3 Responses to “DLF’s Weekly Impact Events”

  1. Scott Peak says:

    I agree with your take on Pitta. 6-30% risk of avascular necrosis, and that can occur anytime between now and 5 years out (based on present medical data). I’m sure he will get an MRI in 3-6 months to evaluate any changes in bone that would suspect avascular necrosis. If those scans are negative, that reduces his risk but does not eliminate it. Also, given he had the femoral head ‘reduced’ (ie femoral head put back into the hip joint) quickly, that should reduce his risk of avascular necrosis to 5-10%. Still, if you trade for Pitta, you have to understand there is a long-term risk with Pitta. Lastly, most athletes who have a dislocation will inevitably have some hit to their production. I would not target him in trades, either.

    I think Maclin will recover from the ACL, so it’s not an issue for me, apart from him missing this year. I do think Maclin is looking like an injury-prone player. If you can get him cheap, I would buy him, but I would definitely not pay more than a substantial discount relative to his pre-injury value.

    Great updates as usual Ryan! I really enjoy reading them each week.

  2. Scott Peak says:

    If you want to hear a more detailed discussion on Pitta and Harvin’s injuries, check out the DLF Podcast at http://dynastyleaguefootball.com/2013/08/01/the-dlf-dynasty-podcast-51/.

  3. ChiefsHonk says:

    Neither Maclin nor Pitta is trade worthy IMO. Pitta is a drop, he is 28 and no one had him rostered until last year. If you ever had Maclin on your roster then this injury is probably a breath of fresh air. Finally he won’t ruin your season since he is out for the year. I have never owned Maclin in any sort of league ever. If you can trade Maclin for a deep Practice Squad flyer like Da’Rick Rodgers or Kenny Stills then you may as well do it. I did trade for Crabtree in one league even tho he is injured. I think he will be fine and his position on the team is secure. Maclin on the other hand sustaining yet another injury and being in a contract year, this may be the end for him. His remaining career may be trying out for 4 teams every training camp and eventually landing a spot ala Braylon Edwards.

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