14 Responses to “Over/Under: Matt Forte”

  1. Avery says:

    Love Forte. Think he is a buy everywhere. Think he belongs in the 2nd tier of dynasty running backs. I think I prefer him over guys like Morris or Rice, and even over Mccoy or Charles.

  2. VoiceofUnreason says:

    Definitely taking the under. Not sure the line is any better, Forte is getting older and you have a guy who hasn’t coached in the NFL for a while. 1300 total yards and 7 tds would be a closer bet to me.

  3. FreddyJerome says:

    This article made me aroused. Your best work to date.

  4. ChiefsHonk says:

    The only number that will be tough to hit is 10 tds. I think yards will be there this year but Bush and Marshall vulture TDs…and Jefferies and Bennett and every other 6’5″ guy on the team. Cutler sucks!

    • sixshooter says:

      Cutler doesn’t suck but his offensive line blows…..LOL! Not sure any QB could stay on their feet behind that line but maybe they figure out how to actually block a guy this year!

  5. It’s not rocket science. If Forte can stay healthy, he could beat your projections, but sadly he probably won’t.

    • Neo says:

      Agreed. Maybe it’s the size and style comparison, but Forte reminds me of Eddie George. My gut tells me he starts going downhill this season. Nothing to back that up, just a feeling.

  6. Kelly Horigan says:

    Over rush yds, under rcvg yds, and push on the TDS. I like him, but this team will need to throw it around a little more. And I agree that, although not AT the end, he is closer to the finish line than the starting block. Solid, safe pick. I don’t know about preferring him to any of the four listed by Avery in his post. We are talking dynasty, right? And by the way, if Morris, McCoy, Rice and Charles are your second tier, who’s the first tier?

    • sixshooter says:

      No doubt on the comparisons. I would take a guy like Morris or any of the others listed over Forte in a heartbeat in Dynasty just because of age alone but in any format, Forte (and Charles) injury concerns have to be considered and as far as production goes, they are all very capable of putting up a nice stat line.

      I would probably shy away from Forte and Charles in a Dynasty startup just because of age, injury risk and assuming ADP. They would probably go sooner than I would be willing to take them but I am totally guessing here.

  7. Keith says:

    Thisnis our first year doing a keeper league….I’ve got Chris Johnson and forte. Which one should I keep?

  8. phorts says:

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Nice work Eric 😉

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