13 Responses to “Kenny Britt: Too Legit to Quit?”

  1. CDam30 says:

    Great article! Recently acquired Britt in a PPR dynasty league for an aging QB2, essentially nothing. Guys upside is limitless and I think he finally knows that…

  2. SJ says:

    Love the title, love the article, love the endorsement.

    Excellent stuff

  3. Chad says:

    Ah, my team name in a league is “Too Legit to Britt.” I’ve been holding him since he came into the league, I still have faith he can put it all together eventually. He’s my WR5 in that league, and I’d be ecstatic if he does finally have a career year. I’ve had people try to send low-ball offers for the for awhile now, and I just can’t seem to quit on Britt.

  4. Scott says:

    Great read,.,., perhaps because Kenny Britt is a guy that, like you said, has consistently been on my roster since 2011,.,., every single season! I have a good feeling about him this year tho, dont’t you??!!? lol

  5. kevdangle says:

    I’ve also had Britt since 2011 – fingers crossed for this year, but even if he got injured I think is still hang on to him!

  6. Jim says:

    Britt is an awesome buy low and I’ve been targeting him all offseason. All reports point towards him getting his head on straight finally and looking to be in great shape. He should be at least a WR3 this year and then, lets pray, he goes to a team with a real QB in 2014.

  7. Ryan says:

    If Locker is injured or benched and Ryan Fitzpatrick takes the reins in Tennessee, is that an instant boost to Britt’s potential? Or would you consider them even?

    • Brian Bulmer says:

      I would love to see Fitzpatrick under center. I saw what he has done for Stevie Johnson’s stock in Buffalo (3 seasons with 1000+ yards). I think Britt is waaaay more talented than Johnson. Not sold on Locker and his accuracy is terrible.

      • johnnyD says:

        Love Britt’s talent & potential, but after 4 yrs in the league he should’ve shown more by now.

        Liked Britt a lot more when Hasselbeck was throwing to him. Major downgrade with Locker. Locker loves Nate Washington for some reason, but can’t seem to get the ball to anyone else.

        My hunch is Fitzy takes over in Tennessee by mid-season, surely giving Britt’s stock a HUGE boost.

        • SJ says:

          That would be an interesting outcome, and I could see Fitz as that boon for Britt.

          Either way, should be plenty of upside for Britt this yr. I’ve been landing him as my WR3 in a few leagues, which is just fine for a bit of a gambler like me.

          There are safer plays but I would think he has as much potential to hit upside WR2 status as just about any of the other WR3’s right now. Given the price, I think its worth it. If he busts, maybe he still hits value on the open market next FA

  8. Chris says:

    I’ve had Britt since he came into the league, but finally found an owner willing to take him. Traded Dalton, Ridley and Britt for LeSean McCoy and Anquan Boldin. Don’t feel good about his knee and don’t feel good about his next off the field incident that costs him a whole season.

  9. Big B says:

    I drafted Britt in the late 2nd of his rookie draft. This article perfectly depicts my roller coaster ride. Every year since the 2011 campaign half ass offers come and go and I offer him here and there, and he still sits on my team. He is currently my WR4 with exactly what he has needed for 3 years, incentive. I think if you own him he is a must hold at this point for what he’s fetching on the market. So for one more year Kenny will be tied to my team…..

    99 Problems but a Brittch Ain’t One

  10. 101Guy says:

    I have NO FAITH IN BRITT. Look elsewhere is my advice. Too much risk considering the number of WR’s to be had. Trade him while you still can!

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