There is more than one way to get a QB that can win titles for a team. Kurt Warner. Denver and New Orleans got Pro Bowl QBs for almost nothing. Green Bay traded for Brett Favre. Tony Romo wasn’t even drafted. Big Ben was the 11th pick. Brees was second round pick. Trent Dilfer. Tom Brady was a 6th round pick. If Cleveland had confidence in their scouts, they wouldn’t trade TRich just to have a better shot at Bridgewater. Unless they are 100% sure they will get Bridgewater, it is a very risky move and looks like desperation to me. A good QB can be found in all rounds, and they have Norv Turner, one of the best at developing them. This move just looks like a panic move and an act of desperation.

  10. Trent Richardson says:

    I was in here not too long ago because I read somewhere that you should sell high on me. Many of you in here can’t seem to wrap your brains around the idea that it just wasn’t a good fit for me in Cleveland. I work my tail off during the offseason, I am a model citizen, and I’m NOT a locker room cancer. Many of the haters out there are trying to FIND a way to blame me or an injury. It’s stupid (can I get away with that). Getting traded to Indy was the best thing that could have happened to Andrew and me. Relax and quit looking for things that aren’t there. The Browns are in rebuild mode and want to become the Detroit Lions of the AFC. They know we don’t stand a chance with Weeden in there. It’s full rebuild and I wanted NO part of that. I came here to tote the pill, not pass protect all second half. Gotta go pick up my jersey and hat now. Haters keep on hating. Your negativity can NOT deflate my value. Sorry. I play for a contender now! YYEESSSS!!!!

  11. Lara says:

    Josh Freeman should give Cleveland a ring!!!!

  12. Michael Lombardi says:

    Trent, I actually thought that was your post above……till I read it and it actually made some sense…..

  13. DP says:

    Umm, does anyone else wish they could get Richardson for a 1st round pick in fantasy football? lol.

    • phildess23 says:

      my buddy has adrian doug martin and trich in our fantasy dynasty lg and he has told me all he will take for him is megatron….i desperately want trich but im not gonna give up megatron for anyone even adrian…..now if i knew i could get martin and trich out of him id think about it….i think indy is the place for him to succeed…andrew luck is th future best qb in football and that means no 9 man in the box for trich…..congrats for him gettingto play fora winner…just hope it dont screw up jordan for me now

  14. Devin Booth says:

    Ok ok, I love and hate this trade. I have both Luck & Richardson in my DYNASTY fantasy league and what should I do????? Keep them both and ride them both for the next 10 years or trade one??? HELP

    • Eric Hardter says:

      I see no reason to make a trade. Between Luck and T-Rich, you’re going to be gaining fantasy production on probably 90% of Indy’s offensive plays. Just enjoy the fact that you have two young studs on a flourishing offense.

  15. invisibulman says:

    Thoughts on Dion Lewis’ value? Is he worth a stash?

  16. Matt says:

    Maybe we were all wrong and TRich just blows– I suppose we shall see how Indy uses him and if he’s more successful on a better team with an actual QB so defenses can’t load up to stop him.

  17. JP says:

    As a Cleveland fan I absolutely love this trade. First and foremost the new FO is clearly setting their minds to getting a top QB (Teddy, Mariota, Boyd).

    Secondly, Trent seems to carry this preconceived belief in fans that hes either already great, or guaranteed to be great. Fact is, he was traded up to and drafted at 3 to be a Peterson. Don’t care if its an unfair comparison, its true. You don’t draft a RB that high not expecting greatness. What he’s shown is farrrr from great. A below avg YPC, and only TWO rushes of 20+ in his career. Two. Don’t give me the o-line is terrible thing cause after last year ppl said that was Cleveland’s strength. Also, AP, Martin, and MJD all have been great with nothing around them.

    I was saying this last week. I just don’t think Trent is as good as everyone thought. And the fact that they got a 1st round pick for a guy who’s stats have been less impressive than Peyton Hillis’ is crazy.

    I think he will be good in Indy, but never great.

  18. Christopher says:

    Immediately following the news, I was hoping that the TRich owner in one of my leagues was panicked. I sent an offer and to my surprise it was accepted late last night.

    A.Morris, F.Jones, L.Hankerson, and a future 2nd

    Essentially, I upgraded Morris to TRich for the price of some, well, nothing. Can’t wait to see the “new” Indy in action!

    p.s. (I’m a Cleveland homer and learned a long time ago to root little and expect less. As shocking as this news was, it was really not a surprise. Sadly, it’s exactly this kind of poor management that we’ve grown to expect from the folks on the lake.)

    • Scott Peak says:

      Wow. Nice trade for you. Strong work.

    • invisibulman says:

      As a Trich owner, I had one offer for Ray Rice straight up and another for Spiller + Ingram. Shot them both down. I had TRich easily ahead of Spiller anyway and slightly ahead of Rice. How is the move to Indy not an upgrade for him? Yes, the o-line sucks, but he makes his money in the red zone. He has a much better chance of being there with Luck at the helm than Weeden.

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