21 Responses to “Standing Pat”

  1. Steve says:

    “We should all have hope”

    Lamest fantasy article I’ve ever read.

  2. Verb says:

    “”we shoudl all have hope””

    “Lamest fantasy article I’ve ever read.”

    Lamest fantasy comment I’ve ever read.

    Next time don’t finish the article if it’s so bad and then save yourself the 3 seconds it took to write something useless.

  3. 420allstars says:

    I liked the story! maybe I am lame?

  4. Scott Peak says:

    I enjoyed your article, Ken. I’ve stashed Thompkins on most of my dynasty teams. Every year there are a few gems that rise from the ashes, and Thompkins might be one. I’ll take a chance on a gem in a prolific New England offense, with Tom Brady at QB, and opportunity at WR, anytime.

  5. I want to stash this guy but cant figure out who to drop… HELP!

    Russell Wilson
    Brandon Marshall
    Eric Decker
    Tavon Austin
    LeSean McCoy
    Montee Ball
    Jimmy Graham
    Cecil Shorts
    Jonathan Stewart
    Josh Gordon
    Knowshon Moreno
    Antonio Gates
    Bryce Brown
    Marcel Reece
    Ronnie Hillman
    Brandon LaFell
    Kendall Hunter
    Joe Flacco
    EJ Manuel
    Greg Little
    Vance McDonald
    Julius Thomas
    Denard Robinson

  6. ninjason says:

    Sorry, but not a big fan of this article either.

    There was a link posted on the forum in the topic regarding Patriots WRs just the other day that lead to a great story on Thompkins. This seems like the coles notes version of it, and is missing some pretty important stuff ie: the inspiration his brother provided him.

    I also don’t know how you can say that it’s likely that Thompkins, Boyce and Dobson won’t all make the Patriots squad. I have all three of them making the team, along with Amendola and Edelman at WR.

  7. Ninjason says:

    I also have all Saints RBs rushing for 1,000 yards because I said so.

  8. alden says:

    Nice article Ken !

    Kinda reminds me of the Bryce Brown story from last year. Thompkins is well worth watching to see where he can go from here. I love looking for the super sleepers, picked up Brown as a free agent last year, week three. Rooting for underdogs, its a hit or miss but fun to watch them develop from unknown.

  9. donbrazi says:

    Personally, I like this kind of article more than the stats ones.. I feel that I get more out of this than a bunch of numbers (although both are good).

  10. doodledog says:

    Excellent article, both for ff and life perspective.

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