17 Responses to “IDP 101”

  1. Chris in Chuck says:

    I have been doing IDP since 1998 and love it.
    Thank you, Eric, for writing this article.

    • Eric Olinger says:

      You’re very welcome. I hope more people take the plunge into the IDP world of fantasy football.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. phesto604 says:

    CB’s are not the kickers of IDP. You shut your damn mouth!!!
    -NFL DT

  3. Bryan says:

    Great article.

    IDP isn’t for everyone. I have been playing for with IDP for over 20 years. Playing in a dynasty format with IDP is the best. Especially when you have scoring for IDP players close to offensive players. How many players at each position are important too. 3dl/4lb/4db is the best format I found out since you then can score close to offensive players. 12 points for sack(12 for DL/10 for LB(rush LBers become important with this high sack scoring)/8 for DB) / 2 points for tackle / 6 points for int / 3 point fumble recover / 2/4 points for pass defended(4 for db/2 for dl/lb). IDP takes a lot more time to follow the players but there are tons of players at each position so if you send some time researching them you can do very well. Most fantasy football sites list rankings but without scoring so be careful following them. Also make sure rankings are undated since IDP players move around year to year.

    • Matt Lane says:

      I echo the sentiments above. Been playing fantasy for 5 years and IDP for 3 now, and to me fantasy is only fun with IDP.

      I’m all for spreading the word, IDP fantasy football is just the best.

    • Eric Olinger says:

      With MyFantasyLeague’s interface, the IDP leagues have gotten so much easier to manage. Being able to see every player in the league is awesome. I too enjoy playing in IDP leagues where they score similarly to the offensive guys. Most of my leagues have always been 2DL/3LB/2DB + Flex.

  4. kezz13 says:

    Excellent basic IDP article. I have been playing IDP for 23 years now, we play 3 @ each defensive position with a balanced format.Unless you are a novice fantasy fan you should be in an IDP system.I am in one Myfantasy League IDP and its just as easy to manage as the weaker format.

  5. evorzan says:

    Nothing is as fun as doing your homework and landing late round gems in IDP dynasty. It allows you to take your early round swings at offensive players and still come away with a solid defense. Thanks for helping boost awareness for the format.

  6. Ohjay says:

    Is there a dynasty ranking sheet that includes IDP’s that I am missing?

  7. Ohjay says:

    I should be more specific; a dynasty ranking cheetsheet that includes offense and IDP’s.

    • Eric Olinger says:

      No, due to such a wide variety of scoring systems on the IDP side we have decided there are too many variables to create a ranking incorporating both offensive and IDP players. The scrutiny and debate associated with such rankings would be mind numbing.

  8. Erik says:

    This year is my first year playing this format (IDP).How many players are used in IDP????….

  9. Ryan says:

    First year my league is using idp. We are experimenting with it only using one player an position. 1/2 point per tackle 2 for sack and 2 for a pick. If I choose Patrick Peterson would I get points if he played offense and ran a reverse for a touchdown on offense like the coaches say he might be playing some receiver. I can’t ask league manager before our draft without giving away strategy.


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