15 Responses to “Dynasty Debate: Jamaal Charles vs. LeSean McCoy”

  1. MattyD says:

    I’m picking Charles in a landslide if given the opportunity. Lack of competition for touches and no clear cut vulture makes it easy for me.
    You have got me thinking harder about Shady versus some other first round options, though. Given the preseason he’s had and the way the bears o looked last night, I think we could ask, Shady vs Forte?

    • Mark Rockwell says:

      I wouldn’t put too much stock in anyone’s performance against Oak. Forte does look good though. I noticed Bush came in in the RZ though. Something to watch.

  2. Steve says:

    I had the 6th pick in my draft a week ago, and charles and McCoy were both there. I ended up going with McCoy at the time due to Charles ankle injury and McCoys upside in Chip Kelly’s offense. I think it’s more a 50/50 between the two. Plus the eagles have committed to upgrading their OLine, which is a plus.

  3. Kyle says:

    I really like both these players and have them in my top 5 but I prefer Shady in a dynasty because I feel that he will be able to play more effectively for longer in his career. The catches and the red zone efficiency, the elite vision combined with his ability to make tacklers miss with spin moves and stiff arms, reminds me of the great Curtis Martin who played well into his 30s. This is what I envision for Shady and while I think Jamal Charles will be an awesome engine of fantasy production I think he will wear out and lose some effectiveness sooner than Shady.

  4. Eric says:

    I also think Polk will factor into the RB mix in Philly (I’m in the minority in thinking Polk he will probably beat out Brown for the RB 2 job).

    I would put shady at around RB10, no way top 5.

    • Eric says:

      Actually, arguing that Polk possibly passing Brown on the depth chart makes no sense. Brown is a quality RB, but Polk has had a very good preseason and runs with good power and pad level between the tackles. Both these backs will push Shady for touches, not just be summarily dismissed.

      And seriously how can you ignore Vick tucking the ball in and going. Will Alex Smith do that? Hello Cam Newton eating up RB touches.

      Charles has overall RB1 upside, the offense will flow thru him, he has no competition for touches and the argument that 67% of his PPT comes from pure yardage is excellent.

  5. The Coach says:

    Personally… i like Charles, McCoy and Spiller a lot. I like them because people will overrate them and select them earlier than Arian Foster. I’ll grab Arian and laugh all the way to the bank as Charles disappoints, McCoy gets hurt and Spiller loses goal line carries.

    Meanwhile, Foster will do 1,400 and 15 tds.

    Thanks for pumping these guys up for me!

    • Riiiight.. says:

      Lol right… I will be laughing when you have him in for your first matchup and get a 0 for him sitting out.

      • The Coach says:

        better to not have him week one than week 10 like the others.

        • Mark says:

          Better to not have Foster in the championship game like I did last year when his heart acted up…ugh

          Increased usage, decreased efficiency bother me as much as or more than his injury.

    • You're A Horrible Coach says:

      Foster is hurt now… He gets overused and practically abused. Charles and McCoy will get their fair amount of touches and produce great fantasy stats as well as not getting overused. Also, both will be used in passing plays.

  6. Lee says:

    In Dynasty I’m a Charles owner in a recent keeper league draft Charles and McCoy were both available at the start of the draft. Though my heart wanted Charles my because of his huge opportunity, lack of surround talent and bell cow role, my mind told me McCoy because of Chip Kelly’s 70 play per game Offense and Charles bad rep of having a glass body. (McCoy had concussion but I don’t really consider that a fragile body) In the end when I was on the clock Charles was already gone therefore my choice was easy “McCoy!!”

  7. phantasy5 says:

    Well done Marc & Eric, bravo! I believe you really can’t lose with either one of these guys! Unfortunately I have 1 keeper start-up draft to go and will be drafting @ 1.09 so I won’t get this opportunity. IMO I’d take Shady ahead of Charles solely based on the TD’s alone. Tell me who in FF won’t take a player because he scores more (weak argument). I’ll bet Shady has better #’s than Charles hands down. Andy Reid has the propensity to underutilize the weapons he has, done it for years. Shady’s #’s should’ve been a lot higher, but weren’t b/c of Reid’s failure to commit to the run game and once inside the RZ, he passes more often than he runs, it’s a known fact. You can’t go by the stats because it looks somewhat balanced but it really isn’t. In his last few seasons though, when his job was in jeopardy, he leaned on Shady more and look what happened…Fantasy Gold! I just don’t see Charles being as durable as Shady! He will post good #’s though, PPR monster but don’t see a ton of yardage!

  8. justin says:

    Things I would have liked mentioned. Reid’s tendency to forget his running back except as a receiver. McCoy is one of the most efficient short yardage backs.

  9. Will says:

    I ended up with both in a 14 team league. Had the 6th pick…went with Charles, and Shady miraculously fell to me with my 2nd pick. The same league w/friends for 9 years now. Am I good?

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