8 Responses to “DLF’s Weekly Impact Events”

  1. Chris in Chuck says:

    The David Wilson hype-train has gotten well ahead of itself. The oft-injured Andre Brown is also talented and Coach Coughlin has shown a pattern of splitting carries. It’s about time somebody applied the breaks to that particular train or at least realized he is more expensive than similar backs.

  2. Vince says:

    I traded for Holmes mid season last year.(late 2nd round pick) and picked up Kerley for insurance. Is there hope for Holmes to re-surge in 2014 if he leaves the Jets? Or is he pretty much done?

    • Ryan McDowell says:

      I am not giving up on him, but this foot issue is strange and worrisome.

      With deep rosters, I’d hang onto him and hope for a solid landing spot in 2014, when he will be cut by the Jets.

  3. Kyle says:

    David Wilson hype is legitimate. This kid is going to be a stud. I remember hearing the same concerns about Jamaal Charles b/c “b..b..but Thomas Jones is going to get touches too!” Ridiculous…

    Also, Patrick Edwards? The weak 5’9″ kid out of Houston who runs a 4.57 w/ a 33 inch vertical? Sorry, I’ll pass.

    • Chris in Chuck says:

      The hype is to expect Top 12 fantasy RB production.
      I shall pass.
      And in 5 months one of us can tell the other “I told you so”.

  4. RayRayV says:

    The hype train for Miller seems to be catching Wilson and his back flips

    • Chris in Chuck says:

      If I owned both Wilson and Miller I’d be confident one of them would perform as an RB2. But I wouldn’t expect lightening in a bottle in both cases. If they both end up as low-end RB1s I will be surprised.

  5. phantasy5 says:

    Already cut Holmes from my squad, don’t have the room to wait for him. I’m not a big fan of any Jets offensively, unless Geno can do something with this bunch? I too think Forte gets a bump in production this year. It’s a real shame about Best, I think he’s pretty much done. And last but certainly not least, my all-time favorite, J Stew? Somebody better stick a fork in him because he’s DONE! Why they didn’t draft a RB is beyond me? D. Williams isn’t much better IMO either.

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