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  1. Ariakis says:

    You might get Moore cheaper than that. In a league I have too many roster spots taken by WR’s I couldn’t even get a 4th rounder for him during the draft so that I could snag Murray in case he hits behind my DMC. Murray went 4.12 and one owner even passed instead of accepting my trade as he had 26 players he’d rather roster than Moore.

    What’s funny is Moore has proved to be an almost elite option whenever Sproles, Graham, or Colston (already hurt) has missed time and still viable when they are all healthy. He gets no respect in fantasy however.

    • David says:


      Stewart is done. Put a fork in him. The book is written. He had to withdraw from a GOLF!!! tournament in July because of his ankles. It’s sad when injuries ruin such a great talent, but people just have to let it go.

      Britt, while clearly a big talent, is one bone head move from a full year suspension. Locker has not shown anything thus far – his accuracy is still atrocious. The jury is still out on Locker, but I must say, even though I own him in a few leagues, it is entirely possible that Fitzpatrick takes over for him this year. Not looking very good for any Tenn WR at this point.

      So I would not do that trade – he has 15 keepers and I’d rather keep Tampa Bay Mike than Britt. If JStew is your hope for RB improvement, you are in a lot of trouble.

      • Eric Hardter says:

        I’m okay being in the minority when it comes to J-Stew. The golf story makes for a good headline, but he was never expected to be ready for the start of training camp – it doesn’t really change anything for me.

        As for Britt, yeah, he may be a knucklehead, but the talent is undeniable. Locker might not be the answer, and if he isn’t he’ll be replaced. Even despite all that, Britt might not even be a Titan next year if they don’t re-sign him.

        To me, TBMW is an above average talent, but you can find plenty of guys like him. Britt possesses elite ability, and adding my boy J-Stew is just the cherry on top.

        • David says:

          Fair enough. Let’s make it a point to review what the trade looks like in a year or 2.
          JStew/Britt vs Quick/TBMW
          I’ll still be a subscriber – love the work you guys put in

          • JohnnyD says:

            Good insights & great article. I’ve been a long term holder of JStew also. However, something seems different this time around with his health & ankles.

            Just curious, what would cause you to reconsider & maybe sour on JStew’s long term value? For instance, if his ankles delay his availability for the season & dog him all season long – would that finally do it? It just really feels like this guy has something wrong, inspite of the immense talent & potential. Hope I’m wrong, since it’s already way too late to sell him. Thanks.

  2. Chris in Chuck says:

    Question #1:
    Are any of the rookie TEs projecting well for dynasty? I have Gronk and Pitta on one of my fantasy teams and need a TE2 going forward. Are Housler and Cameron better bets than Eifert and Ertz?

    Question #2:
    Where would Gio Bernard rank in non-PPR rookie drafts, especially given the suggestion that Gio could receive 50% of the carries (and I assume all the catches)?

    Question #3:
    With respect to the rookie RBs, Bell and Ball strike me as guys who have landed in the best situations (paging Daniel Thomas!) while Gio is the best RB talent to my eye. Given the competition between Lacy and Franklin, is there a reason to suspect one of them becomes a breakout rookie RB? In the late first or early second round are there non-PPR RBs you suggest readers target?

    • Chris says:

      I like Travis Kelce and Julius Thomas both working with the first teams but if Cameron was availible id take him quick he will be featured and a deep play guy in clevlands new offence plus Gordons suspention dont hurt

    • Eric Hardter says:

      1. Eifert in the long term, but I don’t see much in 2013. I know I’m on an island here, but I have the 49ers Vance McDonald as my TE2 from this class. He’s a name to keep an eye on IMO. I’d take Eifert, than Housler, than Cameron and then VMc.

      2. He loses value in non-PPR, but I’d still have him as a top 20 back.

      3. Not sold on either Bell or Ball. Bell has the most direct path to playing time, but he has always struck me as a guy who gets what’s blocked and not much else. I’d rather have Lacy than either. Once you get past that first tier, you’ll be looking at guys like Michael, Franklin and Stacy, any of whom are good picks at that spot.

      • Chris in Chuck says:

        Thanks, Eric.
        Point of clarification: Bernard as Top 20 overall dynasty back in non-PPR? OK by me!

  3. Tidecats says:

    I have Big Ben in a 10 team non ppr league

    my Wrs are my strength Megatron,Julio, Cobb, Wallace, Fitz, Jefferies, Broylesvand Givens

    Ive been offered Cam Newton and above mentioned Britt.

    Im thinking its a lot to give but, they are depth.


    Thanks in advance

    • Adam says:

      It would help if you actually mentioned what you were giving up, as opposed to who you had…just a thought.

      • Tidecats says:

        wow major brain fade

        I give Fitz and Wallace.

        • KCGuzz says:

          Don’t delay! Make the deal. Many like Fitz coming back with Palmer in AZ, but I don’t like that they have so few options and he will again be double and triple covered. Wallace has seen his ceiling. Cam will be playing long after either of those players and providing QB1 numbers. Britt has elite potential, but also risk. Unless you think you are cleArly going to win it all this year by standing pat, make the deal.

  4. Dray says:

    I’d do that no doubt. Fitz is great but nearing his end, plus he’s arguably your #4 wr…wallace I don’t care for personally. Your gaining Cam, a sure fire young top 5 QB, plus Britt has top 10 upside himself believe it or not, even if he fizzles, you still get Cam for Fitz basically! I like it.

  5. Tidecats says:

    I pulled the trigger. I hated to let Fitz go. I looked for Fitz to have a bounce back year. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • mike says:

      hey guys, great article, have to agree though with dave that i have given up on steward. he is a piece of glass. britt however i think is a solid sleeper this year in my books, and based on his adp, i will def take a chance on him as a wr 4.
      now for some help. im in a 10 team ppr league, 3 keepers. keeping megatron and graham, and i have trent and foster and julio. have to let julio go unfortunatly, but i need to choose between trent and foster. foster was my original gut choice, but im wondering if trent might be the better pick, especially for the future… no limit on how long you can keep a player… any thoughts from you guys??

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