10 Responses to “Instant Analysis: Jeremy Maclin out for the Season”

  1. KCGuzz says:

    I think this is very tough news for McCoy owners, more stacked boxes, etc. i know the rest of this post will be off topic, but I don’t think running 80 plays a game is going to help some of these offenses like Philly and Buffalo. I think the question nobody is asking is regarding what is going to do to their own defensive team. Unless Chip Kelly’s offense is ultra successful going up and down the field, all he is going to do is beat up his own D by the middle of the third quarter. Many of his team’s 3-and-outs will be met by a 10-12 play drive for the opposition.

    • Ken Kelly says:

      I think the boxes were going to be stacked already somewhat. However, I do think this will really challenge Chip Kelly’s creativity. I think he’ll either be uber-successful and revolutionize offense as we know it or the Eagles are going to be really, really bad (think Spurrier-led Redskins).

      Call me crazy, but I just don’t see a middle in this.

  2. Andrew says:

    If you have quick as your wr7 would you give him for maclin and stash him? I have an ir spot

    • duffmanohno says:

      I think so. Maclin is still super young and could wind up inn a better spot next season. I’m not really sold on Quick, though…

  3. phantasy5 says:

    As an Eagles Phan I’m crushed right now! This is terrible for this new up tempo offense that’s predicated on speed and the run game. They use their speedy receivers to stretch the field on run plays so McCoy won’t have to face 8 man fronts. Then hope for the quick hit for long TD plays from the outside receivers when it’s there. Now with the loss of Maclin, that could be less effective because of his speed. On a brighter note, I happen to be a DJax owner which should bump his production somewhat. I kinda like Benn’s measurables and upside better than Cooper though. To me both Cooper and Avant are nice possession receivers for the team but have merely no fantasy value with the depth at WR in the league. I have my fingers crossed on the Harvin injury too! It’s been a rough 1st week to say the least!!!

  4. REBEL says:

    Ouch, I had high hopes for Maclin in Chip Kelly’s offense. I picked up both Benn and Cooper just in case, hoping one of them can pick up the slack, we’ll see…………..

  5. Ugh says:

    Does this injury increase Bryce Brown’s value with the Eagles at times lining up McCoy in the slot and Brown in the backfield?

  6. REBEL says:

    Not really, as Shady’s still standing (fingers crossed)

  7. mwhitaker20 says:

    Going forward, who holds more fantasy value Maclin or Crabtree?

  8. jbpar72 says:

    I am an eagles fan and a Maclin owner so this hit hard. I was hoping for a big year from Maclin. With that said, why hasn’t anyone been talking about Zach Ertz? He was drafted by Chip Kelly for a reason and now that reason will be more prevalent, to be a receiver. Kelly talked about playing against him at Oregon and how he created mismatches, which is what Kelly wants. I think Ertz will get a big time role and I’m moving him onto my squad asap. He’ll be the one moving the chains while Jackson and McCoy do their thing.

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