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  1. SJ says:


    I guess Pitta fits somewhere on the lines with F.Gore and the fractured 1 year missed recovery. Nice to know the odds of him coming back to full form are considerable. Its just a matter of losing him for the time-being, which is still unfortunate.

    I have a feeling that, given the lack of offensive weapons and no short term fixes either, that Balt will be waiting for him with open arms next year, with all likelihood that the same production expectations of this year will still be there next year.

    I knew some of those reports of this being a ‘career threatening’ injury were a bit overblown. There not gonna get me to sell my TE1 that easily!

    • Chris in Chuck says:

      Pitta’s injury was a complete dislocation and a bone break.
      I’m not sure, exactly, how that is close to the hip pointer injury discussed in this article.

      • Scott Peak says:

        Sorry, but I completed the article on hip pointers before the Pitta injury. The article I wrote on Percy Harvin is more relevant to Pitta’s situation, and I wrote it after the hip pointer article. I will be on the podcast tomorrow to talk further about Harvin/Pitta’s situation.

        In reference to Pitta: Hip dislocations are not very common. One study evaluated 14 professional athletes over a six year period of time (2000 to 2006), and a total of five professional football players had hip dislocations. Conclusions are most players are not the same after this injury, and all players had labral tears and cartilage damage, in addition to the dislocation. This was confirmed with arthroscopic surgery. Recovery is 3 to 6 months depending on how his rehab goes. Of great concern is 6 to 30% of players can have avascular necrosis arise as late as five years after the original injury, and that would be career-ending. Basically, bone in the femoral neck dies because of poor blood flow, and a hip replacement is necessary (ie think of Bo Jackson). Pitta will need to be monitored with MRI/xrays closely, probably in 3 to 6 months, to make sure the marrow signal in his femoral neck is normal. That would be a good sign and make AVN less likely to occur.

      • Scott Peak says:

        Here is my article on Harvin’s labral tear, which is similar to Pitta’s injury, minus the dislocation that I covered above.


    • SJ says:

      Well at least there was no ligament or cartilage damage, according to a report.


      Gore’s hip was fractured (not sure if dislocated) so it could be similar to Pitta’s fracture. I remember how “gruesome” everyone thought that was for Gore back then, but he seemed fine after months of recovery.

      Just speculating here, but as with most dislocations, I’m sure theres always the issue of re-dislocation in the future in Pittas life, but nothing too serious that would seriously impede him or his production.

      When he’s resigned and back with Baltimore in 2014, I’m sure he’ll still be considered a top 5-10 TE1.

      • Scott Peak says:

        I saw that, too. I have to say, I’m skeptical on that report. It’s really hard for me to imagine Pitta’s hip getting dislocated without damaging the labrum. Maybe he could avoid cartilage damage, but anatomically speaking I can’t imagine how a hip could be dislocated without damaging the labrum. Seems odd to me. The study I mentioned above noted labral tears in all 14 patients who underwent hip arthroscopic surgery. He might be able to avoid cartilage damage I suppose, but that’s also not common.

  2. German Cowboys says:

    Great Job Scott as usual, nice article. well written , very informing.

    Regarding Pitta,i mentioned in your recent article about Torn Labrum, i Have no confidence in Pitta, sorry Ravens Fans. Please remember the great Bo Jackson. A broken Hip with a Luxation is no joke. It is not only a season-ending one, as published, it could be a career threatening injury ( if a necrosis to the Femur-Head occurs during Rehab.) Even that Pitta is no RB like Bo Jackson was, but a TE needs still to run some routes too and make some cuts…!!! i cannot see him coming back from such i jury to regain his prior to injury-form. I would sell him for whatever i could get here. His Stock will fall big-time in coming weeks and months to almost no value and droppable status.

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